Monday, March 31, 2008

new nockFORCE quickie and more

so this one is a contination of last week. we talk about santa and stuff. also this be a special playlist that i put up on mondays. once again this is not the same playlist that goes up on sunday nite.

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I saw the aqua teen movie last nite for the second time. Frankly i liked it alot more the second time. I'm curious if the commercial breaks help or not. But yeah i found myself laughing at more then the first 20 minutes. All though that is still the best part it's not as bad as i made it out to be before.

Friday, March 28, 2008

considering seeing stop loss

ok so on paper i would see this movie because of it's director Kimberly Peirce who also directed boys don't cry. which was really good. I remember when i saw it in 99 and thought after wow i can't wait to see that directors next movie. well today that day has finally come.
But the trailers look totally lame and i feel like i'm gonna be disappointed with it. I really do but i wanna give her the benfit of the doubt. I don't know it has been a while. But she did do a good movie. but again that was almost a decade ago.
So what to think. I probably will see it. All though i have turned down 2 test screenings of this. I don't know i probably will.

if your wondering what she was doing all that time. this is what the intronerd told me.

an episode of the L word

"Spent years developing "Silent Star," which would have been about one of early Hollywood's infamous scandals, the murder of silent film director and actor William Desmond Taylor. By the end of 2003, Peirce had the film cast with Annette Bening, Hugh Jackman and Ben Kingsley, only to balk when the studio asked her to make a $30-million movie for $20 million." [this is from imdb]

Considered directing Memoirs of a Geisha

i heard about some sci-fi movie but can't find anything about it now

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Richard Widmark

saddly richard widmark passed away 3 days ago. He was 93. the most shocking part is that he lived so long. he was a general bad ass and sometimes you weren't sure if he was the good guy or the bad guy but thats what made him fun.
he was in the following The Street with No Name, Yellow Sky, Judgment at Nuremberg, Pickup on South Street, Panic in the Streets, and hell a ton of others.
The guy was awesome i loved seeing him on screen. even though his last film appreance was in 91 and then he did a voice over in 92. he's been gone from the biz since then but hey he got a nice break so i guess it's coo. anyway check out one of his movies. he was always good.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the spiderman development

I think we all remeber hearing that one day in the future there might possiably maybe be a live action film. It took forever but it did happen. well developing the film is what really took forever and had tons of intresting stories with it. I recently foudn a wikipedia article about the whole thing. it includes things like. a mogul buying the rights thinking it was a horror film like the wolf man, James cameron version with alot of cursing and sex with mary jane and peter, and the 007 thing. anyway if you like comics or just movies it's an intresting read.

go here for spidey development

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what it's like being fucked

i just saw this and thought i would post this cause i think it is hillarious. it's about the phone ad hillary did that everyone said was so good. it not only explains how they tricked you through post production you also hear from the girl from the video oh also it gets better. regardless of who you like i think this is funny.

the temptations papa was a rolling stone is the best

Apprently some guy on american idol did a version of papa was a rolling stone by the temptations.That people have said is good. What are you serious. no one can do a temptations song then the temptations. I seriously doubt no dude put all 5 of the temptations to shame. so fuck him.
but they also ruin beatles stuff too now so should i be suprised.
But regardless of all that papa was a rolling stone is an awesome song and one of my personal top songs ever. so here are a ton of different you tube videos in a playlist of temps playing papa was a rolling stone live.
yeah i'm serious

Monday, March 24, 2008

new nockFORCE quickie and more easter

you guys sick of easter yet. well i hope not cause this quickie is all about that shit. also right after it is the ol cletus easter episode so it's like a easter spectacaular.
nockFORCE gets together and discusses their favorite family gatherings from yesteryear.

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Sunday Nite Rap up

Aqua Teen
frisky dingo (kind of)

also free radio is still good and it's on vh1 check it out

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Friday, March 21, 2008


yeah so easter is this sunday kinda a stupid holiday. some died or something. i don't know if you don't get a day off i could care less but i can still make an easter post. look how colorfull hillary is for the season.

also i wanted to put up a playlist of comedian Patton Oswald doing a bit about the egg dying company PAAZ. I've loved this bit for years. If your wondering why he sounds familair he was the voice or remy (the main character) in Ratatouille.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

near dark and dragon wars

so i didn't know what to expect from this going in but man what a coo movie. I actually wrote off this director. who also directed strange days and was once James Camerons wife. But this film is awesome and not just in a weird cult funny way in a this is a good unique film way.
This is a vampire movie but it's like no vampire movie i've ever seen. supposdely they wanted to make a western but no one would give them the money so they made it into a vampire movie. the result is a strange cross between.
Lance Henriksen is awesome in this so is bill paxton. dam everyone is i don't know sometimes some movies are just right you know and this certainly is.
ok i'll put it this way. i never like ever ever keep a movie from netflicks after i watch it. i usually return it right away i still have this one and i may watch it a couple of times. so yeah it's awesome. i don't iknow how easy it is to get but netflicks has it.

by far the stupidest film i have seen in some time. All though i knew it was gonna be like that going in. Dragon wars though is kinda dumber then you'd expect. The plot i don't know if it makes sense or anything. but i just wanted to see a dragon war and it certianly was. probably could have had more dragon's waring but other then that it was what it was supposed to be. So can i get mad at dragon wars for that. no so you know.
the casting was kinda odd with the main guy from roswell and robert forester in this.
I did hear that htis was made by a i believe korean film crew and director wanting to make an american movie. well they did a better job then transformers.
hey if you 13 or kinda fucked and a boy or just like dragons being involved with a war then you'll wanna see this movie.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

arthur c. clark dead at 90

I came to work to find this on imdb

"the legendary science fiction writer whose work inspired the classic Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey, died early Wednesday at his home in Sri Lanka; he was 90."

All though i am a huge stanely kubrick fan i only recently started getting into 2001. Regardless of the film it is probably one of the best made films i have ever seen. anyone involved with it deserves a ton of respect espically when you consider that star wars came out 8 years later and there was no sci-fi between 2001 and star wars that was any good. well film wise.

anyway you will be missed. but come on he was 90 he had a good life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

dr. who

this past weekend i watch alot of doctor who. I only really watched the ninth doctor Christopher Eccleston but i also saw alot of the confidentals to learn more about the history. all though i doubt i'll watch all of doctor who anytime soon. You tube makes it very easy to do so if you know things like an episode names with the help of an episode guide then type those names with dr. who. it should be very easy.
Personally I'm gonna start watching the fourth doctor Tom Baker. Who most people say is the best.
I also really like the daleks i think there coo. espically when they say exterminate

Monday, March 17, 2008

new nockFORCE quickie

nockFORCE has been making lots of edgy jokes lately! We respond to this with some new edgy material. also this is a special playlist. I make these so they relate to the current quickie. i post this on the nockforce site and as a bullentin on myspace but also here.

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Sunday nite rap - up

King of the hill
Aqua teen

Also free radio was good

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

ladies and gentlemen lil wayne

So lil wayne is finally dropping the carter 3. which is gonna be awesome cause right now rap wise he's huge. really huge and he's a great mc in fact right now currently he may be the best.
regardless i have alot of fun listening to lil wayne do his thing. if you never heard the da drought 3 have me burn you a copy. anyway his video finally dropped online today so here it is

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a bone movie and more

so apprently there is going to be a bone movie and not with nickeldeon. It's with warner brothers. apprently they havn't decided on wheater it should be animated or live action with cg characters. i think the later sucks but with Jeff Smith himself making srue this one is good. I have hope. I really hope this works out cause what an awesome idea for a film.
and hey if they wanna make sequals it won't suck so bad.

also the final wall e trailer went up. I think it looks awesome and i can't wait to see it. GO HERE to see it.
I really think this one will be great. defently something i'm seeing the first day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

mean creek and the hellbenders

Before i start i saw on the colbert report he had george mcgovern on and explained his 72 run for president. intresting thing to bring up right now huh.

There are certain films that deal with the reasoning behond having to kill someone. The ox borrow incident would be like that. This film is somehow more real then that. The film about a a group of kids who takes a school bully on a rafting trip so they can kill him for beating up one of the older kids younger brother. but then they get there and have second thoughts.
This films biggest strengh is that all the characters are so real you can remember people like that from when you were in high school. Which also makes it that more shocking and harder to watch. but thats what makes it so good. The dialouge is really great. Alot of the time i wasn't sure if it was improv or not.
However this film does have flaws. the music sometimes is both over the top, too expected for a "indie"film, and just bad. there were a couple of times were i was really thinking about giving up cause the score sucked so bad. well ok not that bad but it did suck.
Other then that this is a truely great things and i can't wait to see more from this director and will probably see there next film.

When your trying to find a good spagehetti western this is it. Starring Orson wells right hand man in not just Kane but also the third man Joseph Cotton. Who plays a man who wants to bring back the confederacey but killing a bunch of union guys and stealing there money. Forently for us that didn't really work out well at least in this reality. thank god you know.
For a fun spaghetti western. This film is great. There alot of awesome gun fights and great music from Ennio Morricone. (he did the music for the good, the bad, and the ugly need i say more) This film is a fun pick and you'll have a good time. nothing wrong with that.

Monday, March 10, 2008

new nockforce quickie and more

this one is about libraries and how old people go there. that's about it. i think the lip synch and the end theme i did was good but you guys can tell me what you think.
Also this is a special playlist that i make special for each episode reflecting the topic we talk about in the latest one. enjoy

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Sunday nite Rap up

King of the Hill
Aqua teen hunger force
Frisky dingo
Garth Merenghi

Also FREE RADIO seriously check it out

oh yeah and i saw

So yeah i'm done i've seen the original 1998 afi top 100 list. it almost take 10 years but i did it. Since i have now seen both afi lists all the way through. I have to say i think the 98 was a bit better in the overall and film history sense you will leanr more by watching those but the 07 list had better placing. like raging bull and vertigo being so high.
As for the film. It is a very entertaing well made film and the black face that i was worried about it's that bad and isn't in it very much. I think Al jolsen was a really good entertainer. but seriously his parents didn't think he was gay cause i'm pretty sure he is. just too obvious.
anyway yeah coo i guess.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

a bit of weird late nite trivia

i was looking up late nite shows on wikipedia and here are some excerpts i thought was coo.

From the pat Sajack show article "The in-studio band was led by jazz musician Tom Scott, who was also the bandleader on Chevy Chase's failed late-night talk show three years later. Coincidentally, Chase was Sajak's first guest."

that is crazy it also goes to show that you should never be working on a new show with tom scott. ever. or chevy chase. maybe sajak i don't know he's all right guy. i mean wheel of fortune is lame but you can't hate on him cause of that. well maybe a little. i don't know.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Paprika and 12 oz. mouse dvd

You know i heard some not so great things about this but i thought it was great at what it was. This film works for what it has to do. I don't think it did anything other then that but it does what it's supposed to do. It's very good at it and the plot and construction of the script were good.
The film has alot to do with dreams and the meanings behind them so obviously it gets surreal at times. But they work that in with the plot very organically.
I don't know i just liked it. I would reccomend it if you just wanna see a good anime or you like sci-fi action type of stuff. Espically if you like Ghost in the shell and stuff like that.

yesterday I got the 12 oz. mouse dvd. I had just orded on tuesday and it came out Monday. Price wise it's $12 but with shipping it can be up to $18. which is still a deal. considering it won't be in stores and it is a 2 disc.
If you havn't heard of this show don't worry about it. it was on 12:45 on adult swim a while ago. I called it the best tv show of 2006. Nothing out in a while has this much david lynchian plots then even twin peaks. this is a weird show to dwarf other weird shows.
On this dvd they cut all the episodes together as a movie which apprently is almost 3 hours long. I have only gotten through 1 hour and 40 min. But i think it will be coo. Tons of bonus stuff when i watch everything i'll review it and stuff.

wanna check out mouse go here to see 12 oz. mouse

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

awesome commerical

I don't have any movies to talk about. But i think i'll watch a movie tonite. But i still wanna post something and i don't wanna talk about the elections or anything. So i have this awesome playskool commercial.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

fan service

both of the films that i'm talking about are basically films that the fans of this stuff will like but probably no one other then that. there both good but i can imagine your intrest is low if you havn't heard of either.

Using the recordings for research for a nirvana book with Kurt Cobain. This film cuts up parts of them with imagery. All though it doesn't use nirvana music and the visuals are a bit much sometimes. I think if you like nirvanan this is something you'll wanna see. I don't think it's a bad documentary. for what it is they did a good job but it doesn;t grab as much as if they had used other talking heads.
Frnakly i do think it's a coo idea as maybe a bonus feature with one that used more people. That would probably be a better film. This isn't awful but it's not perfect either.

When making a comic straight to dvd animated film you know the people buying it are only fans. so you don't need to explain things as much. Seems like a good idea but then there's this thing called storytelling. This is close to good like it just needed some more set up to the characters.
the action is great and i think it's a fun watch espically if you a younger fan. I'm sure this is crazy then. I did like the flash and green latern parts. also they didn't seem to know history very well cause they have kennedy as president in 53. ooops try wikipedia sometime guys. If you like comics in general it'll be ok if you love dc. well you probably all ready own it then.

Monday, March 03, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #30: A Ride With a Stranger

Little Billy is having some trouble in the woods. This is also the 30th quickie.
Also this is a playlist. I usually make a special playlist for when i post the nockforce cartoon as a bullentin from my own myspace account. This one has to do with kids. I think i'll start sharing the playlists here as well as myspace.

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Sunday RECAP

King of the Hill
Aqua Teen
garth merenghi
Free Radio (even though it's on friday it's good check it out)

I also saw

yeah I've had it from netflicks since October. I guess March is a good a time as any to finally watch it. This now means I have seen all of the newer AFI top 100 list. But I still need to see the jazz singer to have seen all of the older list.
I have to say I found this movie to be alot better then birth of a nation. Certainly it's alot better made. Even though birth of a nation is often called racist it's intresting to not that his next film would be all about intolerance.
It cuts between various different eras of history making it able to keep your attention. I think that helps the film cause as soon as one gets boring we move to another one.
If you had to see one griffth film this is probably a better one to see but i still think it's good to see birth of a nation cause it is the first film.
This actually made me wanna watch more silent films. I think i may watch the last laugh soon but before that I gotta watch the Jazz singer.