Thursday, August 28, 2008

St. Ides Malt Liquor

apprently there was a time when st. idles malt liquor used to make commercials. I wonder if king cobra did too. (they did but that's another post) Apprently when they did they thought it was a great idea to use rappers to advertise there stuff. all though only in the 90's. i wonder where these aired cause of the whole white people being afraid of gangsta rap i/e black people. Espically with BET still ebing new then but hey fox was around i guess. i don't know anyway lets check them out.

ice cube


wu tang

dr. dre

snoop/ tupac

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the best phelps videos

the best phelps videos I've seen


thats it

Monday, August 25, 2008

mothra and cletus

I was going throught the internet and realized how fucking awesome mothra is. man godzilla vs. mothra rules. i never saw his solo movie but he is the fucking shit. anyway i don't feel like writing but here's some mothra images to show u how fucking awesome this guy is.

this one is kinda lame and basically just a previous episode with me talking over it. oh well whatever. i another down. like around 20 to go

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the rocker and new cletus

So over this week my work schdule is very erratic. so posts will be up later. but lucky for all you monday morningers. I am posting the nite before.
anyway first i wanna tell everyone that the movie the rocker totally bombed

They put this thing out on a Wednesday. I guess to have it make a little more by friday. well it made a total of $3,800,000 as on sunday. that is embaressing. I know that this is a left over from Fox Atomic that got thrown out there.
But still it finished 13th for the weekend. 13th. I can't believe that and the marketing campaign was crazy. i thought it would do a little better. maybe this will give the sign to rain wilson. WE DON"T LIKE YOU. I don't know if we ever liked you. I certainly didn't. I care so little about you that i don't care if i spelled your name right. In fact I'm mainly writing this so i can bring attention to how much of a failure you are in making your feature film debut. So that people will go man his movies are supposed to be bad fuck him.
anyway yeah the rocker loses


Yes i'm closer and closer to getting all the cletus episodes out. This one is the first of two twin episodes. which is kinda dumb of me. But I think this is the better of the two.

I'm trying to spread out the episodes so the last bunch I put up our some of the better ones. so yeah.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wild Bill Hagy

So really I don't know much about this guy. I just heard about him recently but he sounds pretty fucking coo to me. Bill Hagey used to come in to memorial stadium with a coller full of beer and do a cheer for the orioles. Normally you'd think the story would end there but he became a huge celebrity. even meeting two presidents. they even believed he was good luck. really you can read more HERE in his awesome wikipedia page.
he also got a simpsons based on him. when homer leads cheers in springfields ballpark.

really i can't give him justice so i found this old news report from you tube about him and it's pretty coo.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pineapple express

modern day drug movies are not like they used to be. All the film makers of the new one act like there's have more character and things to relate to. and that may be true. but that doesn't seem to make a better movie.
This movie works at the begining but kinda falls apart at the end. Also I found Seth Rogens character to be annoying after a while. I like James Franco, he was alot of fun in it. Also seeing Rosie Perez again was nice.
I don't think this is up there with other modern day kinda stoner movies. I would recomend you see harold and kumar or shaun of the dead or hot fuzz all which would be more fun then this movie.
sorry seth rogan but it was kinda fun it just didn't work out in the end.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McCabe and Ms. Miller

This is really a great wondeful film. Unforently i hadn't seen it until last week. Now that i have I feel like I've seen one of Altman's best. Like so good I'm not sure what his best film is now. I really am thinking about whats better this or Nashville.
Both are so good. really i'll have to watch nashville again.
This film remind me the most of Howard Hawks then any of his other stuff. makes sense cause Altman would always list him as an influence.
I really like how he used all the minor characters with the two mains to create his story. Which helps it kind of be a western but at the same time this isn't a western. At least in a typical sense. It takes place in a western time sooo. but in 1971 (when this film came out) the western was being reinvented and I'm sure no one was sure what a western was supposed to be. just a little earlier you have sergio leone's films coming out. This film may be out of that confusion cause it has a nice marrage of new and old western film language.
Also the passage of time works so effortless that you don't notice until the big snow at the end.
The snow scene is really pretty and awesome.
Listen this movie rules. If you just wanna see a really great film see this movie. Just don't think about it just see it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

NEW nockFORCE Quickie

This is how you should try to get into clubs. Trust us, it always works.

more wiki at also i write the blog over there on mondays so check that out

Friday, August 15, 2008

star wars isn't good no more and cletus

With star wars clone wars coming out today. i wanted to remind everyone how much star wars sucks now.
Ok yes the clone wars done by Genndy Tartakovsky is amazing and i would put in higher in quality then any of those prequals. but this movie isn't done by Genndy Tartakovsky. in fact i don't care who did it cause i'm not seeing it. yeah i'm not seeing a star wars movie. Lucas this is what i have to come to with you. You seriously fucked things up.

well anyway. in case you do something silly like think well the prequals weren't that bad. Here is a clip of episode 3 that i think sums up why u should stay home and not see that new star wars

also i know everyone loves to say how this scene is based on frankenstein. maybe that would matter if it didn't suck so bad. like i hate trivia for bad movies cause why would u care about that jezzzz.

this isn't a new cletus. but how often can i post a cartoon about michael phelps. so i might as well milk this.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

a cry in the dark and cletus

I mostly saw this cause of the dingo ate my baby line. Also cause the clips i saw of meryl streep in this looked good. All though she is good in it and so is Sam Neil. This movie is really nothing special. I've heard alot of people compare it to a tv movie. And that would be far.
I mean it is a well acted tv movie. And i guess it's a really good tv movie. but it's still a tv movie and that aint that great.
But you have to think about this case one thing. Often we as people let our own prejudice take us over and we just think fucking stupid things. One of those things was that this lady killed her baby. And made up a whole story how she did it that doesn't make sense.
It's really sad that people will do shit like that. they just got carried away but maybe if someone went wait a minute. that's really fucking stupid. I don't think it's people fear what they don't understand. I think it's if someone looks at you and doesn't like you they probably get all sorts of silly theories.
except racist cause there dumb enough to be racists so i can think whatever the fuck i want about how fucking stupid they are. haha

I made this in 2004. there was a real phelpstival. so i didn't make that up at all. I hope they do another one. this is the second phelps one and yeah.
I'm putting these things out like gangbusters right now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ghost in the shell and new cletus

I hadn't seen ghost in the shell in a while. I even saw it in theaters when it came out in 96.
It's pretty coo movie. I guess in someways the weird art stuff is a little silly but i didn't mind it that much. I mean it is pretty moodie for an action movie. Which that part works very very well. As an action anime kinda thing it works. In fact i thinik if you just like action and sci-fi you would like this movie.
so yeah it's still good

this one is short but thats the point

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

king ralph and NEW CLETUS

I really only remember this movie cause my dad likes it. The guy barely likes comedies but he likes king ralph. Go figure.
I found this on dvd for 5 bucks. pretty good for king ralph. As a comedy it's kinda what an average comedy would be in 1991. But John goodman and the bizarre situation keeps this film moving. I think though the best thing about this film is that. Your like is this for real. That's what elavates this from just a normal ho hum comedy.
John Goodman is good in it
However I don't know why they thought this was believable cause really it is silly and impractical that an american would be the next king of englad. if it's just silly.
my gf was slightly offended by this cause she is english. however i think it's fun and like once in your life have fun and watch king ralph. You probably won't regret it just don't watch more then once in the same year.
burger king, king ralph promotion

yes i am putting cletus episodes up like nobodies bussiness. there's still another one after this one that is all ready up but you can wait til tomorrow. currently only 24 episodes arn't on you tube.
this one is worse then i remember it was and frankly now i wouldn't make it. but the end theme is coo.

Monday, August 11, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #46: Make It Rain

nockFORCE is living large! We need more money to do this.

more fun at



Friday, August 08, 2008

i trust cops just not the maryland ones

i love wbal coverage of anything where the cops fuck up. Cause they always have a cop press conferenace and the a guy says how there justifed in what they did. And a bunch of cops stand around.
too bad they fucked with the mayor and this was on the today show today also. ooooooooo shit md cops are in trouble.
and all that cause of weed. good job md cops good job. you fuck up good this time

some where right now David Simon is smiling

Does watching smart movie make you a smarter person


ok ok i'll write about it.

I have come across alot of myspace's and facebook's recently with lists of people's favorite movies. What i don't understand is why list a bunch of highly respected foreign films that read like a list of films your film professor gave you and you put on your profile.
Now i'm not trying to be a myspace/facebook nazi but obviously you're putting these films on there to look smart. i seriously doubt your favorite movies are films that you watch a couple times a year. i wish people would just be honest about it.
I recently read an article about how great small films were and said that more people should see a film calle bicycle thieves. well i guess your right there are two characters in that film. maybe it should have been called that.

Ok sorry i have point. Listen i love movies and stuff but i hate people who do this. First all that foreign fellini shit you just found out about i saw that when i was 14. oh wait i'm not some fucking genius asshole. guess why if you only see "smart movies" you're not very film literate. film is a lot of things it's both star wars and 400 blows. Citizen kane and manos hands of fate. The godfather and lethal weapon 3. so to say all your films are these high brow stuff. well your fucking lame and i would feel bad for you not seeing a well balanced meal of films. While i can have a conversation with anyone under the sun about that big mainstream movie that you wouldn't see have fun in that corner your standing in.

oh yeah and if you like movies and you wanna know how to make your myspace profile look like you arn't fucking poser Harry knowles's movies section on his myspace
"I own well over 8000 movies on DVD and only about a dozen porns. 4000 on VIDEO. 410 on 16mm Film. They span all genres and types. Ranging from the late 1800's to the early 21st Century. I love the classics, exploitation, horror, musicals, westerns, comedy, melodrama, sexploitation, blaxploitation, nunsploitation, cannibalsploitation, swash-bucklers, fantasy, science-fiction, german expressionists, french avant-garde, Russ Meyer, Hitchcock, Lynch, Leone, Ford, Stone, Gilliam, Cronenberg, Corman, Cameron, Spielberg, Disney, Truffaut, Fellini, Carpenter, Dante, Curtiz, Sturges (both of them), Capra, Berkeley, Whale, Milius, Bakshi, Wilder, Harryhausen, Pal, Lucas, Raimi, DeMille, Fleischers and on and on and on. Name it, I've probably loved it."

wow it's almost like he likes movies or something

Thursday, August 07, 2008


yes i still have stuff from film school that is not online. but after this i have like 4 more things. I like to put these things out slowly. so don't expect another for a bit or not we'll see.
This is the first thing I have put up EVER on the internet from my first year. I really had to fight to get this thing made at the time. I had tons of problems with getting cameras and people to help. Then there had to be some reshoots. This probably the first film i had to really fight for.
Also this the only film were i actually got the rights for all the music to have in this. granted most of it is local small bands from towson. but hey minor threat i feel like thats something.
Really this film is inspired by when i went home for christmas and met up with a couple of friends i had before high school. I kinda realised that they were assholes. Really thats what this film is about.
Also i think it's kinda obvious but i was writing the first bunch of what would become cletus the fetus episodes while writing this. i think that this kinda reflects that.

after i made this. Alot of people hated it. But when i showed it in class all the kids loved it. My teacher hated it. even saying it was an artistic step down.
I realised that old people don't like this film but young people do. or from what i saw.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the bank job

There alot of great ideas in the bank job. I don't know if they were that well done. guess this is better then most Jason Statham films. but really what is that saying.
Some of the actually heist is intresting and overall this is an ok movie. and you probably won't be disappointed.
I don't know. it was like they almost mad a good movie. like the poster for this movie is probably better then the actual movie.
But there were kinda coo parts and a couple nice characters so i don't know.

obviously riffi is better but that's an obvious pick when talking about the bank job. see riffi if you havn't.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

awesome comic house by Rusty Hastings

I've driven by this house probably a million times on the way to Ocean City, Maryland. It feels like it has been up there since like 89 but on the drawing it says 93. I do remember one time on my way to Ocean City when I was reading X-men Adventures one. Which was the comic of the tv show. like each episode of the 90's x-men show was then re made as a comic. they weren't very good but i think i was like 8 or 9. so i was reading it in the back seat but they weren't that many lights so i would lean to the back of the window and read the comic with the reflection of the street lights which are kinda far between sometimes. So it took like a really long time to read.
Then i saw the house in the darkness. and it was fucking awesome.
Every year i like to see it. both ways. it's really highlight of the trip. I'm never sure where it is just some where between annapolis and ocean city. closer to ocean city.
I finally decided that this year i would go take pictures of the house. Mostly cause i have a fear that it will be torn down and i will never see those images again. I think they're awesome and i always wanted them recorded. I could find nothing on the house or the guy who drew them all RUSTY HASTINGS on google. on the house there is a phone number. which i didn't want to put on the internet and am pretty sure might not be his number anymore. So unforently i have never met this guy.
I hope he doesn't mind me doing this. I hope he doesn't mind and understand that i just couldn't let this not go some where and cover this awesome house he did.
Hey Kafka wanted all his stuff destroyed after he died. He asked his friend to burn it all and he saved it and then published it. So sometimes you gotta do that kinda stuff.
Sure it is kinda wrong and stuff. but i like the fact we have kafka.
Mr. Hastings if you really dislike it I'm sorry but yeah.
I'm not saying this stuff is as good as kafka or i am even that guy who published it but i don't know.
I just wanted to share them with people.

As for what this store is. I'm not sure, obviously it has something to do with collectables, comics, or something of that sort. I stoped there another time to slip a cletus the fetus flyer under the door. to like tell these people that I wanted them to see it. it said on there that it is was open only on sundays. I thought about going but never did. now it just says private property. so i guess it's just there. I wish i knew more about it. it seems cool.

This is probably everyone i talk to's favorite. I think it is pretty awesome. sorry the lighting isn't better.

it says if it's old and stinky we got it!!