Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phantom Menace Review

I don't really showcase alot of other people who do review on youtube. some i don't like. there either too professional and not very entertaining or they just plain suck. However there are people I like and my favorite review on youtube has to be the phantom menace review. It's really great cause it's really entertaining and will bring up seriously how fucked that movie is. really i thought it was the best one of that trilogy. I still think that. but phantom menace isn't really good either.
anyway this review is really entertaining. it's 70 minutes. but it's really wonderful and goes through all the problems with this movie. yeah there are enough of them to make a 70 minute review.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 review

since it's 2010. I figured I'd drop this little gem on you.

that is all

Friday, January 22, 2010

Web of spiderman

Recently a director was named for the new spiderman reboot. All though his name is Mark Webb I don't find him to be a very good choice. He was on a list of four people he was seriously without a doubt the worse person on that list. In way it was a little unfair since the other 3 director have all made classics in fact several classic and he made some movie that was just all right. wow i'm so exicited for this spiderman reboot now great job sony.
The other 3 were James Cameron, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson. yeah i know. Now Cameron was a pipedream that was never gonna happen. Hell I never thought it would happen. I don't think anyone did. He just made another movie that made a billion dollars. despite developing it in the first place and coming up with spiderman have a web shooter organically in his body rather then by a device.
Fincher has two undeniable classics under his belt Seven and Zodiac. He also was a very good music video director and he directed Fight Club, the Game, and the painful Curious case of benjamin button. So it would have been a very well made film techincally without a doubt. even without it actually being good. but i think it would have been good.
Wes Anderson has 3 classics Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, and The royal Tenebaums. all though his two more recent live action films. The life aquatic and the darjeering limited were maybe not as good. His adaptation of the fantastic mr. fox was excellent.
Mark Webb made one movie and his music video career his uninteresting. I know this because i saw them before the movie. and i serously didn't get it. Sure he could make a better movie then spiderman 3 but i mean come on can we try to have higher standards then this.
Really i get this is a studio movie but i would prefer it didn't go to shit town cause of sony's bullshit or hiring some sub par director get somebody good. I say Brad Bird. I posted this on the facebooks last nite
"Since spiderman is being rebooted and the guy there getting to direct it is really a horriable choice. why not get Brad Bird. Seriously he wants to go live action and his live action movie he was planning fell apart. and they let that shrek guy make those narnia movies. plus brad bird has made a superhero movie."
Brad Bird is a very great animator in fact he's probably one of the greatest animators of all time. He's directed The Iron Giant and The incredibles. Also Ratatouille. he has two oscars for animated feature the most anybody has ever. or at least so far. Actually he might be tied. regradless he's amazing. he helped create the simpsons, the critic, and I think he created God. that last part might not be true. the point it what the fuck Mark webb really.

So you might think I gonna trash this no not really it was that bad. but it wasn't amazing either.
This movie is like a julia roberts romantic comedy went to a party got a contact high from some room where everyone was smoking weed and thought it took acid and told every at the party how high it was. So yeah it's not as romantic comedy with a twist as it think it is. I mean it really thinks it is. and hell it trys and sometimes succeeds however this is just an all right studio romantic comedy. It's good as a mainstream romantic comedy however it fails as this art house romantic comedy it thinks it is.
One of my major problems is what was with the smiths thing omg that was lame. Not that they liked the smiths but that only liked songs everyone who even has a little interest in them knows and they picked a song used in another movie that everyone remembers. It's almost like if they said wow stairway to heaven I love Led Zepplin and then they listen to whole lotta love later in the movie. It would have been alot better if he was listening to Wu Tang. I mean come on that would be refreshing like I love protect ya neck. i mean come on we all know the wu tang clan aint nothing to fuck with.
I also find this movie to be too hip. every complaint i had to hear about Where the wild things are and the fantastic mr. fox about them being hipster movies. this is a hipster movie or well it certainly wants to be. everyone is dressed like hip everyone. according to this movie everyone in LA dresses like they shop at some great thrift store.
Also I question the sexuality of the film makers since instead of a sex scene we got a musical dance number.
This movie is sweet like my best friends wedding but I think the problem with this movie is relies to heavily on cliches to make it work. Why have his little sister who knows everything i hate characters like that espically when they have little to no pay off in the end, which she didn't. The friends of this guy where also just standard romantic comedy friends. I feel like they could have been from any movie. And did all of new jersey move with him. how come both his best friends and his family are there all the sudden that just seemed a little forced.
Romantic comedy has become a really boring genre and the fact that this is a breath of fresh air is sad and true. Romantic comedy seriously really suck now. I actually love old romantic comedy's but dam we seriously can't make them anymore. maybe we need to start back at square one. When I watch Roman Holiday I don't feel this way. but for the past 20 years or so of romantic comedies i really do.
I get that the critics who like this movie probably have wives who make them watch romantic comedies so they gave this a good review because it's so much better then the ugly truth or bride wars. but my wife and i watched Blow out last nite. one day the meek shall inherent the earth til then this movie is just all right.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vacation Photos

These are pictures I took during my winter break. I went to Baltimore and Ocean City Md. I also went to Texas. However this is mostly Texas and Ocean City

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FX building and Golden Globes

I shot this a while ago. Just never got it finished til now.

So the golden globes were sunday nite. Avatar certainly suprised me. I really thought Up in the air would be the drama categorey. I also thought it would get best actor. I was totally wrong. Best Director is gonna go to Cameron at the Oscars too and that I've always thought. This defently makes things a little more intresting. What seemed like a slam dunk for Up in the air. isn't as simple.
Also Up became the first animated film to win a golden globe outside of the best animated feature categorey when it won best original score. I've wanted Michael Giacchino to win some major award since he started doing film scores with the incredibles. He's had a very good year not only scoring up but he also scored star trek. I hope that he wins an oscar. he's really a great composer.
I was suprised by the hangover. which i think should change it's middle name to over rated. certainly it was good but it's not that good.
Other stuff was kinda given and is gonna be a precruser to the oscars. both Mo'Nique and Christoph Waltz will probably win at the oscars as well. they both did such amazing jobs. also i think it's hard to go up against either of them.
Then the best comedy actor and drama actress for Robert Downey jr. and Sandra Bullock were typical globe winners. there stars they make it worth for the mainstream audience to watch the show. most likely neither will get an oscar nomination. Bullock might but she won't win.
Merly Streep and Jeff Bridges have real shots at the oscar but lets see what happens between now and then cause i kinda think it could go another way.
really the globes only slightly matter to the oscar stuff. there mostly just fun and they were pretty fun this time. well actually it kinda sucks but it sucked a little less then last year. i guess

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nine Review

yeah so my review of nine

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Observe and Report

I was kinda suprised by this movie. It's a dark mall cop movie. Which could be alot of bullshit. Forently this movie isn't. Much like how The Break up combines two people breaking up for a whole movie with laughs. This is more extreme. about a fat psychologically messed up mall cop with laughable dreams of being a cop. Sound really funny right.
In some parts it really is. In other parts it's not but more because it's a depressing. The main character Ronnie is alot like Travis Bickel from Taxi Driver. You can tell he doesn't quite have it all there. But you wanna follow him none the less. I actually think this may be Seth Rogens best role. I defently think it's his one with the most range.
The film isn't made or like a studio comedy. In may be shot like one but don't be fooled. This feels like a cult movie or an art house flick some how all these stars are in this. It's very odd some of the stuff they put in here but it really works. It reminds me of Heathers kind of dark comedy and it definitely has a strong Scorsese influence.
I know there were two mall cop movies release last year and this one was the one everyone forgot about. really this is the anti paul blart. Paul Blart was a big pg studio comedy. this is dark heart renching bizarre comedy. but i kinda think this one has more of a soul. Even as fucked as everyone is in this. It really has a voice you don't see from a lot of comedies we forget about in march. Pretty uncompromisng stuff. check it out.

Monday, January 11, 2010

the buisness of Avatar

So Avatar has been kicking alot of ass and in 20 days became the second highest grossing movie of all time. pretty impressive. What's more impressive is how little it has fallen off in the four weeks it's been out. most films with big opens fall pretty hard the second week. not always cause they may be bad films more cause it's hard to keep getting more and more people to see after almost everyone who wanted to see it see's it the first weekend. The Dark Knight fell -52.5%, Transfomers 2 fell -61.2%, and Twilight New moon fell -70.0%.
Avatar's opening weekend all though really really good. didn't beat those guys but it has stated pretty consistant. 77 mil the first weekend and then 75 mil the second. Granted christmas was on a friday for the second weekend which defently helped but the third weekend only had a -9.4% with 68 mil not bad. also considering that last years number one hold over from christmas Marley and me fell -33.3% over the same timeframe last year.
This is what is so big about it. it's done almost exactly what happend with Titanic. I actually remember reading that the only way Titanic could be considering a success is if the movie made over a billion dollars. and no movie has ever done that so it's probably impossible. Nobody was sure about Avatar. of course this time nobody said that as openly cause it's still cameron.
But it's not doing Titanic numbers exactly. Avatar has made a shit load of money but it's doesn't have what titanic had. including a big awards boost and a 17 week stint at number one. also titanic second weekend was actually up +23.8% and that was a christmas weekend.
I really don't like to throw out the will it beat Titanic thing alot. mostly cause it's pretty hard to do. Only 5 movies ever have made over a billion dollars worldwide. of the 5 2 of them havn't crossed 1.1 ( The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) and one has made 1.1 (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King). Avatar has made 1.3 but it's still not Titanic which still has 1.8. yeah at the time it was the only movie to make a billion and it almost did 2. fucking crazy.

Another thing is the foreign box office. which has actually liked Avatar more then we do. Since it's made 902 million over there and 429 million here. Most movies usually do make more overseas. except the Dark knight which made 46.8% foreign where as every other film on the worldwide all time box office chart are in the 60%. Alot of people like to discredit movies that do this. however it really just shows how strong this film is playing in the rest of the world. which is really fucking good.

Not sure what's gonna happen with this but it should be intresting given it's track record. We'll see if Avatar can hold on to the number one spot. everyone think Denzel can knock it off. Maybe but probably not. I think Avatar is gonna be around for a little bit.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Review Ocean City

hi so it's been a while. sorry i was mia but now i'm back.

I saw Sherlock Holmes down in Ocean City. I like shooting down there cause not many people do and it makes kind of a nice location. other videos i did for ocean city are below. but this is the first one to be filled in the winter. man it's like a ghost town down there then.