Friday, May 29, 2009

a bugs life and videos

Before i had seen a bugs life i thought antz was the better of these two. however now that i have seen both i changed my mind.
Bug's life is usually called a lesser pixar work. but lesser Pixar is still better then say the best dreamworks.
This movie defently starts out slow. well ok slow for pixar movie. but it can really get going and i was suprised how into i got. like i really liked how they made this movie.
I think the thing about this movie is they are really more making a cartoon then say antz which uses less cartoon acting. however i think the acting in this movie works alot better then say antz. but i know animation is a silly thing and woody allen is doing is more adult thing. but this works really really well.
If you have never seen this one. i suggest you. sure they have better movies but whateva this is still really good.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bucket of Blood and State of play

Before this movie all i know about Rodger Corman was that well he sucked. I had only seen his stuff through mystery science theater. and needless to say they don't pick good Rodger Corman movies for that. Ok i know he helped Scorsese and used Nicholson early but he never really made anything i had seen that i liked. This movie changed my mind.
This movie is a great little weird horror movie. all though i can't really figure out why it's called bucket of blood. there is only maybe one seen with a bucket of blood and it's not really important. so either it's a metaphor (doubtful) or they just named it that to get people to come.
This movie has a coo beatnick vibe that i really like. I haven't seen too many beatnick horror movies. this one does a good job of it cause it's both fun and a little stupid. but you follow it. it's a low budget movie and you can tell so you kinda let it do what it's gonna do.
The plot is also pretty coo. it's about this lonely waiter at this beatnick coffee house. he accidentally kills a cat. then covers it up with clay and says it's a sculpture. then he becomes a success and has to kill more to more more art. and he has to keep killing to be more successful. awesome.
I really liked this film and i guess yeah it's a cult film but it's really good at being a cult film and it's defently worth checking out. it has just the right amount of satire and horror. i really liked this movie and Rodger Corman you have my respect after this one. but you have still made some stinkers.

i put this movie below on hulu it's only a little over an hours so if you can check it out do it. it's well worth it.

This movie is almost a standard conspiracy movie. it never really takes off. i feel like it could. it really could have been something special. like all the presidents men or something. i mean having a film take place in a newspaper now. man that sounds like a really intresting idea. it does and i suggest you watch the 5th season of the wire over this.
Honestly i think this was kind of sub par. I have seen the original bbc mini series and one thing i still remember about it is how well shot it was. now maybe it's unfair to do that. but hold on this has a bigger budget then that and more stars. so why did i get standard 09 cinematography. in fact i think they could have really uped there game with shooting this movie. it didn't seem like they were thinking about how things would look it was more. can i make this camera look handheld. well guess what i don't care. you obviously had money for a tripod. so that's just stupid. you can get handheld to work for you. here it just said to me. hey everyone look i was made in 2009 see look at me it's shakey cam. anyone see those bourne movies.
The acting was ok. Ben Affleck did ok. personally it reminded me of changing lanes. which i really liked. jus the way it was made. maybe not the subject matter.
Russel Crowe seemed to be the same guy he was in american gangster without an accent. wow great. a pudgy russel crowe coo. i guess.
the rest i don't know this really was ok. It doesn't get good really it kinda almost does but it just took it self too seriously. and didn't really seem to be having fun. i also wish there was more about the current state of newspapers in it also. if they really did a good job i think this would have been good but instead i got this movie. it was ok you get what you get and that isn't that great. oh well

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They were expendable and blast of silence

For some reason people often think that anti war films started post vietnam and even ww2 anti war movies started with saving private ryan. well then your dumb. were did you hear that anyway. i can make up shit too that doesn't make it true.
John Ford has won 2 best director oscars back to back then he went to war for a few years. this was his first film after all that. oo yeah and after this he made my darling clemente. pretty fucking crazy.
This film isn't i guess entirely anti war but it doesn't make it look that good either. i mean it's called they were expendable not they were really welcome or something. I mean expendable dam. and that's pretty much what's going on in this movie. there not very respected sometimes. but thats because things have to go that way to let the war work. it's depressing. like and they still work for the army and follow orders but man. I've never seen a war movie like this. i think they still wanted to fight for there country but it was a hard life. They have to follow orders they think are bullshit. they get there phone calls cut off cause i big officer needs to make a important call. there not treated like the greatest generation here. it's really kind of just well it's a great movie. and the fact Ford got the army to help out.
There is a really good scene with John Wayne and Donna Reed were they are being romantic. then they just listen to bombs going off in the distance. you just watch them like kind look out and listen to them. really great scene.
I really love this movie and i know John Ford himself hated it actually. but i think it's one of the better ww2 movies i have ever seen. it's really worth checking out. everyone is good in and it's masterfully directed. oooo yeah and the action sequences are amazing. this movie is really good. i highly reccomend it.

This is really good low budget noir. filmed on location in new york city. This film shows that what you really need sometimes for a film is really good characters. that defently helped this film alot. We have a good protaganist. we spend alot of time with him walking around the city with naration. which worked really well. basically it's a simply made scene. there isn't much needed. but the dark new york city streets with the lights and his narration works so well it's like a painting or something. Something are so noir that they will always be noir this is one of those.
This film has a really really strong supporting character in a gun dealer who keeps rats as pets. i don't know if i can really describe him. but he's great. seriously he is awesome. like he's worth seeing the movie for alone.
but this is a great movie and i think the kind of low budget film making that i love. it's very effective and it works. but i also never really thought about ooo well they couldn't do that cause it's low budget it's very organic in that way.
if you like noir and you've never see this do you'll love. or even if you havn't. it's great.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NEW nockFORCE QUICKIE and Terminator Salivation

Looting and polluting is not the way
Here's what Captain FUCKFORCE has to say!

"Someone else do it!"

more environmental solutions at

And I really thought the worst movie of the summer was gonna be wolverine. man terminator salivation sure changed that real quick. to be frank this movie fucking sucks. in fact this movie is bland like what the fuck.
I kinda knew it was gonna suck but it's just beyond what i thought it was gonna be.
First Christain Bale is horriable. like really bad. why is he always mister serious all the time. man i got sick of his stupid batman voice and then he goes and does this. his john connor was flat.
Everyone else was pretty forgettable. i'm wondering if i can say Bryce Dallas Howard is cursed. not only was she in this franchise killer she was in spiderman 3 and the village and lady in the water. i always read people say yeah but she's so good. what is this based on. she was not been in a single good movie. somebody explain her appeal cause everytime i see her act everyone says well don't judge her with that. yeah i guess i shouldn't judge an actress but her actual acting how silly of me.
Common is so bad at acting it's embaressing. really Common work with kanye and don't act. it's a blessing you weren't in that justice league movie.
Sam Worthington may have been the best thing in the whole movie. and he wasn't that great but i do wanna see him again he was coo.
Mcg did a terrible job but i don't why we all thought it was a good idea to let the guy who directed 2 charlies angles movies and nothing else. do a terminator. i read in an interview that when he met with cameron he compared mcg doing this terminator with him doing aliens after ridley scott had done alien. apprently james cameron is one of the nicest guys ever cause that clearly was not true.
there was one part i liked were they used the g nr song from T2 and when john connor say I'll be back. and that's it yep that's it. lame
Mcg you fucking suck. at least Zack snyder trys this movie was boring i felt like i was watching a tv show that i wasn't that intrested in. also some fucking humor. jeez and i wondered if you really knew terminator. you seemed more intrested in ripping off other current movies then knowing the franchise you were working with.
By the end i really didn't care this movie sucks. and not like when i saw obsessed and it was so bad it's good. this is bad like bland bullshit. it's just bad. honestly i don't know why i keep seeing terminator movies. this franchise is dead and i really don't know why we need more the first 2 are perfect. so why bother. skip this one.

but i will say this here's the most memoriable part of the whole movie

yeah christain bale rant remix. also this better then the whole movie

Friday, May 22, 2009

the big hit and videos

I remember when this came out and i wanted to see it. it thought it looked coo. however i never got around to it. and even on video. i heard mark walberg was good in boogie nights but this was his star vechile. anyway yeah so this was long time coming to see this. i guess i'm glad i finally did it.
somewhere between excess bagage and go lies this movie. it's a fun 90's action movie. it's successful for the most part. Having really crazy action sequences. lots of guns like a ton of gun and shooting. i guess this one of those hey you saw pulp ficition you know. remember hit man can be funny and have real lives and stuff. personally i prefer Grosse Point blank which might be my favorite in that. of course i am excluding pulp fiction itself.
The soundtrack is stuffed full of hype 90's music. even having some ska. ooo ska i can't believe ska was popular. espically the 90's version of ska. i mean ska like traditional ska amazing. reel big fish not so much. ewwwwwww. Hearing the soundtrack reminded me why i stayed away from alot of movies like this when i was a teenager. It just doesn't sound good. i don't just hate movies for pop music i hated movies that can't use pop music well.
I know these soundtracks are mostly made up of studio left overs and b-sides of artists who arn't really that good to begin.
The movie itself is odd it wants to be generation x but it was 98 and obviously that was almost over. and the whole teen movie thing hadn't really started yet. so this is kind of in the weird limbo that was the mid 90's.
they even have a thign with a video store. which was really terrible. i remembered siskel complaining about that in his review of this movie. i agree it blew. the comedic value of that character was equal to the comedy in those mary kate and ashley olsen movies.
the action sequences were coo. and the begining i was like yeah this will be fun. unforerntly i didn't get that movie. but i had fun. i know there were problems but i had fun. not sure if i would really reccomend it or even see it again. but if you wanna see the movie i've been talking about then see it. but otherwise i think you will live a happy life without it.

sometimes i just wanna post videos

this video shows how good western fries from royal farms really are

look who sent them a package

more about the song then the video.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freinheigh 451 and The end of violence

This is truffaut's only english language film and it doesn't really fit in with the rest of his french filmography. but i still liked this movie. i know this movie gets alot of shit. but it's really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
I think the problem that I personally think was the biggest problem was the lead. yeah ok Osker Werner is good. but i think they needed someone with more presence. like a star i guess or at least someone more fun to watch. i don't need a star to sell a movie but i think for some films they need it. Sure this works and it's a good movie but it could have been alot better with a better performance.
Alot of critics picked on and i say picked on cause for real they were Julie Christies performance in this as she is playing two different people. i thought it was good not much room to like blow me away but she wasn't a flightie as they wanted me to think. I kinda hate when people just hate something that is popular or stylish just cause it is popular of stylish. She was good.
I like seeing older sci-fi films view of the future. Espically the kind of fashions they imagine for the future.
They kind of over simplafy other forms of media. sure books are great but i don't know if everyone would become stupid if they left. however the movie works very well.
Sure this movie had problems but it's a more intresting 60's sci-fi film then most at the time. I think Truffaut had alot to do with that. It's kind of an odd film made by a major studio but it kinda stay being an american movie. it's odd but not super odd just it's artistic voice is whats odd.
If you like sci-fi you should see this movie. it's good and an engaging film experience. also i think it's better then that michael moore movie and no I'm not talking about Canandian Bacon.

Recently i reviewed Higher Learning this film reminds me alot of that film. the mid nintes had a big problem with it. high minded idealism. gangsta rap looked to extreme so we had to go all soft. hey even Dr. Dre had to put out been there done that. well he didn't have to but he did. the early 90's weren't gonna last and 95 and 96 were signs that generation x was on it's way out. probably because of all that bullshit high minded idealism.
However this film seems to be one of the better parts of that then any i have seen. It doesn't get to extreme. it trys to really say something. Also it's considered a meditation on idealism. meaning it's not really saying a strict message about violence it's more asking you hey think about it. Which is alot nicer. cause who likes being beaten over the head with things.
Bill pullman's character is the focus of the film and entertaining to watch. i liked seeing where he was going. and the film rewarded me with great stuff. I don't know if he really changed. starting out as a big hollywood action producer then learning life can be simpler. but not in a bullshit cheezy way.
The film does and i fucking hate when people do this. simplify's rap without really knowing anything about it. you know baby boomers (cause i'm assuming wim wenders is one or close too it) your parents didn't make good movies and shows with lame as intrepertations of rock stars as much as you have with rappers. whats up with that. like for real i know flintstones did stuff like that but i mean in serious movies they never stuff as stupid as your generation did with rap. for real what is up with that.
However the actor who plays the rap guy is coo. K. Todd Freeman is an intresting guy to watch and i hope he's in more stuff. apprently he was in the dark knight but i don't remember that.
Andie mcdowel man i really don't get why people like you that much.
Also a really awesome actor Daniel Benzali who i loved in murder one has a small apperance. i love seeing that guy even if he only had a few scenes. more people should use that guy.
Anyway coo movie. better then most trying to do what it did at the time. in fact if i had to make a high ideal 90's movie top 10 this would defently be high up there. but to compete with mindwalk and high learning ooo man what a challenge.

o yeah everyone site makes a big deal that this movie recreated a famous painting below is that recreation. if you can't tell your fucking stupid. like for real is that even trivia. whatever

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Film Students and Three days of the condor

This is a movie i made when i was in film school. it was almost 5 years ago. i should have put this up all ready but i took my time. it's the only real film i shot on well film. it cost way more then it would on video. but i really wanted to make one thing on film. cause you know i was in film school.
This has never been online before. i screened it alot in 2004 and 2005. It played well at screenings and i remember i got it in to as many film screenings as i possiably could at the time. mostly cause i knew it would be a bitch to get online in 2004. since then i guess it hasn't been seen much but now it's on youtubes.
I kinda like this movie cause it's my only real comedy that's not a cletus episode or anything.
I just wanted to make like a satire on film stuendts so yeah. check it out.

This movie is fucking awesome. why see any thriller when you have not seen this. Redford brings it in this movie. this also makes me wanna see more sydney pollack. It's just like dam. there are so thrillers were your like yeah it was just a thriller. well fuck that see this balls to the wall thriller.
This is really well made like hitchcock well made. but this isn't like hitchcock. i mean sure he's probably seen hitchcock. but i really felt pollack put his own stamp on this. I really felt this was his own shit. I really respect Pollack way more then i did before. i mean sure eyes wide shut. but this man this was good.
Then you have faye dunaway who my gf said looks different in every movie we see her in. that's defently true. she doesn't always get the respect she deserves she good too.
But Redford dam man you look good when you pop that coat collar. look up at that poster. he looks awesome. if i was redford i would always wear coats like that. that's probably why he likes in sundace ummmm aaaaa well where ever that is it's cold. He was really good in this movie. like sometimes i doubt actors and even why people are stars. but redford kills in this movie.
This is a perfect movie to watch with a girl cause it's good and redford is at his all time sexy peek. so she'll like it too. but on top of that this movie rules. if you havn't seen this or it's been a while this is a sweet as hell movie. like wow. seriously check it out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The devil and daniel webster and Crackers

This is a really good movie. it's about a guy who has a pretty crappy life and then the devil shows up and much like Black Sabbath says he can be a success if he sells his soul. but in 7 years he will come back to collect.
The premise is good enough but the film doesn't rely on it. it keeps it going further with it. Edward Arnold does a really great performance as the guy who sells his soul. seeing him slowly loss his humanity in a way. I often wondered if the devil was slowly taking away his soul. but he wasn't. however i guessing he was selling out.
They defently use religion very well in this film. showing good vs. evil. maybe a little black and white to some but it really helped the film be clear.
John Huston does a great job as the devil or as he's called in this movie scratch.He even has a nice little beard to go along. I don't know what it is about little beards that makes people evil. it's probably cause your like why did you do that. you don't trust there facial hair decision.
this was made during a great time for hollywood. this came out the same year as citizne kane. and a year before casablanca. hollywood was really on fire.
Also this movie is shot really really well. the cinematography was mad perfectly. also the editing there is alot of really coo stuff going on in this movie
This movie is really good and i would defently say put it in the classics categorey. It's very perfect. it's also really entertaining. You won't get bored and it doesn't get overly preachy. thank god. check this out it's worth your time for real.

The simpsons treehouse of horror segment the devil and daniel webster from the fifth season. was heavily influenced by this film.

Orignally this was called all that money can buy. here's a poster

This is a more hollywood film from french director Louis Malle right after he had made several good english language films Pretty Baby , Atlantic City , and My Dinner with Andre. this was all back to back mind you. then he made this movie.
This movie is slightly a mis step. With a score filled with 80's pop songs. seems odd form a guy who brought us a miles davis score. cause umm there not good 80's pop songs. sometimes it works for the film and sometimes it doesn't.
I was wondering if maybe he wanted to do a lighter movie. as a light movie this movie works. it has a great cast maybe a cast that's too good for the actual film. Sean Penn, Donald Sutherland, and Wallace Shawn.
I think in the end this film works but it's kinda a mess and i think you'd be wondering what the fuck for most of it. but it's a good light movie. and if you want a light movie i guess you could go worse.

oo man that doesn't really sound good. well just see elevator ot the gallows or something. if you want see this

Monday, May 18, 2009

NEW nockFORCE video and Assualt of Precinct 13

Join nockFORCE on a musical journey through the bay bride (live action style)

More bridges at

This track off the nockFORCE mixtape The Seige of Death Mountain

Starring the cast of the yes i love it music video

Sunday nite rap up

King of the hill (fox and adult swim)
Aqua teen hunger force
The mighty boosh

This movie is way more awesome then you know. This is the film John Carpentar made before halloween. in fact right before this goes right before halloween in any filmography. Honestly i thought this was going to be as well directed. what shocked me is how well made this film was.
They took a western structure and just made it in to a modern day action film. And it works very well. one of the criminals who helps them acts and looks like an outlaw from the old west. John Carpentar knew his movies and this film shows it. Most of the film is in the police station with the characters defending the precinct. which is an obvious night of the living dead influence. but it never gets to were i just feel like he's refrenceing all over the dam place. he know how to use these things to make this work.
The actors work really well. I'm guessing this is why he picked veteran actors rather then just unknowns. i was suprised he could direct them so well. I think cause Halloween not really know for acting.
The music is really good and i didn't know how many rap guys used it before. it sounds like kraftwerk. yet it's John Carpentar. yeah the director. it's way more itnresting then the halloween score. which is really simple in comparrison. but this score fucking awesome. really great score.
Honestly this movie is so good i will get the dvd. fucking rules. John Carpentar was almost a fucking good at a certain point. he just made some great movies. this may be the begining of that. really even if you arn't down with his other stuff. check this out. really awesome.

also it's on instant netflix if you got that

listen to this

Friday, May 15, 2009

Not for nothing, Mexican Spitfire, and Contamination

Who says you can't make stuff at work. The guys who work with me came up with this video. and my involvement is very low. but i really like it. It's are various impressions of my boss with a techno beat. check it out.

This film was a part of TCM's latino images in film thing they've got going on this month. This is kind of an intresting choice cause some could call it kinda racist. However I think the theme of someone being shut out of society and keep trying iis an intresting one. I understand why it can be considered racist but really this is a good movie.
It's a very good comedy. almost perfectly structured. It sets it self up well and even when you sometimes see it coming. the jokes still work. the cast really went for it and this comedy really worked. one of my more favorite from the time period.
A plot about a mexican girl engaged to a angleo guy and how his family doesn't really like him much. I liked the villians in this cause they worked very well. you might not think about it. They're kinda back ground or something but i liked how well they could play the whole white people elitst thing.
Lupe VĂ©lez is a really great comedic actress. She's playing a character that is really cartoonie but she's very good at holding her own with and stealing the show in more scenes then you'd think. She was a perfect person to have a whole film based around. of course this was a series and i have to say i understand why cause she really fells like she could do it and from this film alone she can.
This is a really good old comedy. i like it alot and i think the themes work well that it knows racism is bad but has to use it to make it's point. making it man. i just liked this comedy if you get the chance see mexican spitfire.

before last night i didn't know who Lupe Velez was. Then i looked her up on wikipedia and i know her life, saw pictures of her, and read a section from her suicide note. The internet is a crazy thing.
Anyway she was coo looking. like super coo i'm fucking hot as shit kinda thing. anyway i just wanted to leave some pictures of her on here.

This movie seems cooler then it really is. and the special effects they use in it makes you think that this will be some gore fest. instead this is kinda just a b-movie with some coo parts.
The coo parts are awesome and almost such epic gore scenes that you will stick around. but i really wish there were more of them. i mean sure there were alot of them but not enough.
Watching people explode from the inside was pretty coo espically when the mouse explodes that is sick.
But as for this being legandary and banned for it. i really don't see it. it wasn't that bad.
One of the it's worse moments was what felt like a 20 minute scene with a alien egg in the bathroom with this girl. it just was so slow and so badly pacied.
The music however was awesome. and i have to hand it to whoever goblin is. is that like a nine inch nails thing or is that a guys name. i loved his score for Zombie and this is equally awesome. good synth score from 1980.
This isn't really a good movie beyond the score. I think it's stupid but you won't hate it. it's just not a gore thing. it's more of a b-movie with awesome gore parts.

however why watch it when someone made an awesome under 1 min. you tube video with all the best parts and sweet music

Thursday, May 14, 2009

passin on class, shakedown, and Mad Dog and Glory

Recently Sva had ther animation thesis night thing. This was my favorite one and everytime i show it to people they love it. so i figured I'd pass it along. this was really great. I know the animation isn't the best. but who cares as long as the film is good and this is a really good funny short. check it out


Peter Weller (right after the first robocop) and Sam Elliot sharing an action movie together isn't really something you'd go hunting for on names alone. But let me tell you I hope both of them make more stuff together.
This movie about police corruption sure isn't serpico but it's still fun. Not maybe as important. but it gets its job done like cheap beer or something. like there's tons of parts were your like what for real. but the movie manages to pull it off and be good but maybe like a good law and order episode. but it's good at it.
Like there was only one part at the end i said come on and that was effect mainly.
I like seeing a crappy new york in the late 80's defently looked good for a cop conspiracey movie. At the time new york was seedyier which makes the two leads look like the good guys. it's simple black and white almost kinda shit.
Sam Elliot who played the cowboy who controled the polar bear in the golden compass. Plays an even more awesome guy in this. He's some bad ass cop from Texas who for some reason is in new york. but he's awesome. in fact i want more bad ass Sam Elliot. fucking awesome.
Peter Weller is in the film the most and the film really centers around him. He does a great job and you may not think so since he was like robocop. but he can act. and he does a decent job. He's a lawyer not a bad ass cop but he's still coo.
If you willing to sit through a kinda silly cop movie that really is fun and good. then see Shakedown sure it's not amazing but it's fun and you'll have a good time. and for real Sam Elliot was awesome. see it for Same Elliot alone awesome

If i told you there was a movie about a gangster who gets his life saved by a normal guy and i said bill murray and robert de niro were in it. you would think de niro plays the gangster and bill murray plays the normal guy. well that's what makes this movie kinda special. Both playing intresting roles that really you'd think they should switch but they don't. and to be honest it's intresting enough for the movie to work.
Bill Murray is good at playing a crime boss and I think I'm more impressed with his acting when he's not being as serious. He was really coo in this.
A more quiet role for De niro which I guess you could consider shocking. I'm never shocked when i see him do a good role. might be his last really good role. not sure but it's defently among the last.
This is a good comedy. and a strange one. the kinda thing you tell people about and they sort of don't believe you but i think it's worth checking out. i posted a embed of it below.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Devils Hand and Mutual Appreciation

This is an intresting and coo cult horror film. and when i say cult i mean like there is a cult in it. but it is also a cult movie. does that make sense.
Starring Alan Alda's dad (Robert Alda) and The guy who played Police Commissioner Gordon on the Adam West Batman (Neil Hamilton). This movie is Strange and kind of the perfect discovery at really late at nite or very early in the morning.
This is a very really horror movie to use a cult as the villian. this really wasn't as normal as it is now. I guess they were more in to vampires or something. not really sure why. But this is still and early one. and while maybe it's no rosemary's baby. it's still a really coo movie.
It's one of those b-movies that somehow transcends being a b-movie and turns into something more intresting. I've seen b-movies that are b-movies. this isn't one of them. in fact at first you may not get it but by the end you will.
I mena they worship a god called Jamba. seriously and they use dolls to control and harm people. Also Commissioner Gordon as a bad guy. like how often are you gonna see these actors. really this is a kind of strange ass obscure stars align kinda shit.
I like this movie very odd but worth watching. also it's only a little over an hour so it's not a big commitment.

I also wanna say thanks to hulu cause this isn't like a normal kinda movie. it's coo they had the balls to put it up.
watch it here.

Anoter mumblecore movie. this the second from Andrew Bujalski who also directed Funny ha ha. everyone think this mumblecore thing will be influencial in the future. not sure how true that will be. But This I think will be remember for being one of the few decent films about Brooklyn's Williamsberg area. well it just kinda takes place there but it's still a good movie.
A little slow in fact what the film is marketed as. isn't what really the film is about. I really think the film is more about this musican who just moved to new york.
I think this film is alot better made then Funny ha ha like the acting is better. it's made better all that stuff. but i still think funny ha ha is my favorite of the mumblecore movies. However on it's own this movie works and if you asked me to name a mumblecore movie that wasn't funny ha ha it would be this one.
It was intresting how he used Justin Rice of the band Bishop Allen to be the musican and use music from that bands first album. Bujalski has used other members of the band in his previous film. It works so that you don't have some generic indie music your using a real indie band which helps with the feel of the film.
This film may not be as accessible but it is good. I like the black and white look instead of just going digital it gives Andrew Bujalski's films a more humble look then digital. I also love grain and how he used it with williamsbeg was coo.
This film is still a mumblecore movie and the relationships are really odd. Not sure if the resalution would really be realistic. However i know people who do stupid shit like that so many it is.
Regardless this is a good movie. I think in 20 years I'll be at moma and this be part of the brooklyn independent film makers show or something. But if you wanna get into the whole mumblecore thing then see funny ha ha first but then see this.

Monday, May 11, 2009



effnocka probably shouldnt be running one of these... but hey you gotta get movies somewhere!

more huts at

I'll be back posting on wednesday.

I was too harsh on star trek it's fun but has obvious problems. still defently see it in a theater it is a theater movie

Friday, May 08, 2009

Star Trek

yes this movie is good. but it's not the home run i was hoping for. As a Star Trek movie I really think it's defently one of the better ones but is that really saying much. sure yeah this movie i guess works but it's kinda like ooo yeah you worked yippie.
J.J. Abrams seems a little more concerned dating the film and reminding me he produced cloverfield. with all his shaky cam. what is up with that how much was this movie and no tripod. also tons of lens flares. who ever was in charge of lens flares had there hands full with this movie.
Parts of the story even if they were stupid were well done. but as a whole i kinda wanted something more.
Also alot of the origins were like and that was the origin of that. yeah good one guys. it felt like they needed to get that into the film. rather then organically. that was a big problem nothing was organic.
Sure Chris Pine does a great job as kirk everyone else never really got close to that guy and yeah he'll probably be a big star. he was the only one as an actor that really intrested me.
But it was a good space movie and yeah it's good but it's not the kick off to the summer like Iron Man. however man does this set up a good star trek 2. for real. hopefully this will be like the x-men or spiderman and the sequal is crazy better then the first. for my sake i hope so.
But it's good. i don't know man i wanted more of a home run but you'll like it. not sure if it will really get more people into it. but they won't be as bored as a normal star trek movie.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

video stuff

sorry for the lack of posts. things are a little busy but i'm seeing star trek tonite and i'll try to get a review up sometime tomorrow.

anyway i'm just gonna post some videos. i actually wanted to post a bunch of videos so i guess this works out

VHS Episode ONE from nate milton on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

knowing and spanish apartment

This movie is really. well it's ridiculous. really ridiculous. it's a fun ride though. not sure if it's really a good movie. I mean there's some really good imagery in this film. some that are very haunting and stick out. but then you have unessary awesome car sequences. i mean sure there awesome. but i didn't get the point other then like. hey we had some extra budget left over or something.
Some of the stuff in this is a little over doing it too. And I'm not talking about the plot cause i think that could have been done good. well maybe. but the actual film is all kinds of odd.
There was one sequence with a burning forest that you won't be able to get out of your head. and thats kind of the problem with the film. sure some stuff is good but overall it's a dam mess. and the ending jesus. I mean sure this is directed by the guy who made Dark City. I love Dark City. hell i even don't mind The Crow. but obviously those days have passed for him. the fact that this is the best film i've seen from him since Dark City isn't a good sign. I wish he was the director we all wanted him to be.
This more of a ooo wow did you see that it was ridiculous then a good film. I know some people either love it or hate it. i just think it's worth one watch as odd as it is. I thin you'll be glad you did it but you'll probably never do it again.

This was alot of fun. It's kind of a fun movie about a bunch of young collage age people living in an apartment in spain. they are all from different countries but there all friends and stuff.
I really like this movie. One of the better charms of it. is that they make it almost like your not sure whats gonna happen. which is probably how the characters are thinking. it defently helped when i wanted to get into the film.
They also have a close bond which is both fun cause you like the characters and cause it helps advance the film very well.
Romain Duris is fast becoming one of my more favorite actors. after this and a beat my heart skipped I'm really digging him. we should put him in more stuff or i should see more stuff with him in it. probably i should see more stuff but yeah.
Audrey Tautou isn't really in this that much i guess she got the poster cause she famous and shit. but really she isn't in it all that much.
If you wanna see a fun foreign film. check this out. or if you just wanna see a fun movie you should check it out. hey it's a better film then knowing.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Obsessed and the G.I. Executioner

Throw this one on the sooo bad it's good. It might be so bad you can't believe this bad it to the big screen rather then straight to lifetime. It's kind of like a lifetime movie. but the man didn't do anything wrong and in lifetime movies that never happens.
The majority of the movie is Ilbis Elba and Allie larter's characters. Beyonce is really not in it that much. Sure she was her cat fight at the end but that was really her characters only funciton in the film. Other characters in the film are also only there for the plot. Jerry o Connel is only there for expostion. or to same a comment that helps move the plot. temp more like temptress. good one.
I don't know what it is about this movie. maybe cause i can't believe they made such a gleefully bad movie. like it screams b picture. I feel like there is no way they didn't feel like they were making a b movie. Maybe they really wanted this to mean something. i really doubt that cause this is obsessed.
This movie isn't good and if you havn't seen fatal attraction i seriously recomend it over this. but if you wanna see a bad movie that you can have a bunch of beers with. well Obsessed is it. really even the battle for tera can't compete with this one. I kinda wish more people would make movie this bad. but not too many people.

The only thing I knew about this movie going in was that it was directed by the same guy who did Blood Sucking Freaks. This really isn't that much like that movie. It's more of a odd b detective movie. the music is coo though and really drives the film. if you ever wondered how important music is see this movie and it'll rock your world. also then the music's own they try to put on some sweet images and stuff.
But the odd thing is that most of the film is shot like a b movie. then some parts and done really well. a sequence in an empty apartment building was awesome. and i really liked it. like not in a b movie way. it was really good. same with other parts. It was almost like they had two crews but the a crew was more expensive so they only used they when it counts. This movie defently shows this guy can make a coo sequence and kinda knows what he's doing. it was weird like why would you only make parts really good oo well.
One notable thing about this movie. it's tagline was "The wildest nude shootout in film history!" well i don't really know if that's still true cause i am not a nude shootout film expert. but yes it does have one. it's not that wild but it is notable in the film. it's weird to see people get killed nude. It was one of the more bizarre parts of this film. really why sell it on that it wasn't in it that much but it's still fun. just don't only see it for that. it can be like that extra thing your gonna get. like i don't know. like bread at a restaurant. don't go there for it but it's nice when it shows up.
Lee Canalito playing the lead may be an odd choice for a leading man but he defently does a good job. i like knd of how unconventinal he was. i would see him in something else if i could too.
This is not a troma movie they just released it.
This is a coo cult b-movie if your into that kinda thing you'll like it. everyone else it's not for them. but they're not gonna check out the G.I. Executioner anyway. coo fun cult b-movie. if you love blood sucking freaks. you'll like this.

on netflix instant

Friday, May 01, 2009

Wolverine and In the Line of Fire

Well let's start with the positive this movie is better then X-men 3. I mean it's not better then the other 2 x-men movies. but it's not the worst x-men movie. Some of the characters worked really well like Ryan Renolds as Deadpool was perfect. Most people think Deadpool is hillarious or just annoying and stupid. Ryan Renolds works cause you either think he's hillarious or just annoying and stupid. so it works really well. Also Liev Schreiber pulls of the best performance anyones done for sabertooth. in fact i wish he was in a better wolverine movie. also liked Dominic Monaghan as bolt.
Ok this movie well it just doesn't really work yeah it doesn't get as bad as the cinematic terds that were x-men 3 and spiderman 3. But it's not even better then the first x-men. most of the logic and plot and well like setting up the big fight at the end were not present. stuff just happens. there were good scenes but so many stupid lame. embaressing looking ones that you don't care that much.
Also how could you screw up Gambit so much. i'm not even that big of a gambit fan and man they fuck up. Whats even worse is they could have fixed it's like staring them in the face how easy it is to make that character a great Gambit. then they get Taylor Kitsch who is awesome in Friday Night Lights and don't give him any room to really make this character work. i don't know whos fault this was but really if given the right movie with Taylor Kitsch as Gambit that could be sweet as all hell.
I don't understand why they made this wolverine movie. isn't his whole appeal that he is crazy violent. i havn't even seen him really do that. i saw that in x-men 2 and when it happend the audience lost there shit. i thought finally this is gonna be the film wolverine ever wants. then i get some crap about an origin i don't give a fuck about an origin. guess what i don't care where anything comes from i want a good movie. it's mad easy have awesome rated R and a hard R at that. kick ass wolverine movie. the first rule of media is give people what they want. this is a disappointment of a comic book film and a summer movie. I really want the franchise to restart cause this blows.
Also i'm actually gonna give something away but it was such a stupid move i have to blow the i'll do the spoilers thing
ok so in the wolverine movie to get rid of his memories. the strkyer guy shoots wolverine in the head. cause apprently wolverine can regrow brains but not memories. oh yeah that makes sense sure. oooo wait didn't that happen in X-men 2 and he was fine and remembered everything. so your actually going against logic that your own franchise set up. geinus. what the fuck. that really pissed me off. and the whole thing was handled like an after thought

so really this movie is not horriable well ok it is but not as horriable as people say but it's also not very good. honestly don't bother it's not worth it. i knew this summer was gonna suck with comic book movie compared to last summer. this is lame. marvel and fox be ashamed make better x-men movies. cause wow just like try a little cause this blows. i just really i've lost all faith in these films. don't bother.

this was the last movie Clint Eastwood was in that was directed by someone other then Clint Eastwood. It's a nice way to go out. It's also scored by Ennio Morricone who scored the good, the bad, and the ugly. all though this is a later score from him and really he wasn't as good then. this is still a good score and he delievers for Eastwood.
This is a really good thriller. Like yeah it's a big mainstream movie thriller but it's really good at being a big mainstream movie thriller. i mena sure at first I'm like I've seen this but as it went on I got really into it.
What helps is John Malkovich as the bad guy. He is awesome in this movie. He plays a great villian. I wish more people would use him. cause he was amazing. I know he got an oscar nomination for it. but man he rules in this movie.
Rene Russo is in this I don't really get why people liked her. she's not a good actress and not really attractive so i don't get the point. but i think i read eveyone else turned it down and i guess she's ok.
This was directed by Wolfgang peterson. He also did Air Force One. I guess he had a president thing going on even though he's not from america. remember he directed Das Boot also. You could probably watch this with that and have a coo double feature.
If you wanna see a good thriller cause i was really on the edge of my seat for some parts. then see this movie. It's really a good thriller. i know people through that out there alot. like ewwwwww the da vinic code ewwwwwwwwwww but this is actually really good. I really recomend seeing it if you like thrillers.

hulu won't let me embed this one but it's online for like 15 more days for free HERE !!