Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Neighbors the Yamadas

hi i'm gonna write one of these after i see each film i see cause i watch alot of films so this website will get updated alot of fucking times. seriously. so that's how we are running things now.

Tonite my room mate showed me the film " My Neighbors the Yamadas". which is a studio ghibli release. I'm sure by saying that you think of great master narrative story telling. But this film is different. The only films i've seen that use this kind of story telling are the later films of bunel. But this film isn't really like that either.
It's it's own thing, a film about a family and there goings on. We go through various adventours with the family. Such as leaving there youngest daughter at the mall and standing up to bikers. There is nothing that connects any of these stories but through out you get a very good sense of the whole family. Which consists of a Mother, Father, Grandmother, a i guess teenage son, an elementary school Daughter, and a dog. By the end of the film you really know all of the characters. Like inside and out. you know the characters so well, you'd really like to live at there house.
I guess I would say this would be a good movie to watch with your family but the structure makes me wounder if kids will be confused why it doesn't follow most american family films. Also the drawing style is also very different. It's kind of more simple then your used to but what they do with it is really intresting. espically when they use lines for wind and light. But I think bottom line film arn't about what they're about they're about how they're about them and this is about a family. Does it do a good job oh yeah, a remarkable one. so from there i would say yeah check it out. But please don't watch the american dub. i know if you're watching it with young kids or something but jim belushi and molly shannon. oh that just makes me sad.
The only other problem with the film is that there are some jokes that are about japanesse culture that i didn't get but don't worry about it there's just a few of those. I would defntly recommend this film, espically as a really good film to watch with your family. (if u have one if not it's still good)