Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Do you want something wild bitch

I had the privledge of seeing the film something wild. no not the comedy of the same name with melanie griffth. this was made in 1961 in new york and has a great low budget early 60's new york feel. Unforently this is less of a recomendation and more of me kinda telling you about a movie. because it's not on dvd and was never on vhs the only way to get a copy is to tape it off tv. all though the popularity of the film has gone up recently with a show at the ifc center here in new york. I'm hoping for one.
Anyway I want to describe the film and since I barely ever give plot summaries I will with this film because you'll get it more. Also most likely if it does get put on dvd it will be a while. so you won't remember this anyway. ok so from wikipedia here is the plot summary "

Mary Ann Robinson is a teenage girl attending college in New York City. On her way home, while walking through the park, she is brutally raped. Traumatized by the experience, Mary Ann washes away all the evidence and destroys her clothing. She hides the rape from her mother and stepfather, with whom she has a distant relationship.

Mary Ann tries to continue living her normal life, unsuccessfully. She takes the subway to school and faints during the crush of people. That results in the police taking her home, which upsets her prim and unsympathetic mother, played by Mildred Dunnock.

The rape continues to haunt Mary Ann. She leaves school abruptly and walks downtown, through Harlem and Times Square, down to the Lower East Side. She rents a room from a sinister landlord (Martin Kosleck), who overcharges her. She takes a job at a five-and-dime store and her coworkers dislike her because she is distant and unfriendly. Her crude, promiscuous neighbor at the rooming house (Jean Stapleton) is rebuffed when she tries to be friendly.

At the end of her tether, Mary Ann walks across the Manhattan Bridge and almost jumps in the East River when she is stopped by a sympathetic mechanic, Mike (Ralph Meeker). At first he seems to be a knight in shining armor. She decides to stay with him. But that night he comes home drunk, tries to attack her, and Mary Ann kicks him in the eye. The following morning he has no recollection of that, but his eye his badly hurt and has to be removed.

Mike now says that he wants Mary Ann to stay there, saying "I like the way you look here." She wants to leave but he refuses to let her go. He holds her captive in the apartment for months, even though she refuses to have anything to do with him.

One day Mike leaves the door unlocked. Mary Ann leaves, walks through the city, sleeps in Central Park, and now she sees how wonderful life is. She goes back to the apartment and decides to stay with Mike, voluntarily. She marries Mike and rebuffs her mother's attempt to get her to return home."

As you can see it's a pretty crazy movie for 1961. When I saw everyone else was really mad at the film just that the character does that. The movie really sucks you in. It was a crazy experence and a wounderful film and if it's ever on tv tape it do whatever you can cause it is so rare unfroently.

also fun fact the lead actress and director were married when tey made the film

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

3 things

1. I finally saw Dog Day Afternoon. that movie is fucking awazing in fact i could just say oh my god over and over again. the amount of humor and wit and per brillance behind that film is amazing. I would have to say without a doubt one of the best films ever made.
When I saw it, it was like an energy rush i don't drink coffee or do coke but I think the feeling was something like that. Well without the coke ego trip part but you know the sudden energy rush thing. anyway yeah i was like shocked and it was like just wow.
I heard spike lee says it's his favorite film and thats what made him do inside man. I havn't seen inside man but i have it from netflicks right now so i'll let you know. but i can tell from do the right thing that dog day afternoon had a big effect on him.

2. Dog day afternoon co stars John Cazale. Who died of bone cancer at a very young age and was in fact engaged to Meryl Streep when he died. But anyway I just wanted everyone to know his fimlography.
The godfather
The conversation
the godfather part 2
dog day afternoon
the deer hunter
every single one was nominated for best picture. yeah oh wait but there's even more.

wikipeida quote "He is remembered not only for his roles, but also for helping discover his childhood friend Pacino, fellow theater actor Robert De Niro, and his fiancée at the time of his death, Meryl Streep."

holy shit holy fucking shit. and you thought he was just fredo.

3. I know this doesn't have anything to do with the other 2 but everybody hates chris is a really good show. sometimes this season I have been less then pleased but last nites episode I really liked and I hope more people watch it cause there's enough shit on tv or shows people make excuses for watching but everybody hates chris is funny and just a good show. CW 8pm on mondays what else you doing

Monday, February 26, 2007


man that shit was way too long it was like 12:30 by the time that shit ended. Like seriously we could have cut alot of stuff. like those lame intreprative dances, the sound effects choir, the america montage of film. Also I think there was one about how great film is and stuff. Seriously stop ok the show is way too long cut it down. the grammies and all the other awards end at like 11. Just do that.

Anyway I was right about the departed winning best Picture which I was regreating making that predication all weekend after watching everybody and I mean everybody on tv say babel. So hey i one uped everybody even roper. Also Scorese actually winning is wounderful. I'm assuming the academy went do we really still want be those people that gave best picture and director to ordinary people over raging bull. yeah that sounds bad doesn't it. Hopifully they got better. I was wrong about both best animated feature and best foreign film. animated feature went to George Miller and for road warrior alone I'm ok that he has one. Also best foreign film we'll all see that movie now. so that's good we other wise would not have. but i suggest just seeing the other nominees.

the really bad parts were Best song melissa ehteridge she sucks. are you serious that's the best song in any movie for the whole year. THE ENTIRE YEAR. that's all of 2006. Dreamgirls should have won. And why wasn't T.I. in there what you know is an amazing song and it would have been great to see him perform it.
also ellen is not funny. Was everyone else really busy or something. I think conan would have done it. I thought Clint Eastwood was funny when he was like he hasn't one really and ruining ellens bit.

and finally there was a best foreign film montage of all the winners. It was hard to keep up with them all but and remember all the names but thanks to Harry Knowles you don't have to. here they are


some of the titles are not the full ones but if you look it up on imdb they should come up

Saturday, February 24, 2007


When I was a sophmore in film school I would seriously shoot a film almost every weekend. I had so much stuff that for a time i showed something new I did my cinematographier Ben Johnson every week. That's not a joke. I showed like 4 of 5 differnt shorts. it was crazy and edited like every weekend too. anyway it was alot of fun don't really know why I went in that but anyway. I posted one thing I spent alot of time on my rap video and figured I'd post it here. so more people can watch it.

Also I have a channel HERE

Erin Esurance

I hear alot of people talk about that girl in the Esurance ads alot. I'm not sure why she is kinda hot. I think there done in flash which is coo. Don't know why I posted this really.

Friday, February 23, 2007

sorry i poped your bubble

I saw bubble last nite. I have to say I really liked it. It's somewhat of a simple film well maybe not but the people in the film are simple people. Using entirely non actors for the film.
This film takes me back to when sodenberg would do a good commercial movie and then a real art movie. It defently reminded me why I liked him in the first place and makes up for those ocean 11 movies.
The movie is very quiet and shows kind of I guess rural or suburbia kinda living. It uses alot of wide shots showing all the empty space. The best and probably qurikest part is defently the fact it takes place in a doll factory. seeing all these doll parts being assembled gives the film an odd quality. also it's 73 minutes so you can defently make time for it.
This is defently one of the best films of the year. I wish it got more respect but the way they choose to release the film with it coming out in theaters, dvd, and on demand in the same day killed the film. It was a neat idea but it wasn't going to work. I'm un sure what the commercial prospects would be for this film but they could have been better if they released it as a normal film.

it's way better then people made it out to be and it shows how good a director is when the actors he's using arn't big movie star multi oscar winer people and the movie is better then most of the shit you saw all year

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Brtiney Spears suicide watch #3

come on
it's gonna happen.
She hit a car with an umberella.
She hit a FUCKING car with an umbrella on camera
I'm not even gonna bring up the in and out of rehab thing 3 times in the past week.

Tick tick

tick tick

Come on

Oscar Predications

since the oscars are on sunday I figured I'd go down who I think will win. Why bring it up so late. Certain things can change from the time nominations are annouced and when the awards are given out. the best example would be shakespere in love. all year and up to nominations saving private ryan was gonna win then after the nominations that changed.
Also when i lived in the dorms there was a contest both years. you had to guess the most winners. i won both times. So yeah here we go.



if you didn't figure this out months ago but Happy feet has a very small chance and Monster House is an abortion of a film. So you know not hard. also the worst group of films i've seen for
this category.



I'll put it this way can you name without looking any other film nominated. yeah so anyway. Also with Volver oddly not nominated and with Pan's getting numrious nominations it will win.



yeah same thing with the last one



this one is actually kinda up for grabs but seriously I think it will take it. Babel doesn't have it to do this. The queen is a tv movie. Letter from Iwo Jima is in another language. Little Miss Sunshine has the best shot and don't be suprised but the favorite is the Departed.



yeah basically gonna happen



I think this one is actually written in stone somewhere



this is not as sure as the others. for one NORBIT. the other is Alan Arkin has been winning shit like crazy for best supporting actor so there could be an upset. But i think everyone wants Murphy to win.



I think this one is a little well duh but Abigal Breslin could win cause come she stole the movie and little miss sunshine has been doing real well at this stuff.



I really really think he has a shot this year. Like seriously come on they can't this is the third time in a row I've been like well they can't do this again can they. Honestly I don't know who else would but i really doubt he will just cause the oscars are jerks.


Little miss sunshine


The departed

BEST Cinematography




Pan's could take this one but I think dreamgirls has the upper hand



come on how can it not





Babel might be an upset but thelma shoemaker has won several times and will win again.


you know the choices in this one are terriable like awful I guess one of the eastwood films not sure which one but the same people did both. I don't even care cause the list of nominees is terriable and pirates better not fucking win



but i hope superman bests it







Babel might win but I doubt it

I didn't do the shorts cause i have no clue with those if I'm right PAN's will get 4 and so will departed. but Dreamgirls will win the most. I could be wrong so we'll see on sunday.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Britney spears sucide watch #2

it keeps on ticking.
I'm telling you it's gonna happen

Senator is saved but seriously don't do that to me again

well for the what feels like millionth times the senator has been saved from being sold. I do really really love the senator and am very glad that it will continue. But honestly i feel this shouldn't happen anymore. For Example the big thing that most people complain about is no manitnee prices which i think would be really good. but the most important thing right now is that. The Senator mainly gets families and old people. Young people don't go to the senator in droves the way old people do. and i understand why they played music and lyrics this weekend. If they played Ghost Rider they place would have been fucking packed. I don't like Ghost Rider in fact I have little intrest in that film. But i know if I was going to see it the best place would be the senator. Because that theater can show a big blockbuster better then any theater seeing lord of the rings and harry potter there is amazing the sound system and that huge screen it just works. Young people want that. Old people all ready like the senator but when they die who's gonna come to your theater.
I think if you get grindhouse it would be awesome and beautiful and there is no reason why they shouldn't.
anyway i do love the senator and am very very happy it's still here I just want a senator that is doing a great job.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy 40th Mr. Cobain

i just found this out but if Kurt Cobain hadn't you know shot himself and stuff he would be 40 years old today.

Not sure if that means anything but is something you'll go like oh really

i saw these by accident

Working at my job i screen films for class's quite often. Which sometimes can be good and rarely can be either bad or strange. Like i had to watch videodrome before noon once that is an experence in it self.
But recently or well in the past week I've seen two really good films that i most likely would not have seen other wise.
The first one and one i saw most recently. is Black Orpheus a film from 1959 that is a modern reatelling of the story of Orpheus. Well actually I'm not sure really what it's based on but who cares really. I think the begining is a little slow and i wasn't as into it until it really started to get going but while your waiting to get into it. you can at least look at the beautiful cinematography that has a very glarious color pallet. I also think the characters work really well and the whole film. It also won both the palm d'or at Canne and best foreign film at the oscars. That's not half bad or anything.
Next is Hoppity goes to town. If you havn't seen this just stop reading and go get it don't ask questions. This film done by Fleisher studios who in there day were as popular in animation studio as disney. Fleisher is responisable for Popeye, Betty bop, Those awesome superman shorts, and some other stuff that was really really good. The animation in Hoppity goes to town is amazing and some of the sequences like a skyscrapper being built is awesome.
This actually should be cheap to find considering it is public domain. Regardless this is a treasure not just for animation history but film history as well being the last film from the Fleisher studio and the one that ended them. But the detail in the film is planned out and well orchestrated.

I would say see both cause there both worth it and entirely differnt from one another. so i guess not in the same night perhaps.

Britney Spears Sucide Watch

I predict she will kill her self by the end of the year or at least die of something. regardless you heard it here first

Monday, February 19, 2007

o Dinsey it's been to long

my girlfriend is really into Disney movies right now and this weekend alone i have watched a ton of them. including Beauty and the Beast, The Aristocats, The Rescures, and the Jungle book. And even more i've watched with her during the week.
I'm not complaining cause I havn't seen most of them since I was a kid. I was suprised how good they all are. I think that the new disney should look at the run of great films that disney has had over the years and try and do that. like go to the linkto see the complete list of Disney animated films and you'll see like man until the late 90's they were doing really good. like the whole career of disney they were making good film after good film. I was espically fond of the jungle book that's a really really good film and also really well acted. Probably the best acted of all the disney movies i saw recently. Also the Aristocats is alot of fun and kinda under rated. I think it's a fun kind of romantic comedy and stuff. The paris backdrop works really well. But i wounder how a white cat can have 3 kittens that look very differently.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What i learned in high school and have never ever found use full

when i was in high school in one class which i don't know the name of. For like what i think was actually two weeks straight of class's and maybe longer we worked on writing complaint letters. like if i buy a product and there's something wrong with it. I can't honestly tell you that i never ever will find a use for this. like honestly like i could bring up math or something but this i can not find why i needed to learn that. We even had a whole class about how these letters would actually get the comapines attention rather then calling. I think the teachers name was Mr. Orwig and i remember he got mad at me for not taking the assignment seriously.
I don't even know anyone who has done that . in fact i don't know anyone who knows someone who has written a complaint letter. in fact i don't know anyone who has ever heard of anyone who has written a complaint letter even like heard someone on the subway or walking by them. like never ever. i don't know maybe in ten years i'll think yeah i need to use what i learned from mr. orwig and write that complaint letter.

Friday, February 16, 2007

movies that would had be coo if they had be made

I kinda thought about doing this a couple days ago. so it's more a list but it's basically films that never happened but the director or the studio wanted to.

This one i took from wikipedia buti think it would have be coo"In 2002, Morris was commissioned to make a short film for the 75th Academy Awards. He was hired based on his advertising resume, not his career as a director of feature-length documentaries. Those interviewed ranged from Laura Bush to Iggy Pop to Kenneth Arrow to Morris's 15 year old son Hamilton Morris . Morris was nominated for an Emmy for this short film. He considered editing this footage into a feature length film, focusing specifically on Donald Trump discussing Citizen Kane." i actually found the short and didn't see any part with trump discussing kane but he does talk about kong. anyway if your curious it is still good go HERE

Quentin Tarantino was the first director offered 8 mile but had to turn it down to work on kill bill.

David Lynch was offered Return of the jedi by George Lucas a huge fan of his work but Lynch turned it down.

Another David Lynch film he was offered Fast Times at Ridegemont high

This wikipedia gave to me about Kubrick's never made Napoleon film "he never filmed his much-researched biopic of Napoleon (Bonaparte) I of France, which was originally to star Jack Nicholson as Napoleon after Kubrick saw him in Easy Rider. Kubrick and Nicholson eventually worked together on The Shining. After years of preproduction, the movie was set aside indefinitely in favor of more economically feasible projects. As late as 1987, Kubrick stated that he had not given up on the project, mentioning that he had read almost 500 books on the historical figure. He was convinced that a film worthy of the subject had not yet appeared."

Speilberg orignally really wanted to do a james bond film but they wouldn't let him so he made Indiana Jones instead.

Another James Bond one Quentin Tarantion did pitch casion roayle and wanted to make it like the older bond films of the 60's with Pierce Brosnan in the lead. Brosnan really liked the idea and said he would do it. but the studio didn't like it and made the casion roayle that came out this year instead.

and now the last one from imdb " 'Anthony Burgess' originally sold the movie to Mick Jagger for $500 when he needed quick cash. Jagger intended to make it with The Rolling Stones as the droogs."

all right that's it i may do another one of these in the future but hey if you know of any that would be coo to share put it as a comment.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Contract with god is gonna be renewed

before i start this post let me say that i have decided to read alot more. like actual books and stuff. all though this is a about a graphic novel. I do want to read actual books so if you people that read this have any suggestions. leave me a comment. by the way i will not read stuff by tom clancey or john grisham or dan brown. so don't bother.

anyway so Contract with god or the trilogy is broken down in to three books. The first is a collection of short stories and is by far the best one. The opening story is defently both the best written and illustrated of the whole trilogy. the story about a rabbi who's adopted daughter dies at a very young age. is written and drawn with alot of passion. The intresting thing about the story is that it was inspirted by the death of his own daughter 7 years before this came out of lukiema. the shocking thing that came out of this revelation was that most people didn't even know he had a daughter.
I think regardless weather you read comics or not the first contract with god is very very good. In fact go to a barnes and noble read the first story and tell me you don't like it. Cause most likely you will.

Then the third part(note the second book is good ok i'm not saying it's not just i don't feel like writting about it) the third book is an intresting idea on how to tell a story. There is now central or main character. the character is a small street or area in the bronx the same one that all the books take place in. but we strat from when they are farms to current time. so characters die and change the area. and you see people come and go but the main idea is that area. It's a great idea and works really well. the flow of it is crazy. It's werid to go through a farm community to the crack infested bronx of the 80's. it's very dramatic the changes that happen and i guess you can say the same about america over that 100 years.
anyway you don't need to read comics to get you just need to know how to read. if you don't sorry about it that can't help you. i'm also curious how you read this if that's the case

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crusin in the A T L

almost 10 years ago in 1998 a film called Belly came out. Starring Nas, Dmx, and also T-Boz. It was directed by probably the best rap video director ever Hype Williams all though it was shot really really well. In fact probably deserved some sort of nomination but anyway the movie sucked. And with the exception of 8 mile and Boyz in the Hood. Most movies starring rappers suck. In fact the usually suck alot. In fact i can not stress enough how bad they suck they are usually so bad they just put them straight to video.
Well ATL defently actually can be compared to Belly. it's done by a rap music video director Chris Robinson. It stars T.I. and Big Boi and is shot really well. The suprise this movie is actually good. In fact T.I. is really good in it. I would love to see him do more roles he defently has a persense. The cinematogaphy is really good. it's the kind of cinematography that you see in a music video or commercial and go how come they can't make a movie like that.
But probably the most suprising and refreshing thing about ATL is it's quiet. Yeah there are party scene and music ques but when there hanging out on the porch or watching tv music doesn't play. it's the kind of quiet you normally see in films by terrence malick. ok maybe not that extreme but it is close. It's not made like a mainstream film.
I don't think the plot is very original or like groundbreaking but the way it's made is. It's not what a movie is about but how it goes about it and this film is defently the case. If you don't like rap i think you will still like it. That's just those guys day jobs. I wish actually more people would see this cause it is good.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Louis Malle

most likely you don't know who Louis Malle is. I was the same way more then a week ago then I watched two films of his. kind of by acident in the past couple of days. I all ready had elevator to the gallows rented on netflicks. But i went to the library to rent a movie and I saw Atlantic City which always makes the best films of the 80's lists so i figured i gotta check it out. Releases later it was the same director.
There both very different but i can see that the same director made both. Elevator to the gallows is a film noir but even better a french film noir with a soundtrack by Miles Davis. Pretty fucking sweet huh. just that description i wanna buy the dvd. It's out by critirion and the tranfer is very very nice. The plot works like most noir but also has alot of character moments that you would see more in a french film then a american noir. I would put this high on a list of the best noir films. Also Miles Davis's score works so well you'll shit your pants. He takes the typical sad score that your used to and makes it mean so much more like you totally feel it. It makes the movie that much better.
Atlantic city is a drama made right at the beginging of the 80's. so the 70's film making style was still kinda there. It's very real in that 70's way. It also uses it's location in a great way probably better then how Hitchcock used locations but on the same par. What Louis Malle did is as the characters in the film are a transition in there lives so is Atlantic City. The city was taking down all the old buildings to make way for the new atlantic city we know today. I think this is a really smart great idea which actually screenwriter John Guare came up with.
I think if you havn't discovered Louis Malle then do so your missing out espically on the two films mention in this post. I have no clue the availbilty of these films at where you rent but there both on netflicks. Regardless there worth looking for.

also he did direct this movie i saw viva maria with Jeanne Moreau who Louis Malle is credited with making her a star and the insanly hot Brigitte Bardot. all though not really a good movie. frankly it was really odd. Brigitte Bardot looked hot and what other reason do you need to see a movie.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammies you always find a way to suck

I didn't actually watch them but i did see the winners this morning and wow you guys really tryed this year to suck like you really put forth alot of effort into this. I mean true there were some good winners but when you have like 97 categories there's no way some big act can't get a few.
If your woundering what was so bad best rap album alone. they were all good albums in fact I would say lupe and the roots were great. T.I. and Pharrell but then i guess ludacris made alot of sense. man and the dixie chicks i don't know i heard that album and geez. I shouldn't be suprised but i kinda wanted the red hot chili peppers to win best album and maybe gnarles barkely win best song but i guess not.
I did see a little bit of the show between commercial breaks from other things i was watching and everytime there was a performance. I think the biggest problem with the grammy's other then the fact the awards are lame. there are way to many performances. And everyone has like a million people in them. It's like here's ludacris with mary j. blidge and earth wind and fire. also the bee gee's, los lobos, and bill idol's there two. then a suprise apperence by george clinton during the performance just to suprise you. it's like total over kill. The grammy's just bottom line suck. i don't think no matter who they get to perform that it will be good. unless they got the police to reunite that would fucking crazy man i would watch that

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Is this the end for the senator

I normally don't write posts on the weekends but i think this is important.
The senator is one of the last of the old theaters. And recently it has been in some trouble apprently owing lots to 1st mariner bank. They need 90, 000 in two weeks or the senator goes on the auction block.
The senator has always been rescued at the last minute and frankely part of me thought that it would be this time as well. Until i saw a post from harry knowles on aint it cool news. I guess I understand now that yes it's for real and it could really go up for auction.
I don't know what will happen but i can tell you if you have the money to give even like 10 bucks just give it to the senator. Every little bit helps or just see a movie there tonight or sometime this weekend. Baltimore doesn't know how lucky it is to have such a wounderful theater and it's about to realise it if you guys don't step up. If you got money just do it seriously. if you live in baltimore i know you know where it is so just do it.

here's some links

The senator website where you can donate with pay pal even

Harry knowles article about the senator

also i want to write a post about my memories about the senator but i write most of these pretty qucikly and want to give a post like that the time it deserves so expect that this week.

Friday, February 09, 2007

does anybody care that much about anna nichole

seriously every time when entertainment tonight would talk about it before she died i would change the channel in fact i don't know anyone at all who was in the least bit intrested in her. And how come it's on every channel like even cnn. Was anybody this intrested anybody. i really don't think so this is something that media people really like and the rest of us are like that's it man that sucks

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Pawnbroker

I've never been a huge fan of lumet. I think because his filmography is a little inconsistant. He certainly is a great director. I saw the Pawnbroker and I think it's a really good movie. It's about a pawnbroker (imagine that) who survived the holocaust and moved to america but he still has flash backs to what happened. The editing alone is amazingly influenctial. and very very fast the energy to it is insane compared to most movies about the holocaust or survivors move very slow. This moves and you wanna follow it.
Rod Steiger is very good in it and got a best actor nomination. he lost to lee marvin but would win later for in the heat of the night.
This film also has an amazing soundtrack by Quincey Jones. I really like when they would have more jazz inspired scores. It sounds better and isn't as stuffy as the classical score thing that everyone seems to be stuck on.

Anyway all though some have said it's not on dvd. i found it on amazon. The print i saw was on a vhs and it was very clean and beautiful. I hope the did an even better job on the dvd or at least restored the print a little. If you havn't seen this your doing your self a huge dis service by not doing so.

Also two side notes one

The austin powers theme came from this film

second alot of people have said that there are certain new york directors who capture the city really well. Alot of people have always said Woody Allen but everyone i know who grew up in the city says Sidney Lumet. I havn't seen all his new york stuff but during one scene there's a big scene outside and this lady from a window is looking down on the crowd with a look that only someone who's lived in new york would know. and part of me thinks she wasn't an actress they just filmed her. Regardless it works real fucking well.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the underdog always shins brighter

so every year since i have been telling people what films i like every year. I always get yeah but you havn't seen this and every fucking year it's like some mainstream movie that made at least 50 mil or at least did well and most likely will get played on a major tv station and most likely eventually i will see this movie. Also i guartee i won't think about it when everyone else forgets about it to. I remember 2004 when eternal sunshine came out and everyone was like yeah sounds good but did you see the bourne supremecy. but now what movie do you remember or talk about more. yeah exactly so yeah i didn't see united 93 or fucking bable but most likely those movies blow and i'll find out from tbs or usa and it will be cheaper. so jokes on you.

anyway basically the science of sleep is out on dvd. All though it had a great opening weekend in it's limited release and i think is a film you can watch with your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/barnyard animal who likes thse bad chick flick movies and have a good time. the studio much like gondry's last film stopped promoting it pretty quick. which is sad. I think this film could have gone on to make alot of money if promoted well. It's a fun movie but also a well acted and directed movie. it's both fun and artistically well crafted. So there is no reason that you should see anything else on dvd new release whise. yeah i know the pirates sequal or little miss sunshine may be calling you but if you actually spend money on a little movie thats good studios look at shit like that will make more movies that are good. Or you can rent pirates and see more pirate movies. it's your choice

i know your not going to but hey it doesn't hurt to try

Monday, February 05, 2007

From 1963 with love

my dad told me when he was a kid his parents wouldn't let him see any James Bond movies when he was a kid. and I never understoodwhy cause Dr. No isn't really that bad but yesterday I saw From Russia with love. man there's like this fight between two girls with little cloths on. and several other things that if i was a parent in 1963 I wouldn't be thrilled about my kid seeing either so i get it now.

fun facts about From Russia with love from imdb

This was chosen as the second James Bond film after President John F. Kennedy listed the book among his top ten favorite novels of all time. This list was published in Time Magazine.

According to the book "Death of a President" (1964) by William Raymond Manchester, this was the last motion picture John F. Kennedy ever saw, on 20 November 1963, in the White House.

Final James Bond movie viewed by Ian Fleming.

First Bond film to end with the declaration "James Bond will return in ...",


Since I don't really know anything about football or the rules of foot ball or well know how it's played. I don't really watch the super bowl. I mean i would if like i actually got to see a bear and a colt kill each other. that would be fucking awesome. I mean teh bear would win and maybe rip the colts head off and shit. It would be fucking awesome. I think people would watch that shit.

anyway until that dream happens I still have the puppy bowl. Which is now in it's third year. i've actually seen all three. The puppy bowl is not just smart counter programing it actually gets good ratings. according to wikipedia. "Puppy Bowl II Averaged 690,000 viewers for its broadcast (a 23 percent increase over Puppy Bowl I), equivalent to MSNBC's rating for the State of the Union address. 5 million people in total watched Puppy Bowl II throughout its three airings." It airs 3 times adding up to 12 hours of puppy bowl. also wikipedia says this as well "Shown opposite the Super Bowl, it has the highest ratings of any show shown at that time on cable besides the Super Bowl" that's hillarious. oh yeah and it's filmed in silverspring, maryland.
the puppy bowl seems to get better every year in my opinion. Certainly for the puppy's. the first two years were cute but this year you can watch puppy's get knocked down but other puppies. And even taken out for un nessary ruffness. there were some somoian dogs that looked coo too.
The kittie halftime show is always an event with scratching posts and stremers and stuff. then at the end confetti shoots out and the kittie's get scared and hide.

well that's it. also it makes a great drinking game if you drink everytime a puppy does something cute.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm assuming you heard what happened in boston yesterday. if you don't here it is. The boston police were called about possiable bombs placed around the city. they shut everything down and later figured out they were this

if you watch aqua teen you know this is. there tons of these in brooklyn and i have no clue how nobody in the police force was like hey isn't that. but hey they could always ask a collage student buy i guess since it's boston there arn't to many of those.

the bonus thing is all the free publicty the show and the aqua teen movie that comes out in march. like seriously it's on every channel. sucks if you were in boston but for aqua teen it's great.

laos how sad is it that as soon as we see anythign a little werid we scream terroist. that certainly says something about society right now and how we are so fucking paranoid about 9-11 2. in 20 years when they laugh at this i hope you remember the photo on this post