Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paul Newman's dead and SlapShot still rules

When most film people die I'm pretty comfortable what films get mentioned from there filmography. Paul Newman is often made into a saint. I have no clue if he was. I never really met him. However no man is a saint. despite how many salad dressing dollars go to needie kids.
Paul Newman was regualar dude and I'm sure most people will mention cool hand luke or butch cassidy but why not remember the film the guy liked the most. Yep it's true imdb quote
"Paul Newman has stated on many occasions that he had more fun making this film than on any other film he has starred in, and that it remains his favorite of his own films."

So suck it.
Basically I like this movie and it was fun to see him play the type of role he plays in slap shot. It's just awesome. I always hear about the sting and all the countless others. but who cares things suck right now go have fun and watch slap shot

Monday, September 29, 2008

NEW nockFORCE Quickie art and the internet

effnocka and FUCKFORCE try to become sellouts. Too bad nobody's buying it. also this is a special playlist made for y'all

more monetizing at nockforce.com

Sunday nite rap up

King of the Hill
yo gabba gabba is awesome too

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's fucking crazy out there

man i feel like the whole world is falling apart right now or something. So i guess we all like escapism. but wait that dark knight movie did really well. Ummm well we like realism. Ok I guess you know reality shows. But I thought we lived in a post bourne world now with action movies. crap.
Bottom line. It's easy to say things will be all excess like the 20's or are gonna go extra realism like the 70's. Really we live in a much more complicated and larger pop culture land scape then either of those times. We can have both. However the whoel bling bling thing was going on like 7 years ago or something. Bourne becoming the big influence on everything is still going on. So really I'd go with the dark knight.

But in the mean time

I've seen two episodes and there both awesome. But thats two episodes. Most likely it will be good but I'm curious what they'll do with a whole season. How it works out well. check it out.

oh and for all the escapism.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

calling mom

So yeah I have put up another one of my films from film school. But don't worry cause I won't put out another one until at least November.
I made this film my first semester of my freshmen year. Really I didn't have the greatest first semester. Room mate drama. Taking my proficentcey exam like 7 times. In fact I'm not sure how many times I did take it. Failing it over and over again bascially beat my self confidence down alot. Later I found out through other people's exams that I was basically singled out. Other people got to pass with worse written essays then me. Eventually my english teacher steped in and helped grade it and I passed. nice guy.
Also I was not sure what to make films about and was pretty confused over the whole thing. However I knew that if fucked this up I probably wouldn't get this again. I just wasn't gonna give up. I still think thats lame when people tell me they left a school or something. Seriously it gets better.

I shot this mostly by myself. I found out how to hide mics pretty well. The scene with my and Jordan. Jordans mic was behind the computer. mine was above me in the bunch bed.
Amy and I are both wearing hoodies so i think that one's easy to figure out.

sorry the sound is kinda bad but this was the first time i recorded sound.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Burn after Reading

There was a time when a Cohen Brothers comedy would have been one of the best films of the year. Unforently this film isn't. Really the more modern comedies are like going through the recent works of Woody Allen. There might be a good thing kinda here or there but over all you'll probably never see it again.
George Clooney does a good job. But Brad Pitt seems to be joking the whole time. It was just kinda lame. John Malkovic was good but then Francis McDormand was lame too.
Really this movie was disappointing. I thought No Country for Old Men was gonna start an new trend of like good movies from the cohen brothers. I guess I was wrong.

Monday, September 22, 2008

NEW nockFORCE Quickie and emmy winners

effnocka and FUCKFORCE give a talk at a school. this is our 50 quickie. believe it or not.

also this is a special vocational playlist.

more education at: nockforce.com

here are the winners from the emmys that I care about. it's coo south park won. now giving it two half hour emmys and one for an hour or more. with a total of 3. The simpsons won this year. which is complete shit cause out of the 5 shows. that was defently one of the worst episodes. At least give spongebob it once. Or King of the hill jezz. this is the 10th time the simpsons have won in this categorey

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart - (Comedy Central)

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central) - Tom Purcell (head Writer), Stephen Colbert, Allison Silverman, Richard Dahm, Michael Brumm, Rob Dubbin, Eric Drysdale, Peter Gwinn, Jay Katsir, Laura Krafft, Frank Lesser, Glenn Eichler, Peter Grosz, Bryan Adams, Barry Julien

Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour): "The Simpsons: Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind," Fox.

Animated Program (Programming One Hour or More): "Imaginationland" (South Park), Comedy Central.

Individual Achievement in Animation (possibility of more than one award): "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Mondo Coco," Cartoon Network; "Creature Comforts America: Self Image, Winging It, Art," CBS.

Friday, September 19, 2008


every year critics complain that the oscars have very few films that the public have actually seen or care about. With the Oscar season just to start I suggest we try to and nominate Heath Ledger. Really at this point you have to. If you don't the public will go ape shit. If he doesn't win they'll probably go ape shit too but a nomination is the least you can do.
Also when was the last time the public cared so much about a supporting role. Really I know we're gonna go all smaller film (i will not call you indie cause you are not) but this is a good compromise. I even say put this film in the running for best picture also. Cause they always put some bullshit movie that nobody thinks shoudl win. such as Ray, the Queen, juno, the full monty. Sure The fully monty's good but really you know. So like in stead of Juno ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Just think about it.

But really Heath Ledger best supporting actor. I know it's early but you have to do it. really

also this was too funny not to post and i know i posted her yesterday but really too good too good.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

sarah palin impressions

I've watched Sarah Palin impressions by lots of notable people. But really I think those arn't as good as Sara Benincasa. Her and her friend Diana Saez having been doing it real good for a little bit and been put out more content of it then anyone. Also they're real funny.
I really like these. So I'm posting 3 of them check them out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

total request live is over and untitled

So Total Request Live is over. Part of me is a little sad. Cause well as lame as it is to say now. In high school. I would come home and watch it everyday. The majority of videos. I just didn't like but when the one you did like came on it was amazing. When I left High School I rarely watched it. The last time I remember enjoying it was when eminem was on the day 8 mile came out. That was my freshmen year.
Really TRL had a hard time living past the late 90's and early 00's. It was too much of a part of what made that teen pop and rap rock thing so big. I always wished it had come out earlier. Cause it was a great idea to have a countdown show. I wish I had it in middle school or even earlier.
I also and as embaressing as it is to say. I think without Carson Daly. That show lost it's steem. The guy knew like every single artist on the countdown. I still rarely see people so comfortable being interviewed on mtv anymore. Also guests who sometimes spontaniously stop by. It would be fun cause sometimes you wouldn't know who was gonna be on.
Really the total request live that I knew and everyone like was from 98 - 02. That was really the era of teen pop and all that. After that it was really a shadow of it's former self.
You can look at me and call me lame. Which I'm sure most people who read this will think. But really I don't care. Cause I do know that anytime something big would happen suddenly everyone at school knew. You probably did watch it. Maybe not as much as I did. But yeah. oh well it was silly that was still on anyway. in the age of you tube and all. I guess it's just time to move on.

This is my first film thing I made at film school. orginally it was silent. but i put some tracks that I had lying around that we're gonna get used. I don't think it's the best thing I ever did or anything but hey content is good. Also ther are like 70 some vidoes on each playlist. other wise this would have never come out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saturday Nite Live still sucks alot of ass and NEW CLetus

Much like a post I wrote almost 2 years ago SNL is crap. And I love that everyone talks about how much the show has improved based on one opening sketch. I'd like to point out how bad SNL is. the last time I watched SNL they had dick in a box. But the shit sandwhich I sat through to get to dick in the box killed alot of my laugh brain cells. So it wasn't as funny. Really SNL would be awesome if they made one good sketch a week and put it on you tube. That other hour and a half is just painful.
Now this isn't Michael Phelps fault. Cause First the guy isn't a writer. Second he didn't have over 10 years of acting training. I think for what he was he did a good job. He wasn't going to be amazing but then again no one on SNL can swim as amazing cause they didn't have over 10 years of swimming training.
One of the biggest problems with SNL is weekend update which looks more dated then ever. Apprently no one told them the daily show and the colbert report are doing better then them 4 days a week. then they can in a week. Making them look kinda stupid.
Bottom line watching snl sucks. I watched the whole thing and it fucking sucks. I'm sick of that show. please cancel it. please it blows. seriously. Sometimes oyu have to throw in the towel. and yeah it's time.

This one came out way better then i expected at the time. Really I stole the idea of the main action being off screen while the audio looks at a still image from spongebob. But my lazyiness paid off. I think it is one of the stronger ones. Also Jordan's last appreance. Which I'm glad this was cause he did a really great job and it was a good way for Earl to go out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New nockFORCE Quickie

effnocka is finally coming to terms about his adulthood.

more manchildren at: nockforce.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008

in memory of

Today marks the anniversary of when I couldn't ever see this awesome spiderman trailer ever again. Not even on the dvd. or super special dvd. fuckin terroists.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Should i read into this

I havn't posted a local baltimore news piece in a while. But I figured this was a good time. Remember when the wire's catch phrase for the last season was read between the lines. What am I supposed to think about Both of these stories being posted at the same time. literally wbal put them on you tube in the same day one after the other. watch them in correct order



Ok now I have no proof they did but them both being put up the same day on You Tube makes you wonder a little you know.
I mean I'm sure they didn't. But hey gotta protect that chesse cake factory.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

pumpkin ale and new cletus

I really like pumpkin ale. maybe it's one of the signs of fall. Which I guess just started but I have all ready seen pumpkin ale and drunk it. I think it's the whole pumpkin thing that makes it so fall like.
I can't imagine drinking one on the fourth of july. just wouldn't go well.
I don't know i like pumpkin ale it's coo.
Also the usually have some sort of neat label with a pumpkin doing something coo. sometimes though it's just orange or a picture of just pumpkin doing nothing. In my beer label i don't want realism. jeeez

This is one of the few I had to make different for you tube. The reason is, that when it was in flash it had alot of buttons that would redirect you to things and then it would repeat forever. You Tube can't do that. YOu can't click on things in the video that goes to other parts. also you have a time limit. so here it is in the you tube edition.
I like this one cause it was strange but i think worked.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Video Music Awards and new Cletus

The video music awards pretty much sucked for the most part. Yeah the Lil Wayne performance was ok I guess. I like the one he did on FNMTV of a Millie alot more. it was still good though.
I realize that it's obvious the video music awards, now in it's 25th year. Probably should end. Espically considering it was held at paramount studios. Probably not for cost. because the parent company of both mtv and paramount is viacom. so they didn't even have to rent it most likely but hey.
I don't know it was lame.
oh yeah and apprently kids like not having sex cause of some promise ring. A promise ring, yeah ok. thats lame if those people really follow that then i feel bad for you. I've seen star wars more then 27 and have 20 tapes of mystrey science theater tapes and i still got laid in high school. your in the jonas brothers a huge boy band. and you don't get laid. sucks for you.

however kanye closed the show with such an awesome performance. It deserves to be at a better award show. it was coo. and i'll post it right here. until it gets taken off youtubes.

This episode of cletus is a later one but a good one. I like this one. I pretty much took a conversation of two of my "friends" and made it a cletus. But yeah i like this one

Friday, September 05, 2008

90210 a more intresting failure then most

really it's only an intresting failure cause it trys to rip off some many other shows. Frankly you'd think one would be enough but apprently they needed like a ton of shows to this too. Add on to the fact that the show is a mess. like a complete mess. Jenni Garth who is just hanging around the school alot. not sure what her job even is. She was annoying. like something would happen and woop there she is.
Then you have everything moving so fast that you can braely met anyone. But that assumes you wanna met these people at all. cause the little time we do spend with them is not intresting at all.
But i guess the funniest thing is how they rip off each show. Obviously first they are using degrassi model with the next generation thing. then a midwest family with an adopted black kid moving to la is south of nowhere. Then a girl in the school has a popular blog that everyone read like Gossip Girl. The transitions between scenes showing shots of california and playing current pop hits The Hills. And I also think at some point they run a radio station, talk about the freeks and the geeks, and some dawson creek thing.

point is this show blows like really hard. I don't know what they thought when they were doing this. However shouldn't someone bring up the point. why wasn't this on fox. The original was on fox. so what happened. it was obviously turned down by them. Smart move fox. really with these shows that are remakes always wonder where the show started. if it's not there be carefullly.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

nockforce has been you tube pooped

so i guess cause for celebration. nockforce has been made into a youtube poop. you tube poop is like a bunch of clips cut together with all sorts of crazy music. it's doesn't make much sense but it's coo as shit to have one made from nockforce stuff. anyway check it out.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

summer box office and new cletus

so i figured with the summer movie season now over (sigh) I would post the top 10 highest grossing summer movies. which at this point is primarialy the 10 of the year but i'm sure by december it will look a lot different.
all box office figures are for this country and as of this date.

1. Dark Knight 504 mil

2. Iron Man 317 Mil

3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 315 mil

4. Hancock 227 mil

5. Wall E 218 mil

6. Kung Fu Panda 213 mil

7. Sex and the city 152 mil

8. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 141 mil

9. The Incredible Hulk 134.5 mil

10. Wanted 134 mil

This summer was certainly better. With 3 sequals instead of last years top 10 having 5. (I'm not counting hulk) Also 3 films were from comic books versus last summers one film. However this summer had only 3 films making over 300 milllion were as this summer had 4. However they didn't have dark knight. crazy

I was never sure about this one. I don't like but I know people that do. Also this one is doing better then usual cletus does. so who knows.
the song being sung by me. is i just had jordan sing and thought i could just magically make music that goes along. mental note music first singing second. so i had to re do it but the orginal is at the end

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nockforce: angry best buy

FUCKFORCE got a retail job! But it looks like it's not turning out so well for effnocka.../ also this be a special playlist

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