Friday, February 27, 2009

Robocop 1 to 3

Recently I saw all 3 Robocop films because of the magic that is hulu. I was gonna do these seperately but I figured it would make more sense to just post all the movies reviews at once. Unforently Robocop is not going to be on Hulu after tomorrow. but yeah you can still see them through most major dvd places and stuff.

First off in case you think the whole Robocop thing is stupid. This Film is fucking awesome. seriously. I know girls who like this movie. why, cause it's a really good movie.
As an action movie it's very kinda foreign made. It's really well made. and well casted. Peter Weller is great as Robocop but the guy who really steals the show is Kurtwood Smith. He plays an awesome villian. Most of you probably know him as the dad on That 70's show. But dam he can play a good fucking villian. Really he is awesome. It's a shame he's not in more movies as a bad guy. Really he almost sold this movie for me. just him.
The film is kinda of satire when they make fun of society through commercials and tv. kinda like early spawn (anyone?). Also having a major corperation run Detroit seems like something would probably happen at some point.
Of the 3 this is a great film and I really reccomend it to anyone who hasn't seen it. It is a very well made film. It completely works and maybe to be honest this was a film that didn't need sequals. I kinda wish this was the only one and it's really a stand alone. but yeah seriously see this movie. it's awesome as both an action movie and just a movie.

You'd think if you got to write Frank Miller (when he could write) and Irvin Kershner (director of Empire Strikes Back) to direct a sequal it would be awesome. Unforently that isn't the case. Cause this movie is a fucking mess. It's obvious when watching this that there were just too many ideas in this. Much like the failure of most sequals. you look at the disaster that was spiderman 3 is more extreme. but this is similair. The script feels like it could go somewhere intresting but it never gets there. so your just waiting.
Then apprently there building a new robot called robocop 2 with the brain of the bad guy. that could have been coo but now that feels kinda stupid. Also the corperate angle in this one is something that could be intresting but never gets there.
I don't know if this is horriable. but it never gets to good either. instead we get this bullshit bland appeseing to me kinda crap.
I don't know who's fault this one is. but really this film shows they should have never made it in the first place. honestly lame.

The first half of this film is way better then Robocop 2. And you'll probably be wondering why does everyone say this one is the worst Robocop it's pretty good. But the rest of the film goes to shit town. In fact the first 2 acts work. but boy that third act.
To common complent seems to be the kid angle and the pg-13 rating. All though there are some lame moments for the kid. the kid works for the most part. The PG-13 rating didn't bug me until the third act cause it was so horriable.
Really the begining looks like the Robocop 2 that I wanted. All though dumber obviously then the original it gives off that Lethal Weapon 2 fun kinda vibe. They have Robocop join the resistance movement and go against the company that made him Robocop.
I like the casting better in this film also. all though i miss Pete Weller as Robocop and liked him alot better. The replacement does a good job but he's no Peter Weller.
Unforently they then have him fly. Here do me a favor. look at the pictures of Robocop on here. then imagine him flying. yeah. no no i know. see what i'm saying it's stupid.
I kinda think the director tryed to save this film as much as he could but it was shit movie. So you can only save it so much. It bothers me to say this is worst then the 2nd one. but it is. this movie is inconsitant and just bad. Only see this if your really into the idea. man i wish the first half had a better second half. dam.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rock 3 and The Bandwagon

When it comes to sequals the third film is usually the worst one. Back to the Future 3, Spiderman 3, and X-Men 3. This film doesn't belong in that categorey. As bullshit as they movie is. It works cause it knows it's bullshit. I'm sure Stalone never thought that he was making an empire strikes back or anything. He was making Rocky 3 and he made probably the best Rocky 3 you could make.
Now do I think this movie is good. Yeah for what it is it's fucking awesome. You know whats gonna happen it's a cliche and everything but it's fun. Also it's shot like it's a commercial from the 80's. Apprently Stalone wanted to be shot like a press thing cause in this film Rocky is such a star. Stalone wanted it to show the lack of privacey a celebrity has. While I don't know if that entirely worked. Having a big bullshit movie shot like a big bullshit commercial works very well.
Having Rocky go up against this aragant Mr. T was awesome. I liked Mr. T. He kinda reminded me of 50 cent. Cause even though you know he can totally kick ur ass. You also know he's kinda dumb.
The plot works so abc like that when we got to the end I saw it coming and it didn't mean much but the journey to get there was well worth it. If you wanna have fun and see a stupid bullshit movie this may be one of the best bullshit stupid movies. also i think one of the best part 3's of all time. but think of it's competition you know.

America had changed alot from the early 30's to the early 50's. Fred Astaire is usually thought of as a star of the early 30's with his 7 films with Ginger Rodgers. I in fact recently watched Top Hat. But this film is more about Astaire trying to stay current after 20 years.
Yeah things had changed but he gets into sometimes change isn't all good. When his two musical writer friends write an amazing show for him. Then bring it to the big director at the time. Who has 3 shows going on at once. one starring himself. He wants to change the idea of Fred Astaire (or his alter ego in the film).
I really like this film it might be one of the best musicals of all time. Even though Fred Astaire does do stuff you've never seen him do before he still does some amazing dance sequences that hark back to his glory days.
Vincent Minelli does a great job directing this film. He often uses the entire frame. This is probably a frustrating film to watch in full screen. also the colors are beautiful. if you like that early 50's techincolor look. it's here. i really think it's marvelous.
They also do an intresting thing with the third act but I'm not spoiling that. I thnk this is one of the more intresting musicals. Not just with the songs but how it's made. I've seen Minelli's Gigi and I think this is probably a superior film. If you really like musicals you'll love but if you love movies and know about musicals you'll like it more check it out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Torment and The Soup

This movie is known for one reason. It was the first film to ever come out with the name Ingmar Bergman. He wrote the screenplay.
This is a really good film. It's about this teacher who is just being an fuckign jerk to the kids and what the system of the school is doing about it. I think it brings up a verbal abusive teacher and how a school can deal with that. which by the way is usually they don't. Which you can kinda tell with this film.
The actor who plays the teacher Stig Järrel. Does a really good job. He really steals the show almost. He's just really good at playing this strict mean teacher. and a latin teacher no less. yeah a latin teacher. and this teacher is dam intense. like so intense you know he reads psychology books to mess with the kids.
This is probably a bad movie to play for kids. But i think if I had seen this when i was in high school. I would have lost my fucking mind. We don't have the teacher over doing it with like a gun or something. It's almost too normal that's what makes it kinda uneasy cause you know that's happened and you've seen it happen.
I really liked this film and I think most people would. This is not just a intresting first look at Bergman but it is a great movie. Seriously check it out. American title is Torment.

Also I found this intresting conversation Bergman had through the newspaper with someone from the school he went to I found it on wikipedia. It's funny to think about a young Bergman hating school. Man think about what a moody kid he must have been.

Torment provoked intensive debate in the press about the conditions in the Swedish high schools. On a personal level, the Pro-German newspaper the Aftonbladet published a letter by Henning Håkanson, principal of the private Palmgren High School where Ingmar Bergman had been a student. Håkanson reacted on an interview with Bergman published in the Aftonbladet the same day the film was released:

"Mr. Bergman's statement, that his entire time at school was hell, surprises me. I clearly recall that he, his brother and his father were all very satisfied with the school. After his final examinations, Ingmar Bergman came back to school to attend our Christmas party, bright and cheery as far as one could tell, and not seeming to harbor any grudge, either against the school or its teachers. In all probability, the fact of the matter lies elsewhere. Our friend Ingmar was a problem child, lazy yet rather gifted, and the fact that such a person does not easily adapt to the daily routines of study is quite natural. A school cannot be adapted to suit bohemian dreamers, but to suit normally constituted, hard working people."[3]

A few days later Bergman replied:

"Let us start with the '12-year hell' (coarsely expressed, by the way. Not a word used by me, but by the person who interviewed me. I recall using a milder term, which is somewhat different). Indeed…I was a very lazy boy, and very scared because of my laziness, because I was involved with theatre instead of school and because I hated having to be punctual, having to get up in the morning, do homework, sit still, having to carry maps, having break times, doing tests, taking oral examinations, or to put it plainly: I hated school as a principle, as a system and as an institution. And as such I have definitely not wanted to criticize my own school, but all schools. As far as I understand it, and as I clearly pointed out in that unfortunate interview, my school was neither better nor worse than other institutions with the same purpose. My revered headmaster also writes (somewhat harshly): 'A school cannot be adapted to suit bohemian dreamers, but to suit normally constituted, hard working people'. Where should the poor bohemians go? Should pupils be divided up: You're a bohemian, you're a hard-working person, you're a bohemian, etc. Would the bohemians be excused? There are teachers one never forgets. Men one liked and men one hated. My revered headmaster belonged and still belongs (in my case) to the former category. I also have the feeling that my dear headmaster has not yet seen the film. Perhaps we should go and watch it together!"

I'm gonna be honest. All though I was a big fan of Talk Soup. I was not going to watch The Soup. Which I guess is the Casino Royale Batman Begins version of Talk SOup. First off it's on E. Even though I watch E true hollywood story and E news daily I understand that channel is trash. so a comedy show on E now. man i'm not watching that.
Then over x-mas break a friend showed it to me and I got into it good. Really really into it. The show works kinda like the old Talk Soup. Showing funny clips from tv shows. the old Talk Soup used talk shows both late nite and day time but mostly day time. but since there arn't really that many talk shows anymore. The Soup uses reality shows, internet clips, and the few daytime talks show still left.
The show really works well and I think Joel McHale is really good at giving great insight with the clips he shows. and as far as hosts might be one of the funniest hosts on tv right now.
Another great thing about the show they have reaccuring jokes and they'll refer to clips they've shown in previous episodes. so after you've seen a couple it's actually funnier. So they actually reward you for watching in a way.
I actually think that it was good Talk Soup ended in 2002 and the soup started 2 years later. cause Talk Soup was kinda dated and need to be reformated. So the soup and works really really well. It reminds me of older cable shows but it also is very current. great show. if i had seen more of it before the end of the year it would have made my top 10. seriously check it out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Reader and For your eyes only

Yeah so I saw all the best picture nominees. and before the oscars too. Crazy. This one. well ok I mean it's an ok movie it works and all. but it just wasn't that good. I'm not sure why Kate Winslet was being raved about in this film. frankly she was good but not like blew me away kinda stuff.
I liked the boy in the first half of the film. He might have been my favorite actor in the whole film. Also Ralph Finnes was coo too. Nto great but he's good in anything.
The whole concept as well is that I guess you find out later in the film that she can't read. All though isn't so obvious you can see it coming a mile away. actually maybe further then that. it's pretty obvious she can't read. So the big point of the movie is kinda dumb.
I'm not sure what the kind of point is of this film. Surely it should have been made a while ago. It probably would have seemed more apporperate 10 years ago. Thats when the academy used to love crap like this. But unlike Benjamin Button it doesn't improve on one of those old 90's bullshit awards movies. (even thought benjamin button didn't improve it all the much). So this movie is kinda lost. Yeah it's a little better then a tv movie but it doesn't have a place. And I don't think anyone is really all the intrested in it to care too.
Honestly this was ok I guess you can go see it but I'm hoping you have better things to do.

Ok in case your wondering. I put the best picture nominees in order of quality ,the top being good the bottom being bad. so if you wanna rush out and see one this weekend. you can make sure to see a better one.

Slumdog Millionaire
The curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Frost / Nixon

I actually have seen this before. When I was like 15 in my friends basement. It was one of the first dvds I had seen. but I didn't like it then because i was being a snob. However what do i think of it now?

Rodger Moore finally makes a great bond movie. Finally after sitting through all those crap fests that were the previous 4 films (live and let die, The man with the golden gun, the spy who loved me, and moonraker) he did as bond. Made Connery look like god in comparision. I don't know if acting wise he ever topped Connery at least in this film there's somewhat of a fighting chance.
Sure this movie is kinda cheese as are all Rodger Moore. But after a while it forgets about that and just wants to make a great bond movie. The music cues are almost laughable but it kinda lives in this cheesie place. And once you get over it and go with it. It's a worth ride.
It's also really really well made. After sitting through the man with the golden gun. I kinda thought all Rodger Moore was badly made. Boy was I wrong. They really uped the ante techincally. It's very well shot and edited and might be the best made Bond movie of the 70's. The underwater stuff make thunderball look stupid. There's just so much detail and really cinematography. not just look at this underwater camera. ther was some really good underwater stuff.
Also the script and direction was really strong they kept everything simple. So it doesn't get to overly complicated but it's still a good James Bond movie.
Apprently it was supposed to be the last Rodger Moore movie. Unforently he made 2 more that are supposed to be really bad. all though I've seen octopussy which is bad. I havn't seen his last one yet.
If I was gonna tell you what James Bond movies are the best. This would be on my list. Defently one of the best James Bond movies ever. It's also without a doubt the best Rodger Moore Bond. Really just if you wanna see a great bond movie. Also it's a great early 80's action movie.

Also Marvel made an adaptation of this film. Figured I'd put these covers up

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars and New Cletus

Well the oscars got off to a great start and the very very slowly pettered out. I thought you guys were gonna context with me or something. well that didn't work and the new direction did work. yet again. I don't understand why they can't just hand out awards quickily. take out all the fat. like the musical is back. didn't a musical win best picture earlier this decade. Why did we need to know about the best Action movies of the year. really they did everything that people had a problem with in the first place. looks like we're back were we started from.
Slumdog Millionaire go the most awards with 8 (Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography, Sound, Song, and Original Score). Benjamin Button got 3 (Makeup, Visual Effects, and Art Direction). Milk (Best Actor and Original Screenplay) Dark Knight (Best Supporting Actor and Sound Editing) both got 2. I think Slumdog probably got way too many. As well did Benjamin Button. More so Slumdog Millionaire. Really Cinematography and soung that was lame. They never get Cinematography right like never. same with sound. which suprised me by not going to wall e at all.
Wall e for me was shut down from what could have been a record breaking night. All it had to do was win 3. it only won 1 but it still gets to be the most nominated animated film. tied with Beauty and The Beast. I guess that the lame ass boobie prize.
Also Waltz with Bashir lost out on best Foreign Film. could have been the only animated film to win best foreign film. However it is still the only and first one nominated. also i havn't seen any of these films. so i can't argue.
Acting wise. Sean Penn did give the best performance of the year. so i wanted Mickey Rourcke to win but I can't argue. Kate Winslet finally won after another great year. so at least they finally gave it to her. Heath Ledger was expected and makes the academy look a little less dated. Penelope Cruz was kind expected but it's coo she won.
Danny Boyle never thought the guy who directed trainspotting and 28 days later would win best director but it was kinda neat. Danny Boyle is a good director. wish Gus Van Sant had won but oo well.
And what was with the 5 previous winners annouce the nominees. one of the best things about the oscars is showing clips. See when you show clips. it helps promote the films. but i guess we can't even do that anymore. Also it really felt like a cult with the 5 previous winners. like there are like now you are previlaged to enter our relgion. were we worship best supporting actor. allll hail the categorey. who will also enter the secret society of best supporting actor. actually maybe they should try that.
also is it fitting that the dark knight crossed the one billion mark this weekend.

Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire - Christian Colson

Best Actor: Sean Pean (Milk)

Best Actress: Kate Winslet (The Reader)

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Best Supporting Actress: Penélope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)

Best Director: Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Original Screenplay: Dustin Lance Black (Milk)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Cinematography: Anthony Dod Mantle (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Editing: Chris Dickens (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Art Direction: Donald Graham Burt, Victor J. Zolfo (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Best Costume Design: Michael O'Connor (The Dutchess)

Best Makeup: Greg Cannom (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Best Original Score: A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Song: A.R. Rahman, Sampooran Singh Gulzar("Jai Ho") (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Sound: Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty (Slumdog Millionaire)

Best Sound Editing: Richard King (The Dark Knight)

Best Visual Effects: Eric Barba, Steve Preeg, Burt Dalton, Craig Barron (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Best Animated Film: Wall-e - Andrew Stanton

Best Foreign Film: Okuribito

Best Documentary: Man on Wire - James Marsh, Simon Chinn

Best Documentary Short: Smile Pinki - Megan Mylan

Best Animated Short: Maison en petits cubes, La - Kunio Katô

Best Live Action Short: Spielzeugland - Jochen Alexander Freydank

Yeah a new cletus. after this I have 7 cletus episodes. I'm gonna just get this done with. This one was a real episode that I thought was terrible and couldn't believe it had gotten that far. so i saved it soe

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Denis Leary on Denis leary movies

I'm not really a fan of Denis Leary. I mean I don't hate him or anything but i don't like seek out his films either. However recently on funny or die Denis Leary did two videos were he discusses his films. I thought it was kinda coo so i will share both with you here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kanye vs. Chairlift

Recently Kanye West put out a video for Welcome to the Heartbreak. All though this isn't his next single (which is usually why the put out videos) another band had used the same effect. The effect is simlair the pixel kinda mush thing that somtimes happens for reals on you tubes. and Kanye didn't wanna put it out way far after that one. makes sense. but should he have even bothered. well honestly I think his video is better and not just cause I like him more. It's actually has better composed shots and doesn't just relay on the effect to get it to work. Like I think the Chairlift video would have been unintresting to almost everyone if it had not used it. Were as kanye really made it look coo.
As for the songs hey Chairlift do you listen to R.E.M. and Suzanne Vega. Wow i couldn't fucking tell. Does Luka live in your building or something. do you guys watch mindwalk all the time (props if you go that one). Just cause u do coke and collect vinyl from the 80's doesn't mean u have to as such an overwhelming influence that it's like your bragging. seriously i get u like the 80's but thats so over done. Espically the way u do it. have fun on new york noise.

Kanye wins but he all ready won cause more people will see his video and his video is way better sorry. Also he wins cause the only reason I saw this video is cause of him. so yeah he won before and he still does. also props to kanye on the av thing on his video i know you were trying to give me a shout out no I'm kidding but hey i got myself a link.

Alien and Raise the Red Lantern

I first saw Alien in 1993 when I was 9. It was the first R rated movie I ever saw. I remember my parents let me watch it with my babysitter. When the alien comes up in the air duct. she jumped up and threw the remote and broke it. That was an awesome way to experience that scene. Unforently this time that scene it wasn't as good cause i watched it alone. but this movie is still awesome.
Seeing it again now (I've seen it a couple of times since then) I realise that it was made post star wars and is very influenced by it. Even reading that is was greenlit right after the success of Star Wars. How this movie differs from Star Wars rip offs like Saturn 7 and Black Hole. Is that it uses the idea of combining tons of previous film genres into one and then making it sci-fi. Star Wars was akira kurasawa meets John Ford with some David Lean in space. This is like combining a Ship movie and a haunted house film. All though I think Star Wars used this kinda postmodern idea better. Alien is the next best example. I espically like how Ridley Scott wanted to continue the idea that space ships could look run down and used. much like star wars. I know he's said he used that as an influence.
The acting in this film is great when you get the pan across the table when there first all eating. you can tell this is gonna be good Ian Holm, Yaphet Kotto, John Hurt, and Harry Dean Stanton. Not to mention Sigourney Weaver. Also unlike the later Alien films. This film really didn't just focus on Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) it was really an enssamble piece. Which is kinda what makes it so scary.
This movie is really awesome. and I kinda wanna watch it again. I also wanna watch Aliens. but thats as far as I'm gonna go. I'm not really intrested in the other sequals.
If you have never seen Alien. then honesly whats ur fucking problem dude. Alien is awesome and a great movie no matter what. I would say if you havn't seen this movie and even wanna talk about sci-fi in movies and tv. you should shut up. Seriously it's essential Sci-fi viewing. also its a dam good movie. check it out if you all ready havn't or re watch it you know

This is the kinda movie I think almost anyone can get in to. Like Grandmas and shit. yeah seriously it's very universal.
It's very very well shot. So really great use of color in this film. Who ever color corrected and shot this are really masters at what they're doing.
The acting is really good also. I espically really like the main character. Her character ark is pretty much the movie and she pulls it off flawlessly. It's the kinda of evolution of a character that isn't like a bio pic. just a year but the people change from one year to the next.
I don't really know much about chinesse cultrue like really at all. but i like this movie. I know it's been critsized for making chinese culture look cold. I can't really comment but i did like the movie.
I don't really like writing plots. which is slightly handcapping this review but if your intrested in seeing a good movie. I don't know but it's coo just see it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great Expectations and the Last Man on Earth

David Lean is a great film maker and Great Expectations is further evidence of that. But come on you know David Lean is great all ready. This film even without the story and all that is one of the best made films i have ever seen. Just technically. seriously like all raging bull and shit.
Just like really nice looking it will be amazing even with the sound off.
The plot I have to be honest the films plot is just kinda fucking stupid. I know people like Dickens and stuff. But this is kinda close to the plot of gossip girl or something. it's just i don't know but while watching the movie it doesn't feel like that probably the strenght of David Lean's direction. But it really didn't bug me until I thought about it later.
The acting in this is good as well and includes the very first speaking role from Alec Guniness who Lean discovered while in the play version of Great Expectations. Lean ended up casting him tons of times.
I really liked this movie and I don't really read that much. I know David Lean didn't either and that might be what gave me an advantage from the other directors that have tryed. This film really really works and kinda wish this would get on more best of all time list then like Doctor Zhivago. I really don't like that movie. well it's well made but. ok anyway Great Expectations is a wonderful film and a great 40's film. if you like dickens i hear it's really great but even if you don't it's still really great. seriously go see it.

Remember I am Legend. Well it was the third film based on the novel "I am Legend" by Richard Matheson. The first was this film (the last man on earth), The second being Omega Man and the third is I am Legend. I've only seen the first and third. This one's way better.
You've got vincet price and that for me is good enough but him going around taking care of zombies even cooler. He plays the lonely last man very very well. but he's Vincent Price so.
Then you've got some really nice kinda tv type cinematography that I really ejoyed.
Just a really great kinda horror film from the early 60's. I espically like the ending and whoever did storyboards on that did a remarkable job. Just well put together.
It's kinda like a twilight zone episode in that it kinda says alot about man. what our downfalls are and stuff. Which is what you want from a movie called the last man on earth. This feeling that we're kinda doomed. now I'm not being mister oooo we are doomed as humans I'm not making that statement. but if your making a movie about being the last man around it should. It's kinda of a different horror film and if you liked the just the concept of I am Legend and want to see it in a better film then check it out

if you want to see it check it on for free Here on Hulu

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oscar Predications and stuff

So i'm gonna go through ever categorey and tell you who i think will win and maybe sometime who should win stuff like that. i'm not gonna talk about snubs cause i all ready did that.
I'm not gonna get in to the whole oscars don't matter anymore thing. Cause really in some ways they never mattered. Do you know who was nominated against the wizard of oz. no but you know the wizard of oz. people are what make a movie last not awards. They are silly but there the oscars what do you expect.
so yeah predications and stuff.


Do I really even need to write this one. we all know Slumdog Millionaire is such a lock it's almost pointless to have a predication for this categorey. Milk is probably the best film of the bunch and wish would win but really it's only going to Slumdog. The other 3 are just kinda filler. benjamin button goes beyond that a little but not by enough to win this.


This is the part where I write about how Sean Penn is gonna win. Then on my post on Monday I will talk about the big suprise was when Mickey Rourke wins. We all know he's gonna win. first off he's never even been nominated. he also has the best oscar story which seems to help alot. Sean Penn does have a chance and his performance was defently good enough to get it. But Rourke has won like everything at this point. Frank Langella will not win for the old guy vote. that hasn't been true in like forever. stop believing that bullshit. When was the last time that happened. really when oh wait I know when Jack Nicholson won in 97. That was 12 fucking years ago. quit it. really your theory blows get a new one.
Brad Pitt shouldn't be there and Richard Jenkins probably either but i don't mind him as much.


This used to be the Kate Winslet award. but then Meryl Streep got some buzz. so it's between these two. I think Kate Winslet will pretty much get it. She's never won this is the 6th time she's been nominated so i really think this is her year. But Streep has been nominated 11 times since the last time she won. This would give her a third oscar. so it really could happen but she has two and Kate Winslet doesn't. Nobody else has a shot. if your sooo indie you might say Anne Hathaway. that's cute but yeah no not gonna happen.


The Heath Ledger Award for best supporting Heath Ledger in a Heath Ledger film is oooooooo shock Heath Ledger. yeah that's it. those other guys don't even have a chance. there are all really good nominees but no one will get this but him.


The only acting categorey that could go any way. first both Amy Adams and Taraji P. Henson arn't gonna win. so it's between 3 people. Viola Davis did a really great amazing scene. However it was one scene but she still have enough buzz that it's possiable. Then Marisa Tomei who would get validation for everyone saying she shouldn't have won that other oscar in the first place if she won this. that is a really nice oscar story and i kinda think this might be it for her. but then their's Penélope Cruz. who is the favorite. it really could happen and maybe she does have the best chance. This one is the suprise categorey. Probably Penelope Cruz will win but it's not for sure.


of all these guys Gus van sant should win but it's gonna probably go to Danny Boyle. Cause he probably won't be there again. David Fincher has a bit of a shot but if he didn't make a movie that sucked so bad he might have a better shot. the other two well good luck but yeah Danny Boyle


This used to be a lock for Wall e then Kung fu Panda won the annie for best picture. The annie winner has been the same as the oscar for this categorey all but one time. Really i kinda think Wall e can still do it. But if it doesn't the animation industry just shot itself in the foot. Cause if Wall e wins more then 2 it's won more oscars then any other animated film ever. So we'll have to see but Wall e still has a really good chance.


This award often goes to a really well written movie. Also a well written one that is nominated in alot of categories but isn't going to win best picture. So yeah Milk is really the favorite here. But hold on Wall e is also up. Now your probably thinking yeah right jim. ok ok. listen Wall e has gotten even more press recently for being robbed of a best picture nomination then ever before. Wall e is really the only other film it could go too. Everything else is not as recognisable. so i don't think In Bruges, Frozer River, or happy go lucky even have a chance.


Benjamin button would have won this but the script is what pisses people off the most. not cause it kind blows but because it rips off forest gump from the guy who wrote forest gump. so yeah. I actually really like the doubt script and could see that happening. I really can but most likely it will be Slumdog millionaire. actually i would really like doubt to win but it's gonna be slumdog.


I'm sure Dark knight will win but let me tell you something about this categorey. Rodger Detkins is considered by many to be the greatest cinematographer living. He's been nominated 8 times and twice last year. So I really think he could win for the reader. should he win. well he should have won last year for no country for old men. but he has a shot. most likely Dark Knight.


This is between Dark Knight and Slumdog. Dark Knight has a good shot but I think Slumdog will take it. just cause. also the editor of Slumdog is really fucking good. he also editied Hot Fuzz. so i kinda want him to win. but yeah it's between those 2. how frost/nixon got in there is beyond me.


Really i don't know dick about this but I could see this going to Dark knight but I could see an upset for The Duchess.


I wish and hope milk will win cause they did a really dam good job. also I'm sick of old costume movies winning. oh yeah and i think The Duchess will probably win this one.


This one is really up in the air. Seriously this is could go anyway. it's the suprise categorey. You have Hellboy which most likely has very little chance of winning with amazing make up for most of the film. Then The Dark Knight has the joker make up. which is the most famous make up of the bunch. but then Benjamin Button with the most nominations and probably the make up most people really love. so we'll see probably benjamin button but really tough categorey.

BEST Original Score

is it slumdog or wall e. well wall e has a good shot and in a regular year it would but Slumdog's music was something people really remembered so Slumdog will get it.

Slumdog has two and Wall e has one. Slumdog has a shot but Wall e has an old rockstar. old rockstars usually win. sorry M.I.A.


normally this goes to a live action film and i would tell you Dark Knight would win. Well that would be true if Wall e didn't have Ben Burtt. who is that you asked well he did sound for fucking STAR WARS. yeah you know that light saber sound he came up with that shit. yeah he did. he also did the sound for All the star wars and all the indiana jones. in addition to that his sound was so good for both Raiders and Star Wars they gave him special oscars. this movie showed him off. there is no way they will give this to the dark knight. also a major factor is that wall e has a large part with no dialouge just good sound.


Wall e will win for the same reason Ben Burtt. Iron man and dark knight might give it some competition but really when you think of good sound editing this year. it's Wall e


everybody says Benjamin button. i kinda agree but Iron man has kinda better effects. but it's most likely Benjamin Button.


Waltz with Bashir will win and be the first animated film to win in this categorey. The class has a shot but it's waltz with bashir. expect it to happen.


Man on wire is the favorite but documentary is a weird categorey. so expect something crazy. but really man on wire has too much buzz not to win expect that one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

hud and you only live twice

For everyone that wanted to see Paul Newman act like a jerk boy do i have a movie for you. About kinda battling traditions but mostly kinda about the end of one way and the begining of another. I think this film was really good. Amazingly well shot. using the west in a really pretty way.
First off I wanna say this is not a western sure it takes place in the west but it takes place in like the 50's or something. just cause they wear cowoby hats doesn't mean shit. they have cowboy hats in midnight cowboy but nobody calls that a western.
But in a way it is too cause it does use the changing of time. something that westerns loved using. showing how there days were numbered. but really this isn's a western.
Everyone is very good in it. It's intresting to watch Paul Newman make so many intresting choices for the characters body language. i think he pretty much steals the show. so much so that i only remember the girl in it.
I think this is a good movie not sure if it'll set the world on fire. but i don't think it has that big of a reputation anymore. it is good and if you want a good drama in black and white. i would go here.

Ok let me blow ur mind for a second. Not every Sean Connery bond is amazing. there i said it. sure ok the first 3 are pretty much the best and nobody is ever gonna argue that. but this one isn't up to par.
However it's not as bad as some of the worst bond films. It's not even Connery's worst. The one thing he does have is that he can play bond better then anyone else. and if Rodger Moore had done this movie it would have been alot worse.
I can understand why Connery left cause he said it was more about the gadgets. I agree it kinda looses it with all the look at this crap he has. That might be really really intresting in like a photo book or something but this is a movie. and in a movie that totally sucks.
It does have all the coo special effects and nothing dated like Thunderball. It still holds up.
I mean I don't know this wasn't the connery I love in fact I would say Diamonds are Forever is better. this just wasn't as coo. if you really like bond and want a good one with little substance see this movie you'll have fun.

Monday, February 16, 2009

NEW nockFORCE Quickie

nockFORCE talks about the latest Oscar-nominated hit from Hollywood!

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End Theme made with Kool Aid Drummer for The Totalitarian Vegtables in my parents basement on christmas eve. Yeah for real. we mixed it then too.

above is a special playlist for ya.

Did anybody see the hd versions of the simpsons and king of the hill. I'm sure family guy and american dad did too but i didn't watch those shows. i have to say new simpsons theme lame man. fucking lame. but saying that about new simpsons is like saying the sky is blue or something.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Inglorious Bastards Trailer and he's just not that into you

I've been reading about this film for probably 10 years. And Tarantino has been working on it since Jackie Brown. So obviously there is alot of hype. The trailer dropped yesterday.
All though I like the visuals. I kinda have alot of doubts about Brad Pitt. I kinda don't entirely like his accent and I'm not sure about his acting. all though each time I have to admit it has grown on me.
Other then that it looked coo.
I know everyone says Tarantino will never make a film better then Pulp Fiction. Well Truffaut never made a film better then 400 blows and Orson Wells never made a better film then Citizen Kane. But they had other good movies. I do accept a good movie and we'll see. I still think Tarantino has yet to make a bad film. and grindhouse was what it was and I'm not dissing it sorry.

All i have to say is ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. WHY REALLY WHY, WHY DID THEY DO THIS. this looks horriable. there is no way in hell i will ever see this fucking movie ever.
I also wanna say this if you see this film without seeing the original you are not only boring but also failure as a fucking human being.
Who the fuck says sir they capurted pelham one two three. like he knows what that means. he'll be like the hell did you just say to me. You know the 6 train and then he'd say oooooooooo. yeah cause that is dumb he would have just said the 6 train has been capurted by terroists. thats it.
Seriously out of spite don't see this movie.
The Original is one of the best hostage movies ever and stars both Robert Shaw and Walter Mathau in a great fun and well acted film. I also think it's one of the best new york movies ever. Really see that movie first off i believe it's cheaper then seeing that.
Just wow it's even worse then i imagined. please do not see this film. if someone has a gun to your head just be like ok pull the trigger i don't wanna do this anymore if i have to sit through that.

So I'm sure your all like wait what. Yeah well my girlfriend wanted to see this so i went. anyway yeah this movie isn't very good. i mean i could go all like how can women be into this mindless entertainment. less then a year ago i saw a movie called Dragon Wars and loved it. seriously can i even get on a high horse. no and neither can alot of us. cause honestly there are just as many stupid dick flicks as there are stupid chick flicks.
However regardless this movie kinda sucks. I mean you know a movie's bad when at the end when these characters finally get together and the audience was laughing.
Really this is completely unrealistic and even the parts that some people seem to like are pretty dumb. when drew berrymore is complaining about how she's been rejected by multiple technologies and misses her old answering machine with one tape. well too bad your fucking old. jeez get the fuck with it. it's 2009. the whole time i'm just like ok well most people my age don't really mind. but since your all old as fucking crap you don't like myspace. No crap myspace and facebook weren't made for you. no wonder you don't like it. I don't watch high school the musical and complain the whole time. ok so really just that was dumb.
Most of the women in this seem to be mainly concerned with marraige or finding the perfect guy. This film acts like feminst film making never happened and I'm willing to bet that the director probably hasn't seen one of those films ever.
Also this film takes place in baltimore. I really loved how they combinded David Simons Realism from the wire with there romantic comedy. oo wait I'm fucking with you. no this movie is a baltimore I have never ever ever been too. I didn't know baltimore had so many white yuppies in it. and so few black people. also how come baltimore looked so much like annapolis sometimes. really i don't think these people have really been too far outside there hotel rooms in baltimore to know much about it. However the many natie boh refferences were very very nice and i have to give them props for that one. and espically bottled nattie bohs which you don't see as much so bravo on that seriously.
If your gonna have a good time with your girlfriends see this movie. and other way you see this movie it's not gonna work cause it's kinda bad.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A cartoon I made

So I made this cartoon all by myself. music and animation. Last year and since i'm trying to put out a video every month on my youtube channel.
It's from the first animation class I ever took. all though I've done the lip synch for nockforce and Cletus the fetus. I have never drawn any of it. Now with this I have. I approached this cartoon knowing I had to finish it. Really when i make stuff that's what i think this needs to be made in a way so that it can be completed. Thats why this is so simple. i knew i could do this and well i did it. yeah so hope u like it.

also this is a playlist of most of my solo stuff.

The Straight Story and Basic Instinct

There are not that many good live action G movies. there are also not that many good G movies directed by David Lynch. Yes I said David Lynch.
This film's title says it all. The Straight Story. It is how it is. He's a simple man and all he wants to do is see his brother. However he travels there on his lawn mower and a trailer.
It's so simple and really reminds me of something from the 40's. Richard Farnsworth gives a really great performance as this old stubbern man who doesn't want a ride he wants to take this trip alone.
Knowing David Lynch directed this you think it's gonna be weird. it's really not and in fact i think it's very excessable. i would reccomend this film to someone who was in there 80's. But I also think that all ages would get it.
It is a simple movie i guess but it's not like that simple. it's also really intresting to see a film by David Lynch that is nothing like what we know him for and pull it off this well. it shows how strong of a director Lynch really is.
I think if you like movies at all this is something you will defently like. check it out.

At the begining of any decade it takes a little bit for a culture to shift. All though our current decade had it's culture shift happened rather aburptly on september 11th. The 90's took a little while. All though most music and culture shifted with Nirvana and grudge it took the movies until about Pulp Fiction to really change. Case in point is Basic Instinct. This really almost like an 80's movie. But The 80's were over at the time and things needed a change. Thus why everyone stoped doing all that 80's stuff. There you have Basic Instinct.
All though it uses staples of any early 90's films. Overscoring and excessive violence for like no reason. Also it's dumb as crap. I mean how twists are we gonna have in this thing. Sharon Stone does a good job. but it's a good job in a stupid movie. alot like getting straight A's in summer school.
This film trys to be a hitchcock influence. Thinking that the overscoring will help. Really it's stupid and obvious. and makes me just wanna see those instead of this.
Sharon Ston even trys to dress like Kim Novak in vertigo. However it was such an obvious reference I think the movie kinda trips over it.
They try to use the hitchcock's use of women but really just make me think that the film makers have the view of women that most 6 year old boys do of girls. actually i think 6 year old boys have a better attutde. They seem to feel all women are evil. well maybe not all but it doesn't make women look very good.
But all in all this is a well made guily pleasure. that's it, to compare this to a serious film is laughable. I think Michael Douglas should learn what made his father such an awesome actor. he picked good movies. yeah he did try doing some of that. of course he did.
This is well made and has some really well made sequences. but the only reason to see it rather then a guily pleasure i guess is to be like well i saw it. well bravo but i hope unlike myself that you have better stuff to do. cause this was really just ok.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top 10 films of 2008

yeah i know i finally made my top ten list. really i'm going to say what every critic says it's impossiable to act like this film is the one greatest. yeah it is dumb but we all wait for them and then read them. so yeah. what i can say is that this was a great film year. if you don't believe see these 10 films. i really think each one is incredibly good. in fact each film in my top 5 could have been the top film of the year and to be honest each of them are good enough that we'll be talking about them for a while. also the other 5 are really great also. and i'll probably get them all on dvd.


This film has alot of ideas in it and really i don't feel like i've seen it all. but i also really like that. Charlie Kauffman's directoral debute was odd as all hell but really great. i really love this movie it says more about age then benjamin button does and could ever try to.


one of the best polticial movies i've seen in a while. Gus van Sant more then makes up for all that crap he made since good will hunting with this film. This could have been preachy as fuck. And the fact that it came out as good as it is. is kinda why it's so good cause they did it they made an awesome movie about this guy. Also the acting in this movie was really really good.


For me Wall e was pretty much perfect. it's really a classic film and there's almost nothing i can say about it that hasn't been said. I really love this movie. and yeah the parts with and without dialouge.


One of the best shot horror films i've ever seen. Sure a swedish vampire movie sounds more odd then good. But this is a really good film about kids. Not making kids into like this idolised view of child hood. alot of critics always say see this over Twilight or something. really i can't stop u from seeing twilight. but this film doesn't have kids as cut outs there like real kids. which is only one of this films strong points.


Really when i think of this film i think of the word brutal. This film is about being both emotionally and physically run down but knowing you are who you are. Mickey Rourke is perfectly cast in Darren Arronafsky's film. about the downfall of 80's excess and were it wound up.


The movie american beauty always wanted to be. Kate Winslet and Leoardo Dicaprio go all jules and jim on us to follow up the biggest movie ever in the universe. And shock since there both really awesome actors it really works. Sam Mendes plays on his strenghts which is working with actors in this film by giving both actors alot to do in short time. both actors do there jobs both visually and you know saying there lines good and stuff. Also Rodger Detkins shot this really well.


One of the best made comic movies ever. Iron Man was really well made. It moved so well you didn't notice. And Robert Downey Jr. wow like he really drove this movie in fact i think without him this movie would have really sucked. he just was tony stark. I actually think it's the most successful comic book movie ever. because iron man was not a name character for the most people before this film. it did not have the name recongination that a spiderman, batman, superman, or even an x-men do. but now everyone knows his name.

Bright colors and shiny lights. that's speed racer or like Stephen Colbert's review "it's like being thrown into a dryer on spin cycle with fireworks" pretty much sums it up.
But it's also a really well made bizarre kids movie. in fact it's better made then it probably should have ever been but thats what makes it so great there is so much going on. maybe it's more of an experience but really fun one.

One of the best acted films of the year. Really we're following a villian or who would ordinarly be a villian. Follow who we would ordinarily be the good guy. The villian being Streep the bad guy being Hoffman. Having a movie with both Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep and shot by Rodger Detkins is probably worth seeing but then you put Amy Adams in there. dam. Really good and very well acted.

Sure it's the lame oscar movie of the year. But compared to most of the lame oscar movies fox searchlight wants to throw at us. I think this movie actually work very well and is one of the best i've seen in that sub genre i just made up.
anyway yeah this is a simple little movie but i think thats all it wants to be and really i have no problem with a good movie. it has all that life affriming crap but it works.

The Stranger and Ziggy Stardust

This film is the only one Orson Wells ever made to make a profit on it's intial release. That mind sound like dumb way to start a review but Orson Wells never really liked this film because he compramised and made a studio film. Really I don't have a problem with studio films. Obviously Orson Wells did. But I think this is still worth a watch.
You could easily compare this to Hitchcocks Shadow of A Doubt. Because of the hidden evil indenity of someone you trust thing. Shadow of A Doubt , which starred Wells's close friend Joseph Cotten, You kinda know the whole movie. even though there is some doubt about it. But In this Wells is just flat out like totally bad and you know it. I think I prefer this film to Shadow of a doubt. I feel like it's a stronger film and alot more entertaining. and it's fun seeing a thriller directed by Orson Wells.
Wells is both a great actor and a great director. As an actor I often think he makes sure he's going to steal the scene. He's almost to much personailty for the other actors to handle. I think this can be a good thing and a bad thing. Most of the times like the third man and citizen kane it really works so well. Having him come in all smug as Harvery Lime. But I can see how the cliche as Wells may have really not served him as well.In this film he works.
Also Edward G. Robinson. An actor i really like does a great job as a dective. Is really the moral center to the film. Robinson's character is almost always right but not like a dick or anything. He's more of a god like watcher kinda thing.
On a side note and really this has very little to do with the film. well it does but yeah. this is believed to be one of the first films to show images of the holocaust after world war two. that's kinda intresting.
anyway this is a good movie worth check it out and I think it's good.

also you can watch it on hulu for free

D.A. Pennebaker directs a concert movie about David Bowie. But not only that it's Bowie's last show as Ziggy Stardust. not only that. nobody knew about it until right before the last song. yeah thats right Bowie told the crowd and some say the band that this was his last performance. well as Ziggy Stardust at least. So yes that part in Velvet goldmine was based on something.
D.A. Pennebaker who also directed Don't look Back about Bob Dylan and The War Room about the Clinton Election. Has made some really good documentary's. This is the only flat out concert film i have seen from him. I do really like how he used the audience in the film. espically during an awesome guitar solo.
Bowie of course is doing Ziggy Stardust and it is a truely awesome performance. As a film it really works. Obviously you should like bowie if your gonna see it. but i'm not a bowie fanatic or anything and i really liked it. so if you just like him this should be fun to watch.

Monday, February 09, 2009


nockFORCE vlogs about lying can YOU figure out which story is fake? answer next episode!

special playlist for y'all

The grammys were predicatable lame. with the expections of radiohead and the swagger like us combo with very pregnet mia.

hey a movie review too

i guess cause this movie is independent and oscar nominated and played at sundance I should care or something. too bad this movie is just fluff. really seriously. i think I've seen lifetime movies with the same format. I'm guessing cause most of the people that would see this film don't see bad movies that much. So i'm sure this will blow there mind. This is the kinda movie that people in rich areas see and rave about then i have to see and i'm like. you serious this what you think a good movie is. jesus. i mean i just don't get it.
Some sad white guy be friends two illegal immigrants who are squating at his apartment he hasn't been at in a while in new york. then he becomes friends with them. yeah pretty far fetched in stead of just having this get more stupid. they try to pull it off like some indepent movie. So then this old white guy learns to play the drum cause of his new ethnic friend. well good for him. then some other crap happens or something.
Richard Jenkins is good but being good in a stupid movie. like who cares. it's great he's getting the publicty so i'm not gonna tear him a new one. and yeah he was the best thing in this.
This movie chokes on it's "independent" feel. There's really nothing independent about it except i guess it's finacing. really it's a puff piece from NPR made into a major motion picture.
God i hate this kinda bullshit. if anyone doubt liberals run the media see this movie. I really found this be lame. like just lame. it has it's moments but i just like what the fuck does anyone see good movies anymore. good what the fuck. if you wanna be a predictable film goer and love this movie cause it has a moving human spirit. go a head jerk off and pretend it's real sex. but if you wanna see a good film find something else to do.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Vicky Christian Barcelona and Shallow Grave

So the big question with any current Woody Allen movie is it actually any good? well yes it is good. then if i was a normal critic or something i would talk about how this is so fucking amazing and how he's back. ok everybody chill. This is a good movie but it's not his best. in fact i probably wouldn't put that many of his current stuff near a best woody allen list.
However this is the new post match point woody. is this as good as match point. well not really but it's probably his best this decade next to match pont. really i think his last great film is Sweet and Lowdown. really that's his last great amazing woody allen movie.
This film does work with great casting from Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruise. In fact i heard Woody Allen wouldn't do the movie without Javier Bardem. I really agree with this cause he really is the only person would play this role. Him and Penelope Cruise do agreat job together and really show off there acting chops. Rebecca Hall was also really good. i kinda wish she was in it more. The direction really works as well. I think it's a good comedy.
But it's kinda flawed too things. the narration. now i don't hate narration. i'm not that kinda person. the narration itself was fine but it sounded like some bland book on tape. I kinda keep remebering the royal tenebaums (not my favorite thing in the world but it's a good example) narration and how well that worked. this just kinda seems artiafuical and doesn't help the film that much. i think a better voice actor would have been better.
Also I found Scarlett Johansson kinda bad in certain scenes. I've never understood why woody allen works with her so much. she really was the worst person in this film. Maybe woody really likes looking at her tits. i mean she's got nice boobs and all and i hope she lets see them once in a while. espically with all the work he gives her. but yeah that must be why. he's probably like ooo man if i cast her i can see her tits again. fuck yeah cast scarlett johansson. however i do wanna say i don't hate her but she was not doing good in this film.
I think you easily say woody allen is somewhat dated as a film maker. but he trys to make some good movies. even though this could look like a pervy kinda thing. hey don't worry he's not Tom Wolfe. so seriously this is good. I think if you havn't seen all the older woody allen i would say see that first. but this is still good it's worth checking out.

Danny Boyle's (slumdog millionaire) first film and Ewan Mcgregor's first film is the best hitchcock film not made by hitchcock in the 90's. It's a great thriller and the cast is used extremly well.
Also the tone like the music and the way it's shot from the begining to the end. depending on the relationship of the 3 main characters. which i found really intresting. It started like your watching some fun 90's movie. then by the end your in a old hitchcock. i really liked this it defently helped show how bad things had gotten for them.
Evne though this is Ewan Mcgregor's first film. Chris Eccleston does a really great job. I only knew him as the first Doctor in the Doctor who reboot. He does performance nothing at all like anything i saw him do in doctor who. I always saw him as a good actor but he has alot of range. He really steals the whole movie for me to be honest.
Danny Boyle defently jerks off and makes you shallow it with his first film. this is the kinda film. someone does later in there career. it defently shows off his directing skills.
bottom line this movie works and i defently reccomend it. Actually i think it might be better then slumdog. danny boyle did trainspotting after this which i still think is his best film. but I can see how he could do that film after this. a strong film by a good director. really nice check it out if you get the chance and yes of the two films in this (shock) this is the better one.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is best animated feature really an animation ghetto

As soon as the best animated feature award came to be at the oscars it's been conterversial for ghettoising (if thats a word and i spelled it right) animated films. Since I've heard this for a while I decided to go through the oscars since 1937. since that was the year Snow White came out. (i am aware that is not the first animated film but i seriously doubt hollywood saw prince akmed) and looked at how animation was treated before and after best animated feature. were they truely regulating it to just that category.
Really they are not. However I do think that the treatment of animation in the best picture categorey has been horriable. There have been 3 times this decade that a film had enough critical accliam and prestiage to secure an oscar nomination for best picture. those 3 times The Incredbiles (nominated for the pga best picture usually is the same nominations as the oscars best picture), Ratatouille (one of the best reviewed films of that year) and most recently Wall e. Best Picture should have given more animated films nominations. all though some years i don't think the best animation film is as good as the 5 nominees there are often times were that is simply not that case. Dr. Dolittle getting a best picture nomination in 1968 the same year the jungle book came out is kinda stupid. like really Dr. Dolittle do you anyone who would say that today. so yeah best picture with animation bullshit.
But there are not as many animated films a year as live action and i don't think animation should just get a best picture. far from it. I want animation to actually earn. all though i do think there are plenty of films that are good enough. I think the best would be a really great animated film win. I'm not at all trying to say animated film should just get it to get it. all though at this point that alone would be great. it would be alot better for the art form if it was a great movie. but really those great movies have come out and they didn't do shit. so yeah
anyway now that i got that out of my system. before best animated feature animation was treated kinda bad. at first however. Disney's films got some love for the academy. even giving him a special oscar for snow white. all though they gave him 7 little oscars too. infact most of the classic disney periods got at least something. hell they even gave Saludos Amigos 3 nominations. seriously you have to give them something for that. but between 1942 and 1990 no animated film won an oscar. yeah for real and most of what was nominated was Disney. now I'm not saying Heavy Metal should have gotten best art direction. but the only non disney nomination was in 1987 for an american tail. I kinda wish they had given somebody something besides that.
Basically before the 90's if you were an animated film you were pretty much nominated for best orignal song. i mean if you wanna talk about a real animation ghetto. after 1951 when Cinderella got 3 nominations. nothing got more then 1 until the little mermaid in 1990 and nothing got an non music categorey until Beauty and The Beast got a best picture but it also had 3 of the 5 best song nominations. yeah kinda bullshit.
The 90's were alot better to animation even getting the very first best screenplay nomination for an animated film for Toy Story. Also in 1992 Beauty and The Beast became the first animated film ever and since (at the this point) to get a best picture nomination. it also got 6 nominations the most ever for an animated film. but really like most animated films it was almost only best song or score. also the two it won were for best song and score. nightmare before christmas was nominated for best visual effects. sometimes a best sound. but really before the best animated feature it was just techincal and music. mostly music though

The first year of best animated feature was a good year for animation with two big hits Shrek and Monsters Inc (well ok finacially). Shrek got a best adapted screenplay the first time an animated film was in that categorey and the second time an animated film was nominated for a screenplay award. it also won best animated feature. it also the first time Pixar was nominated for best sound editing a categorey they would get nominated in for every movie (except cars) they made this decade.
Since best animated feature has started there have been more best screenplay nominations for animated films then in the oscars history. it has happened 5 times with Shrek, Finding Nemo, The incredibles, Ratatouille, and Wall e. Before best animated feature this happened only once. However no animated film has won in this categorey so far.
Also animation picked up it's first ever win in a techincal award in competition for sound editing in the incredibles. Wall e even tied Beauty and the Beast 6 nominations making it also the most nominated animated film ever. however it did do it without best picture.
Really the oscars are never perfect and for every film that gets nominated sometimes there's like 20 that should have been there. So really saying animated film has been screwed over more then say Documentary which has never gotten a best picture nomination is a bit silly. Even the categorey is run alot better. in best forign film each country has to pick one film each. then documentary has long been critised. they didn't even nominate hoop dreams. even though it was called one of the best films of the decade.

However the animation best film categorey has it's own problems. first off the person in charge of the categorey is John Lasseter. Intresting that 2 of the 3 nominations (bolt and wall e) had involment for him. also i wish they would let smaller animated films get in there as well. in stead of a bunch of big hits.
Really Best Animated film is not perfect far from it but i think it has helped animated film in other major categories since it started. But it's not completely great. There still are things that have happened. a pixar film getting a best picture nomination being one and a animated film winning a best picture award. that could still happen in the future and possiably one day. but i think out of all the best foreign, documentary, and animated film. animated film has the best shot. in fact since best animated feature started foreign film has the same amout of screenplay nominations as animated film did. pretty impressive. i hope wall e wins this time and it has a shot but we'll see what happens. Wall e also has a shot at something really big the most oscar wins for an animated film. as of right now it stands as 2. yeah 2 not that impressive. who's done it. well Pinocchio, Fantasia, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the beast, aladdin, lion king, (unforently)Pocahontas, and The Incredibles. Wall e really has the potiential to do it this time. I hope it does at least give it 3.
It's not really a ghetto. that's extreme. if anything it's upper lower class. well ok maybe lower middle class. i guess you could go as far as middle middle class but nothing beyond that. there is still work that needs to be done. I don't think animation has scored a touch down or anything. But it is somewhat better in other categories. but still animation deserves a best picture win and at least another nomination. like i said before it has to be a great movie. Kung fu panda is not gonna do it. But the academy blew in on 3 occasions since animated feature started. I also kinda think Spirited Away should have as well but i know foreign and animated I'm really pushing my luck. But it's not all bad. I've read that Wall e has a good chance at getting the majority of it's 6 nominations. if it gets 3. thats the most ever. and it really has a shot at screenplay. which is such a huge deal if it wins. the biggest category an animated film has won in. so it's not completely a ghetto. just kinda bullshit.
i mean documentary thats a ghetto jeez like those guys don't get shit beyond best documentary oh wait they won once for something else. oh yeah it was for best song.

All the Best Animated feature nominees

*= win

2002: Monster's Inc
Jimmy Neutron
Shrek *

2003: Ice Age
Spirtied Away *
Lilo and Stitch
Treasure Planet
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

2004: Brother Bear
Finding Nemo *
Triplettes of Belleville

2005: Sharks Tale
Shrek 2
The Incredibles *

2006: Howl's moving castle
Corpse Bride
Wallace and Gromit curse of the ware rabbit *

2007: Cars
Monster House
Happy Feet *

2008: Surf's Up
Ratatouille *

2009: Wall e
Kung Fu Panda

every other animation oscar nomination

i'm starting from 1938 ceremony which is for the film year 1937 which is when Snow White came. Which was the first animated film. well ok not the first but the first they ever nominated. The oscars themselves started in 1929 but I'm not doing shorts only features but in case your wondering best animated short started in 1932 with the other short categories.

* = win

1938: Best Music, Score for Snow White and the seven dwarfs
also a Scientific award for Disney for the Multi Plain camera *

1941: Best Music, Original Song for Pinocchio *
Best Music, Original Score for Pinocchio *

1942: Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture for Dumbo *
Honory Award to Fantasia for the advancement in sound in movies *
Honory Award to Fantasia for creating visualised music *
Thalberg Award to Walt Disney *

1943: Best Sound, Recording for Bambi
Best Music, Original Song for Bambi
Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture for Bambi

1944: Best Sound, Recording for Saludos Amigos
Best Music, Original Song for Saludos Amigos
Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture for Saludos Amigos

1951: Best Sound, Recording for Cinderella
Best Music, Original Song for Cinderella
Best Music, Scoring for Cinderella

1960: Best Music, Scoring for Sleeping Beauty

1964: Best Music, Scoring of Music,for The Sword in the stone

1968: Best Music, Original Song for The Jungle Book

1974: Best Music, Original Song for Robin Hood

1978: Best Music, Original Song for The Rescuers

1987: Best Music, Original Song for An American Tail
(first non disney animated feature nomination)

1990: Best Music, Original Song for Little Mermaid (under the sea)*
Best Music, Original Song for Little Mermaid (kiss the girl)
Best Music, Original Score for Little Mermaid *

1992: Best Picture for Beauty and The Beast
Best Sound for Beauty and The Beast
Best Music, Original Song for Beauty and The Beast (beauty and the beast)*
Best Music, Original Song for Beauty and The Beast (Belle)
Best Music, Original Song for Beauty and The Beast (be our guest)
Best Music, Original Score for Beauty and The Beast *

1993: Best Sound for Aladdin
Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing for Aladdin
Best Music, Original Song for Aladdin (a whole new world) *
Best Music, Original Song for Aladdin (a friend like me )
Best Music, Original Score for Aladdin *

1994: Best Effects, Visual Effects for nightmare before christmas

1995: Best Music, Original Song for The Lion King(can you feel the love tonight)*
Best Music, Original Song for The Lion King(circle of life)
Best Music, Original Song for The Lion King(Hakuna Matata)
Best Music, Original Score for The Lion King *

1996:Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for Toy Story
Best Music, Original Song for Toy Story
Best Music, Original Song for Pocahontas *
Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score for Pocahontas *
Special Achievement Award for Toy Story *

1997: Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score for James and the giant peach
Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score for Hunkback of notre dame

1998:Best Music, Original Song for Anastasia
Best Music, Original Song for Hercules
Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score for Anastasia

1999:Best Music, Original Song for Prince of Egypt *
Best Music, Original Song for quest for camelot
Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score for A Bug's Life
Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score for Mulan
Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score for Prince of Egypt

2000:Best Music, Original Song for Tarzan *
Best Music, Original Song for Toy Story 2
Best Music, Original Song for South Park Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

2001:Best Music, Original Song for Emperor's new groove


2002:Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Published for Shrek
Best Sound Editing for Monster's Inc
Best Music, Original Song for Monster's Inc *
Best Music, Original Score for Monster's Inc

2003:Best Music, Original Song for the Wild Thornberry's movie

2004:Best Writing, Original Screenplay for Finding Nemo
Best Sound Editing for Finding Nemo
Best Music, Original Score for Finding Nemo
Best Music, Original Song for Triplettes de Belleville

2005:Best Writing, Original Screenplay for The Incredibles
Best Achievement in Sound Mixing for The Incredibles
Best Achievement in Sound Editing for The Incredibles *
Best Music, Original Song for Shrek 2

2007:Best Music, Original Song for Cars

2008:Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for Ratatouille
Best Achievement in Sound for Ratatouille
Best Achievement in Sound Editing for Ratatouille
Best Original Score for Ratatouille

2009:Best Writing, Original Screenplay Wall e
Best Original Score for Wall e
Best Song for Wall e
Best Sound for Wall e
Best Sound Editing for Wall e