Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bride wars, Ikea font stuff, and Esso off the wall

so yeah i saw bride wars cause you know i'm a nice husband. There is no question that this movie is bad. in fact this movie is really bad. but what does come up all the time with this film is that it's sexist. yeah sure it is. Nobody is even questioning it. But i was thinking. so they make this sexist movie right. and everyone goes man the female sterotypes are terrible. so who largly sees a movie like bride wars. well women. but they all know this is sexist.
In a way calling this movie sexist is like calling a Tyler Perry movie racist. Sure they use age old sterotypes but if there for that audience is it really that offensive. I mean really it's not.
This movie is stupid and I question why people like Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. This is like one of those olsen twin movies or something. It knows it's a light comedy and rather then have that work for it. They just go well this movie sucks anyway poor on some lame ass jokes. I think they had a truck full of lame ass jokes and they would empty it on the film as it was shooting. If they tryed to make it funny. they totally could have but it really felt like everyone involved went well why should i give a shit. this is fucking bride wars. I'm not bringing my a game to this. Sure that makes sense. but regardless of what lame ass excuse they can make oo it's just fluff. well it's not very good fluff. and really they all could have tried harder. or well maybe they could have tryed. that would have been coo. if they tryed.
This isn't horriably bad. it's not gonna make a years worst list. but there's no reason it see it unless your gonna get some bonus points for watching it something.

In case you hadn't heard. the desgin community (or so I'm told since I'm not in it) is in an uproar that Ikea has changed there catalouge font from Futura to Verdana

and finally I know ur sick of Michael Jackson tributes. well this is a little different. This rapper Esso was working on a mixtape tribute to off the wall. to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic album. Then Michael Jackson died. And everybody wanted to do a Michael Jackson tribute. so he was faced with two options just put it out that second before the markets flooded. or do what he always wanted and finish it right. Which he did. He doesn't want people to think he is captalising off the king of pops death. Sure people will think that but the mixtape is good enough that it doesn't matter. i really like this and i think he does a great job. check it out

Download it here sometimes the thing say it don't work but it does. it's just being funny.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Futureworld review

this is my video review of futureworld. it's in a different aspect ratio cause i used a different computer. but i think i'll stick with 640 personally. but it's fun to change it up once in a while.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pandorum Review and Homecoming

there wasn't much out this weekend. but this seemed to be the best of what was new.

This apprently was supposed to get some small theatrical release and then go to dvd. forently for me and for lifetime. they premeried on lifetime. this is part misery rip off part bad movie. which is what i expect for my lifetime movies.
Mischa Barton is really awful in homecoming. but so awful she's funny. like really funny. I somewhat think there is a possiablty that she was doing it on purpose. it was like she was setting herself up to be awful. which she was really good at. like oo man she may have been the best thing in the movie. well her awfulness was. man she was just so bad she was good.
The movie kinda just felt like it was going on and on and then oo right we need to rap up. well here thats how it ends. it was built very well. almost like they cared more about the concept then an actual good film.
Even though this is a bad movie. I think it's one of the more fun bad awful movies I've seen this year. there arn't many times you get so bad it's funny. certainly Obsessed got that distinction. But this takes the cake. I can't believe some of the stuff they did. like was there a comedy writer in on this and this is a big joke. I kinda hope so cause that is probably way cooler. then this movie really is. Seriously i wanna believe this movie was made as a joke. I hope it was.

but probably not.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Huckster and photos

now listen normally I really love Clark Gable and am nicer to pretty much everything I've seen him in. But I wasn't feelin this one. Sure it has it's moments and thats great. But it didn't go far enough I felt like it kinda limped to an end. It never really got me excited or anything. Sometimes sure i had some fun but really it was ok.
The ad man idea wasn't used i think to it's full advantage. having an ad man come back from the war and go back into a changed bussiness. now that on paper is a great idea. In fact thats why i saw this movie in the first place off that description. maybe they needed him to work with a new hot ad guy or something. It just didn't work for me.
Sure alot of the people have enough star power and acting presence to make this feel like it works. and hell they really all tried. I think they save this movie but they needed more.
I never got into mad men and maybe I don't like ad guy movies. but i do think on the line is one of my favorite horriable movies so that must count for something right. ok i'm sure there are good ad guy movies. But this isn't really one of them I'm sad to say. Clark Gable has enough charisma that it's worth a viewing just for that. but only that. This film did launch the careers of Debroah Kerr and Ava Gardner. Gardner I understand but Kerr not as much. then again i didn't even give a shit about Heath Ledger until like 2005. so what do i know.

Who put seasme street stickers on the subway

this is how i watch tv sometimes

thats my cat. she's wondering what i'm doing

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Benny and Joon video review also Soundgarden was pretty coo.

I saw this movie so i made a video

Man i was listening to Soundgarden on the way to work this morning. I forget how awesome they are. I know it's not cool. to like them now but i still do. i remember when I was in the 5th grade. This kid was like what bands do you like and I said Soundgarden he was like yeah well everybody likes them. So who cares they rule. i think i like down on the upside better then this album but whatever

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Informant (video review)

This was a really good movie. i suggest you see it. defently worth a watch.

This movie was allright. i think theres probably a million sci-fi films just like it. Sure it trys to be intresting and it's slightly successful. but over all it's not as coo as the poster is.
I do like the way the alien looks thats probably my favorite thing in the film is the alien. apprently nobody knows who played the alien. creepy mayeb it's like one of those shadow of a vampire things. or they just don't know the guys name.
What is coo. Is this movie cost like nothing to make. but you can't tell really. they really did a good job making this as well made as possiable. or at least techincally.
There are way better b-movies from this period that came out. in the grand scheme of things this is probably above the rest of them. but it's still not that great.

i would write more about that movie but yeah it wasn't that great.

Friday, September 18, 2009

an environmental message

Yeah so i didn't win the contest. boo hoo. oo well. but i have videos all ready planned for my channel. so everything is coo.

This video might be my record for shortest video i've done. all though there are some that got kinda close nothing is as short as this.

wait i take that back cause this is still the king

So i havn't written any music stuff for a while on here. but why not i guess. Everytime Jay-z has a new album out. i usually rush out the store to get it. Well I wanted to. i really did but i heard it early on mtv's site. and man i just i don't know. Sure i got kingdom come and i even have defended it. I think kingdom come is a very well mixed album and has some intresting moments. most people think i'm crazy. but this time i just couldn't do it. this album just doesn't cut it. It really like i don't know. it's just not good enough for me to waste my time. The last album he did American gangster that was great. his best since his comeback (not saying much but still). I thought yippie maybe this will be good. man blueprint 3 was maybe worse then blueprint 2. which was all ready considered his worst album. maybe it's not lie the lethal weapon movies. where even though the original is a classic you can make a dam good part 2 and then part 3 will be all right. it's more like those matrix movies or pirate movies. ooo man the first ones of those were amazing. then the second one and your like. what the fuck are you serious and you don't even give a fuck by the third one. that's lame. this really could have been something coo. oo well. so basically it sucked. i would talk about song and what not. but i actually don't remember any of them that well. Which is never a good sign. make a better album jay-z cause your new one sucks.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's always sunny and king of the hill finale

So it's always sunny in philadelphia comes back tonight. This is probably one of the better shows on tv. or well i think it is. Certainly it's using frat boy humor. But instead of a bunch of guys yelling bro at each other. It's more satire.
They also don't reair episodes that much. actually they never really do. which is good cause it's not overplayed but i wish more people saw it.
well whatever it's funny and people who just don't get it. I seriously don't get them. If you like that kinda inapporiate humor. Then this is a good show. Also i think it's funny regardless if you like that kind of humor or not. well anyway what the clip below. it's on at 10 pm tonight on fx and probably on hulu sometime soon. i think it reairs at 11pm as well.

I really really really loved the finale king of the hill. so why not just put on my blog. so that's what i do

ooo man a whole blog without a video i've work on

wait too late

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Split review (and Rough Cuts Audition) and of course kanye

So i was all ready gonna make a video for The Split. Then on saturday the youtube channel The RoughCuts announced a contest. where the two winner get to be part of part of the roughcuts and the other two get to be fil in people. the rough cuts is a channel. where a different critic (one of them being don from don and murph) comes on everyday and talks about movies. so wish me luck. I would love to be a part of this. I hope this is a good one. but yeah i guess we find out on friday.

the video annoucing the contest

So yeah i know kanye west blah blah blah. i know who cares. well the best thing about this kinda stuff is all the internet pardies. and i posted a couple down here. funny thing is about the kanye thing. have you listened to Taylor Swift i mean really people. she may be better then miley cyrus and the jonas brothers but she's not that good. in twenty years you'll probably remember kanye more. but who knows. Taylor Swift could do a rick rubin album or something. anyway image below.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Haunted World of EL SUPERBEASTO and king of the hill ends

I saw the midnight screening of The Haunted World of EL SUPERBEASTO. this weekend. seriously not many people were there. Another guy who saw it was the only guy in his theater. guess not that many people came out. but it wasn't advertised that well to begin with.

I also did get my 9 review you can check it out. through the link or scroll down on the blog.

The final king of the hill was last night. I think it was a good finale for the series. obviously the big conflict for the show was Bobby and Hank. It was great to see them rap that up. also coo revalation about a certain character. And man it just made me think about how much i like the show. Yeah it sucks that we haev the cleveland show now and no king of the hill. but king of the hill had an incredible run. probably a better run then the simpsons. sure the simpsons have had some of the best episodes and season tv had ever seen. but king of the hill was good at the begining and got even better as it went on. i don't really think they ever hit a dry spell. which is great for any show animated or not. I remember when it premeried i was in middle school. now it's gone. dam. i can't wait for whatever Mike Judge has coming up next.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9 review (finally)

it took forever to get this video out but it's finally here. dam tell ur friends and shit.

prom night and beasite boys

yeah i know i promised a video and it's lame of to do that. i had to work overtime yesterday and all though it's shot. i didn't get to put all the pics in there and get it good enough to put up. it'll be up sometime today probably much much later like 6 or 7 or 8 pm or something. i don't know we'll see.

ooo yeah behind the music is back this time they did lil wayne. perfect subject for it. I hope they really turn these out. cause i used to love that show. back when vh1 was just where are they now and music shows. follow the link above and watch the episode.

Man this movie was fun. I had never seen but i always would hear about it. Jamie lee Curtis's career after Halloween was horror movies. it wasn't until trading places that we got the Jamie lee curtis we know now. I think this was her big film after halloween too but i might be mistaken about that. it certainly was after halloween.
I mean sure this isn't the best technically made film. But it works really well. Like we know how horror movies work and this works the way you always want it too. everytime something you saw coming would happen it wasn't boring it was like oooo all right.
I espically liked the disco dance off. and they had a disco prom ooooo my god. that is fucking awesome. I never went to my prom cause i had the choice either go to a party with all these coo towson hardcore bands and get really drunk and fucked up or go to my christain schools lame prom with an enforced after party. fuck that i get drunk without dancing. but since i never got a decent prom i can just pretend that this disco prom was my prom and when the kids i didn't like came in i was like. yeah let's show them. oooooo man if prom was like that i would have gone.
This movie isn't about acting or craft. It's about fun and honestly i had alot of fucking fun with this movie. sure it's a silly horror movie but i love. in fact i love it alot.

dance scene from prom night i was talking about. it's pretty rad.

This was what got me to see this movie. I've realised i've become a don and murph fan. two guys from around where i grew up in maryland. they make alot of great videos. they actually shot this in towson university and towson high and i think did a great job.

man the beastie boys are awesome. this is alot of senior year memories. but i was really really into them that year. i think cause i picked up the dvd of all there videos that criterion put out. all there videos are really intresting and well made. I put paul's boutique on my ipod. that is such a great record. they have a couple great albums. but this might be my favorite figured i'd put some videos from that on here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New nockFORCE, Kingpin, and some photos

This is the second nockforce my damn channel and animation block party. These are coo. this one is just deadly assualy and nock down your office combinded like those action figure sets.

This is like my third video this week. I was actually gonna put something out yesterday but i couldn't then this came out. i guess that worked out well. I'm gonna try and get out a video tonight. man i'm like proflific and shit.

Believe it or not i don't think I had ever seen this until recently. I think the Farrelly brothers best period was there first 3 films. almost like an awesome comedy trilogy. Starting of course with dumb and dumber and then ending with there's something about mary. I actually kinda wanna do a series of videos about those 3 cause there really great comedies and influenced the whole gross out thing that took over comedy for a couple years.
I know most people think comedies like this are stupid but to make a good one is quite a feet. I feel like there either great or just shit. look at airplane that movie is amazing. then look at epic movie. see what i'm saying. but i love it when there funny.
This was great. the casting nails this one with Jeff Daniels and Woody Harrelson arre great and hillirous. but Bill Murray man that guy is amazing. I love seeing him have a good time. He improved almost all his dialouge for the film. as he always does. probably cause he's Bill Murray he can do shit like that. but also cause he's bill Murray he's funnier then what anyone else could write. I think this is his last great comdic role. certainly he has had great roles since this film but this was his last one in a comedy. (also space jam came out a year before)He's just so awesome.
The girl who ummm well i forget her name and I'm too lazy to look it up but I used to think she was really got cause of that werid science show on usa. I think i know that stupid show better then the actual movie werid science. thats kinda sad. but yeah man when i was 12 or 13. man i thought she was soooo fucking hot. unforently it didn't work out cause nobody put her in anything after this or at least anything i saw. so i moved on.
This movie is hillarious. if you love comedy and espically stupid comedies you'll love this. It's just man i mean it's almost like. (film nerd warning) like how between taxi driver and raging bull scoresse made new york new york. sure new york new york isn't as good as those two but it's still fucking awesome. actually kingpin might be better then mary whatever it's awesome. it's way better then anything they made after there's something about mary.

also awesome blues travler was in this. and urge overkill. man it's such a mid 90's movie. the mid 90's were awesome.

man this is an epic blog post. havn't done one in a while. well it's good to do one.

I took some photos on my way to work. here they are. I'm not claiming to be a photographer or anything. but hey why not.

Horse can't go on fire escapes

I like this owl. I see him everyday on this building. I wonder who put him there and how long he's been there.

I wonder where this guy was going. i mean probably to work but i wonder were. probably dunkin doughnuts he was just over dressed

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Extract (video review) and Hitlers children

I actually put this out on Saturday but I didn't post it on here yet. it's funny i put out like 3 videos this weekend and then put them up here in reverse order. Just realised that last nite. werid how that worked out.

So i really didn't know what to expect from this one going in. I kinda thought it could be good. It defently was. This was an intresting film. I really liked alot of the imagery. In fact to be honest that's what stays with me the most. Alot of it really really haunting. I think at the time this probably made the all ready horrifying nazi's look even worse.
You could say that since this film was made during the war. That this isn't accurate and really you could just say well they didn't really know. not to burst everyone bubble. trust me i know the holocaust happened but this film isn't about that. it's more about a nazi solider and the women he loved who doesn't agree with his nazi beliefs.
The performances are good but Tim holt is the real show stopper. Sometime he acts almost like a robot. But under neath that you can tell he's like the fuck am i gonna do.
Intresting to think this was a huge hit in it's day. outgrossing the original king kong in it's day. Now we don't even hear of it. If you can find this one it's an intresting film and worth your time. if you can check it out.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


effnocka and FUCKFORCE live in a cartoon so they should know better than this. but it's so tempting...

more steps at

special made playlist for y'all


school sucks no matter how old you are



Monday, September 07, 2009

labor pains on labor day

i did this as a joke cause it's labor day.

sunday nite rap-up

aqua teen
king of the hill
full metal alchmeist
mighty boosh

Thursday, September 03, 2009

viva las vegas review

Yes another video review. this time with more pictures.

one thing i shot but cut out of this review. Was that this is the only Elvis film or well only film in general. That has a single take one shot elvis performance. too bad it wasn't his best or anything. but i'm glad somebody did it.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Marvel got bought by disney and graph on the subway

in case you havn't heard. Disney bought marvel for 4 billion. i'm hopfully we'll have some crazy good marvel cartoons coming from this deal. all thought it will probably be years before we see any results from it.

anyway here's some articles about more in depth. apprently they wanted to do this deal for like 10 years. Also Iger the president for disney has a long history with comics. his great uncle formed a company with Will Eisner.

behind the scenes of the deal

universal vs. disney over characters

marvel disney synergy

disney buys marvel for 4 bil

I saw this and thought it was funny. props to whoever did this.

Sonic tribute to michael Jackson and bad

So i decided since this would be a pretty easy video to make to just shoot me playing sonic 1 and listening to a cut off bad. really i'm not the greatest at video games. but i thought it would be fun.

also probably the last micheal jackson post for a while

the song is off bad. which often people say sucks. i think it has some good moments. certainly not as good as his two previous albums. it was also the last quincy jones produced album for michael. All though i was around more for dangerous that album didn't age well for me so i went with bad.

I put a bunch of bad music videos under here