Friday, March 30, 2007

It sure is a hell of a town

New York New York is a film I wanted to check out for many reason. It was a musical made in the 70's. It's directed by Martin Scorsese, right after he did Taxi Driver and the fiction film made before Raging Bull. It always was a huge bomb and put Scorsese in a deep depression because of it's failure, both commercially and critically.
Well to be honest it's not a bad movie it just needs to be cut down. The cut I saw was the long cut 163 minutes. I'm aware of a shorter cut but it cuts out a really amazing musical number. What I think needs to be done to make this film better is to cut some of the drama that was at the first 2 hours of the film. the songs work there is just to much of the other stuff.
Regardless there is a good movie in there Scorsese uses is film encyclopedia brain to good use. by showing several references to musicals perticaully mgm ones from the early 50's. All though he couldn't film it in Technicolor he did a really amazing job in trying to make it look like it was. and in some shots it's hard to tell it isn't. he tryed to do a similar thing in the aviator and i thought it sucked but this was awesome.
There also is a noir feel and Scorsese himself called it a noir musical. I agree, with it's dark tone it shows the two contrasting styles of the time together.
This film is also where the famous song new york, new york came from. which sinatra would later cover. bet you didn't know that. also intresting fact that the orignal new york new york De Niro didn't like and told the writers to re toll it and that is waht we hear today the writers of that song have said they are very greatful for this.
Also it stars Liza Minelli who does a awesome job.

This is a good Scorsese and if you've seen a lot of musicals you'll like it. it is slow at the begining but you'll love it by the end. but I know tons hate it so I guess maybe at your own discresion but really i liked it for what that's worth.

Sweet Sweetback's badasssssssssssssssssssss song

how awesome is this movie. first it's the first blackpoltation film. it bet shaft by a couple of months and it makes that movie look tame. this is a hardcore 70's independent film. back when they looked like independent films. and the editing and stuff is crazy also the music is very coo.
the other thing is it's black pride is in no way sudtle. i know you were always thinking you liked blackploation but thought what if black pride was just a little more obvious now replace a little with as much as humanly possiable. This movie is crazy.
If you like cult movie and bad b movies you'll love it. It's simply fucking nuts. in fact if you like early John Waters (i mean desperate living and earlier) then this is your movie. it is so amazingly amazing for you that you may shit your pants.
Melvin van peebles is a god in this movie and his stare is memorizing. oh yeah and on some of the posers it says rated X by an all white jury oh god I love it.
the plot is basically sweetback witness's cops treating brothers bad and then goes on a reveange. he's an outlaw who sick of it and most of the film he's on the run but that doesn't really ruin anything
I don't really know what to say about this film because when i walked in I didn't know what I was getting in to and I think that's the best way to do it with this film.
Also if i didn't sell this enought these screen shots should help.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

30 second bunnies

I've been a fan of these 30 second bunny cartoons for almost 2 years and they're alot of fun. stars has been paying them to do it. and i think they are these shorts on that channel. but seriously who gets stars. i don't know anybody.
Basically the premise is they do the plot of a movie in 30 seconds and starring bunnies.
the main directory with all of them is HERE
Also I've noticed the ususal suspects, X-men, and superman returns director Bryan Singer does guest voices on select episodes. kinda cool

but yeah i'll tell you my favorites

Superman with believe it or not special guest voice Bryan Singer

Pulp Fiction

Raiders of the lost ark

JAWS also with guest voice from Bryan Singer

Rocky Horror


there latest Spiderman with a cameo from stan lee

i could seriously probably link most of the ones they make cause i love this series of cartoons so check it out. cause it's just alot of fun and like me you'll end up spending way to much time watching them all. they also do a good job at doing both current stuff and classics.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

wanna be my friend on netflicks

so if you happen to have a netflicks and wanna be friends with me follow the link


but you have to belong to netflicks but if you do you can see my queue and stuff

my architect

In 2003 when this film was released I remember seeing the posters around new york and I really considered seeing the film. most cause of the citizen kane line they put in but also cause that building looked amazing. Other then that I didn't really know what I was getting in to.
Last nite I finally watched the film and yes it is simliar to citizen kane in that it is about intrewing friends and other relations to a man to try and find out who he was. I guess in regards to both you can't sum up a mans life in a 2 hour film.
However this is more then that. The film was directed by Nathaniel Kahn who is doing this to find out about Louis Kahn. a famous architect. His father died when he was 11 and apprently had three different families 2 of which were secret. one of those two was nathaniels. he didn't really know his father only when he would spartically visit.
Louis Kahn was full of mystery and the buildings he visits just add to it. My girlfriend lived near the Kimbell Art Museum in fortworth texas and told me how peaceful it was there. The same reclection happened to other people in the film that lived and went to work in those buildings they had an anroumous sense of pride over them.
The film is wounderful and shows a portarit of a man that was both insane and a genius. It also showed how he effected people. I guess the only film to compare this to is kane but it stands on it's own.
It's the kind of film that your not sure if the film maker can make another one this good. you know he's put alot in to it. but at the same time you don't give a shit because you want to see an amazing film and why the fuck have 3 good films when you can have one amazing piece of cinema.
I don't know if i can really write all the emotions and depth and everything in this film. which is kinda funny considering how i started this post.
But regardless of my writting just see this movie. don't ignore it. It will blow you away the architecture is shot beautifully. It's really an amazing film and defently one of the best documentaries of the decade.

to try and sell you even more here is some of Louis Kahn's work.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ashes and diamonds

i don't know very much about polish film making. Frankly when i heard the directors name i thought this was going to be a japanesse film. needless to say I was pretty clue less going in to this film. However it was a great suprise. Ashes and Diamonds is a classic piece of cinema that your missing out on.
The film takes place in Poland on the final day of world war two. It shows the effect the war has had over the time on these characters but also what it ment. After all that who really won. both lost alot of friends and by the end it all feels a little meaningless.
Ashes and Diamonds uses a lot of symbolism but in a way that can still let a story come across. which is usually the best kind of symbolish. I also think the strcuture is really good as well.
Sometimes films that you have never heard of just grab you and that was this for me. Historically it's an intresting film and from a film fan perpective it's an intresting film. frankly i don't know much bad about this film at all.
Also the acting is good too.

anyway most of the time that would be the end of the post but someone but the first like 6 minutes of the film on you tube and i figured judge for yourself. see the begining of a wounderful film. also this is availbe on dvd in a critrion collection dvd.

Monday, March 26, 2007

teenage mutant ninja turtles was alot of fun

The new ninja turtles movie is as much fun as one of the cartoon shows. Maybe like an old saturday morning turtles show. The story isn't great and most likely if you have never seen a turtles cartoon then you won't like this movie.
The action sequences are coo I guess and the plot is ok but really outside of people who all ready enjoy the ninja turtles no. I know the movie is number one at the box office this weekend and i know why. there were mainly guys my age who went and saw it. so having both the old kids and i guess younger kids like it two. made it number one.

it is tons of fun to see with friends if you grew up on it and i reccomend it as a night out

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I found a movie

I found a movie by a towson university film maker on you tube. The sound isn't great and the acting isn't wounderful but it's a good low budget short

Friday, March 23, 2007

Is mask of the phantasm the best batman movie

I watched Mask of the phantasm yesteday and was really shocked how good and well made the movie was. I remember the animated series , which the movie is apart of and made by the same people, and that was always great. but the structure is really good. It moves like a batman comic. It's just very you know batman.
The best part about the animated series and this film is the art deco flesicher studio style they choose to go with. The obviously barrow from the flesicher superman shorts which was a good decision. It makes the series look kind of like the past but not really. it also lets them take from film noir and technicolor techniques of film from that period and espically in this film. Some of the backgrounds are just beautiful and show how they really mastered and knew this era.
I guess if your reading this your like so is it the best one. well batman with micheal keaton is a good big budget 80's movie. the sequal are excessive and not that good and batman begins was ok. i didn't like it as much as everyone else
but batman begins is batman. you could make it into a comic and it would be pretty good. oh also this is what critics thought

from wikipedia.

"The movie was extremely well received by fans of Batman: The Animated Series, and earned a positive review from almost every critic. For instance, film critics Siskel & Ebert, while regretting that they originally ignored the film in its initial release, gave the film a two-thumbs up, the only Batman film to be given such praise until Batman Begins. Rotten Tomatoes lists it as having 13 positive reviews out of 13 posted, thus earning a 100% rating."

so yeah anyway check it out. it's in alot of 10 dollar bins but it's worth it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

the naked city

Yesterday I saw the film the naked city. which i falls in the film noir cateogray. but this film is a little more unique because it is actually shot on location in new york. which very few films did. the cinematopraphy is really wounderful and showed how much it paided off to use those locations.
the other big thing that helped this story alot is the characters. there are several dectectives in this story trying to solve the case and there all very different. In stead of having kind of one dinmensional blank guys doing it. it makes following the dectives just as intresting as the murder itself. kinda like homicide life on the street.
It's also not a very dark film noir. i mean yeah it's shot with shadow and shit but the tone is lighter then most of this period. I think that this would help anyone who isn't nessarily into film noir get in to. In fact I would say that if you hate film noir you'd like this movie.
It was just this tuesday released on dvd by the critrion collection with a new fancey cover and shit. so alot of video stores will carry it. I reccomend it. It's lighter but it's still good.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

david letterman was sick last nite

so instead of cancelling the show they had adam sandler guest host. which normally wouldn't intrest me but this goes back to an old tradition that Johnny Carson used to do when he wasn't there. He had kermit or joan rivers fill in. I kinda like that more then watching an old one. I hope letterman does this more often

David o russell loses his shit

So sorry for all the you tube embeding I've been doing this week but i think this is the last one for a bit. My friend sent me this and apprently it has been floating around for a little bit. It's David o russell flipping out at Lilly tomplin on the set of I heart huckabees. o russel also directed three kings. It's pretty funny he acts like a complete baby. alot of people are saying it will get taken down soon so watch it now while you can

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tv ratings

last nite i was watching tv and looking at the tv ratings thing and thinking. what use are you. like really. You have something that you basically have no control over whats on i mean you can change the channel but blocking it. i don't know how to do that shit do you. I mean i'm an audio visual techican or something. maybe i don't care enough i don't know. but even if you do block it your kids can do it at someone elses house.
Also aren't most tv ma shows on after like 9:30 pm. kids shouldn't be up that late anyway. it's kinda silly the whole thing.
With a movie they won't let the kids in. so it makes alot more sense. but with tv it's like oh hey this is rated tv14.
I don't think there should be ratings for tv cause there really is no use for them. but maybe there not for me so why should i care. there really for jerk parents. man i can see it parents saying you can't watch anything above tv14 or something.
and another thing how come it's tv14 like 13 is so much a immature age but 14 oh yeah that's the one. there is all ready a pg 13 it would work alot better for everybody. but i guess they don't wanna be mistaken for a usfull rating system

the whitest kids you know

These guys have a show premering on fuse tonight and normally i wouldn't care but this comedy troop got there start at the same school i graduated from school of visual arts. they used to have free shows and fill the ampitheater in my freshman year but by my sophmore year they were all but gone. apprently they were still around all this time and have kept it up for a show that comes on tonight at 11pm on fuse.
I think when this group is funny it's hillarious but when it's not sometimes it's bad however you can judge for yourself here's one of there better sketches. If you like it check them out tonight at 11pm on the fuse network or wednesday at 10pm. according to the fuse website tv schdule

Monday, March 19, 2007

I found a movie

I found a movie by a towson university film maker on you tube. The sound isn't great and the acting isn't wounderful but it's a good low budget short


Before I tell you the movie's plot I wanna say that is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a little bit. It's right up there with the original Airplane. Yes remember when sight gag kinda movies were funny. I know now that we have the scray movies and epic movie things it's hard to imagine it anymore. But this on was funny.
It's about a gorilla who is tought kung fu while in china and then is shipped to the us. when he is brought to Wichita, Kansas.
The movie is silly as all hell and often as really lame jokes that some how they pull off. Honestly most of the time i was amazed i liked this movie as much as I did. Which is a good thing. The kung fu sequences were funny and the music was so bad but it even better.
I guess if you like a good stupid comedy now and again this is a good movie for you. Espically if you like troma.
King Kung fu was made in the 70's but wasn't released until 1987 and was only put in 11 theaters. so for most of the world this dvd release is the first time they have heard about this movie.
Most of the people from Wichita say it's dumb and mainly is just injokes for wichita. there is one but it's actually funny that i spotted. I didn't notice anymore but it's possiable there in their. They use wichita well and show in a funny light.
If you're gonna hang out with friends to a bad movie that will make you laugh and have a good time rent king kung fu. I don't know if blockbuster has it but i know netflicks does.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I have a movie online

Every 3 weeks or so I'm gonna put another film on you tube to have all my stuff online. This one is called the stroll and it has some harsh language but it was improvised not written by me . but by my room mate Ian Jones - Quartey. anyway check it out

Saturday, March 17, 2007

useless stuff

I was telling my co worker the other day about who directed what big michael jackson movies. then I realised I know way too much useless information. like and about that shit that I don't either need to know or have no real interest in knowing. I have no clue why but most likely it keeps this blog going so i guess that's good.

Friday, March 16, 2007

google hates creed as much as you do

I heard from degrassi btw that if you search for the worst band in history creed would be the first result well turns out it's true


why my so called life really ended

It's not the reason you're thinking. unless you've heard this story.
Abc wasn't sure wheater to bring it back but figuring at the time there was nothing like on tv in 1995. they were seriously considering bringing it back. The show got great reviews and awards so naturally the network wanted to keep it around to make themselves look good. So things were looking up.
However Claire Danes did not want to come back for a second season. She felt the schdule was to aurdious and yeah and she wanted to work on films. i'm sure the first part was the real reason. because of this abc rather then get in a public disbute with a 16 year old girl they were like whatever and cancelled the show.
Claire Danes even apprently talked about it in an issue of entertainment weekly in 2004.

I think my so called life was the right show at the wrong time. if that show had been on the wb or maybe any network just 4 years later it would have been easier to promote and probably done alot better and lasted longer. but the show most likely would be different and probably not as good cause the show exists in it's own time period. just 4 years later pop culture wise is like almost 10 years. so most likely the characters would have be different it would just not be the same.
It's barely on dvd if you can find the box set which is out of print and

Thursday, March 15, 2007

raiding a lost ark

last nite i finally watch the raiders of the lost ark widescreen dvd i got for chirstmas. I was really insistant that i only wanted raiders and not the complete set and only in widescreen. Raiders needs to be in widescreen in fact i would say that it probably looks alot like poop any other way.
The directing is perfect and i understand why people say that speilberg is so great with this. Raiders was made during the beginging of his career and most defently his best period not counting 1941 of course and then i guess ending with the color purple. actually maybe it was temple of doom. yeah lets just say temple of doom.
You can almost put this next to John Williams Star wars scores when listening to it. but it works so well.
the cinemotgraphy is wounderful and it's done by Douglas Slocombe. who did all the indiana jones films. except the new one which has me worried. He has a perfect deep focus. it intresting to see how much of an influence this film has on the incredibles. which oddly enough is right next to this film in my dvd collection. both filsm are amazingly visual. showing us things perhaps without sound depending on it. you can see the effect this had on peter jackson and countless others.
The big thing is you can imagine this as a comic book. the frame is composed like a tales from the crypt comic. which i guess was the period they were going for in this. also like the incredibles is how it borrows from other sources very well. without taking to much from one.
I also forgot how fast moving and crazy this film is and including the crazy action sequences which is both ridcioulous and alot of fun for me to watch.
If you havn't seen raiders in a while. check it out but only in widescreen.

shit i might even watch it again

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

That was some kind of monster

last nite on vh1 classi I checked out the metallica documentary some kind of monster. I all ready saw it like two years ago but i really like. in fact i liked giving it another watch which is suprising cause both the band and the album that they made in the documentary arn't very good. but it makes for a great thing to watch.
The other thing is for that band alot has changed since i saw it. There producer in the film who seemed so close to the band was fired after the fans in an internet poll voted for a different producer (rick rubin). also that the record they spent tons and tons of time on was a complete faliure both commercially and cricically.
I do think the biggest thing about this film that makes it good is you don't have to have any intrest in the metallica or metal or anything with music to like this movie. film critics that hate metallica all liked the film.
this is also a good leason to film makers of rock documentaries. I remember dig came out the same year. I find that film alot less effective then this one. I never really got inside of anything. granted they are different films but some kind of monster structure and everything is a far greater film.
All the drama and fights and the fact that there are a almost 20 year band during the filming all makes this intresting. by the end you know them all very well and what they've been through and you don't need any flashback sequences to tell you about. it's just there.
you could actually compare this film to hoop dreams because the film makers were just plannign on showing metallica make an album and then alot of other stuff happened and the film was years in the making. a member going into rehab a band member leaving and finding a replacement. it's just simply remarkable they got to be there for maybe the most intresting parts. what luck.

I think my favorite part is when they have dave mustaine come in to there therpy session. a band member they kicked out in the 80's for drinking to much. they talk about this when another member is in rehab. if you like metal or know about the mustaine metallica thing this scene is shocking and intresting. if you don't by the time they get there in the film you'll care.

also if you see the time version there's a part when lars screams fuck for like a minute or something and it's just this long beep. I thought it was kida funny

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

swimming in riches

last nite I saw the premeire of the new show the riches. let me say that most of the time with fx shows i go yeah i wanna see that but then i think well i never watch fx you know. even theif which looked great i missed. Like all there stuff looks good just most people are like yaeh but fx.
well i can tell you don't do that with the riches it's very very good. it's like a cohen brothers film or something. it's very dark and funny but also very serious and quirky like they used to do in the 90's. I liked all the actors and the story goes very fluidly and unpredicatble.
It does also show the bad part about being a thief and the real dark side to it. which most movies and shows stay away from. Making it that much more intresting. I think this will be a good show and i hope that this season is good and continues this kind of quality

Monday, March 12, 2007

If Haliburton was a rapper

if haliburton was a rapper and asked to comment on stuff it did what would they say.

about there move from houston to the middle east

"Yo I'm just keeping it real"

4 movies that have really nothing in common but i saw them this weekend

so i guess that's the best way to do it. this weekend i saw
I also saw the first maybe hour of purple rain on tv but i won't count that. anyway I'll break em down to you one after the other. also cause if i don't i'll forget to do this.

this film is part of a little sub genre of sci-fi films made by studios right after star wars hoping for another big hit. Saturn 7 is a better example then this. but in both cases they made like no money cause they weren't written that well and star wars was like a good movie which is why people liked it. anyway this isn't actually that bad and I kind found it entertaining but it is a bad movie. but as a historical document of how bad a studio wanted a big hit like star wars it's great. even with a star wars sounding score. but wait there's more a cute robot and a 20011 esque ending. if you like sci fi i say see it cause you'll think it's fun. also Robert Forester does a good job and i wish people would cast him more.

I really knew nothing about this movie before seeing it but shit is this a good movie. I all ready want the dvd. basically the majority of the film is a mob trying to figure out if they should hang these 3 guys who may or may not have killed there friend. It's really a great movie acting everything the best it can be. the film stars Henry Fonda who of course is good and was Directed by William a Wellman. who goes way back his film wings won the first best picture oscar in 1927 and he directed the public enemy and the original star is born. also i think he witnessed the birth of christ ok maybe he's not that old but you get the point. I also want to point out at a 76 minute running time. This film is an easy film to watch right before going to bed or something.

oh and a quote from imdb triva

"When he was a child, Henry Fonda's father took him to the Omaha town square to show him the results of a lynching the night before. When young Henry asked what this had to do with them, the elder Fonda replied "Lynching is the business of any man who's around." Fonda made sure that this line (or a slight reworking of it) was inserted into the script."

I saw this one in theater and yeah i am really late seeing it. let me say despite the fact that i didn't make a top ten list for 2006 this i really think is the best film of the year. There's really a lot about it and i'm still talking to people about it. I guess that is the ultimate compliment of this film. that I've talked to people a while ago and there still debating it.
the special effects are good and the acting is just crazy good espically Sergi López who plays the captain who is bacially the villian. he is so fucking scary and creepy and wounderful. I don't know how he didn't get a nomination he was just amazing.
This isn't a kids movie but I think if your kids are 12 they would love it. it's also not a happy film. it's just ..... you know just see it. it's really alot in there it all works it's great and i really want the dvd like right now. really this is a beautiful film.

did you make it this far. may i almost didn't this post is long anyway. I heard this was cliched and the plot was predictable. I don't really know what movie they saw. I mean it isn't the best thing in the universe but it is fun. and it's good at that. so you know who cares. that's basically it. it's fun. the album idlewild doesn't have to much to do with the movie. and they even use several songs off the previous album love below but not speakerboxx. the movie works. it's just fun nothing more then that you know.
also how come no best original song nomination for outkast. dreamgirls got 3 for like the worst stuff in the movie, melissa etheridge's song sucked, and the randy newman song was just sappy shit. these were original songs made for a movie. but oh well
i guess if your an outkast fan you'll like it or if you just like a fun movie.

that's it hope you read it all see you tomorrow

Sunday, March 11, 2007

two links

I've been wanting to link both of these for a while so I figured I'd do it all in one post.

the first is better known and I'm sure someone of you all ready go to but to those who don't this will be coo. you know the comic strip marmaduke. well this guy basically explains marmaduke. i can't really explain it fully without like telling a joke he tells and that's not my job. but he updates daily with every day's marmaduke. so yeah it's funny CHECK IT OUT

then and this one i'm positive no one has heard of. if you've heard of the big flop that was santa clause the movie. well this guy made a web site about your first like why. and then why do i know about it. well when I worked at my old job. this customer told me about this site which he in facts runs. The only reason he brought it up is because the same produers made superman and supergirl and he thinks there genius. even though supergirl sucked but he told me it was wounderful. anyway it's a believe or not a tripod site to boot. yeah remember those i even had one of those.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

The best 3 Fridays to go to the theater

I'll break it down to you like this

Friday March 23rd - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (eat pizza before maybe drink afterwards)

Friday April 6th - Grindhouse (drink before maybe bring beer in theater)

Friday April 13th - Aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theaters ( just come messed up with beer)

unforently there not quite in a row but i guess i'll live. it would have been cooler but oh well. anyway. reasons to see them well having to ask that your probably dumb and i don't really want to be friends with you.

Ninja turtles
man i remember when my family would get like dominoes pizza for dinner ( we obviously did not know what good pizza was and i am embarressed to say dominoes but i was like 7) and would get super exicted saying turtle power and totally awesome and stuff then when the pizza was at the table i would bring all my turtle action figures with me. I think there are alot of kids around my age who have simliar experiences. we're all exicited. so just for the pure fun of all of the same people together enjoying it again should be an amazing experience in it self.

i really agree with everyone who says the multi plex doesn't know whats coming. people are hyped. it is everything a b movie should be. but actually watchable and delivering on the promises the real b movies never did. kurt russel in death proof is enough for a single movie same with planet terror but together with fake trailers directed by both tarantino, rodrigez and Eli Roth, Rob zombie, and shaun of the dead's Edgar Wright . it's just to good to pass up. every says how do we get people to keep coming to theater man this is fucking it right here

Aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theaters
they have little to do with water there not teens and there not much of a force. but they are food so i guess the hunger part makes sense. If you don't know this show i think you should. it's hillarious. from the guys who made space ghost coast to coast. the trailer makes it look hillarious and frankly knowing the show it will be wounderful also all those fans together oh man watch out.

anyway if you need more help here's trailers

teenage mutant ninja turtles


Aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theaters

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I think i have a problem

with netflicks cause i have filled up my queue with movies. how many do you have to have for it to fill up 500. yeah thats right i am such a werid - o that I have 500 movies on my list. that's ridculious. even for me. I guess the big problem is whenever harry knowles or anyone online has a list of dvds i got to netflicks and anyone i havn't seen i put on there. . I have thought maybe i need to just start watching movies so that i can have more room. but i watch like alot of movies as it is now. i also rent from the library on top of my netflicks. which after typing that seems crazy. the third problem is the saved section which is there for movies that if they are released you want them in your queue. i had like 19 this morning but i brought it down to tweleve.
this is really netflicks problem cause they have too many movies. there amazing selection has caused me to have a silly list that i will never ever finish.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I got inside man

so i saw inside man. It was really good and very much a spike lee film. Probably the best directed action film I've seen in a while. The acting and plot were good the end was werid including like a little film noir thing at the end which was just odd.
I did like the simularites between this and dog day afternoon. both robberies being discovered because of smoke. I think there might be more but I didn't notice any.
Denzel Washington was really good well everybody was it was an amazing cast. I hope they don't make a sequal but i would like to see another action movie from spike lee

Friday, March 02, 2007

Marie antoinette wasn't very good

Marie antoinette is most defently the worst film sofia coppola has ever made. it also stays on shots way to long comes in and out of it's own style and frankly i didn't understand why the french people were mad. This could have been a good film. and I do like how since most of the film takes place in the castle thing. but really it didn't work and it was far to long.
Intresting though that sofia made a similair mistake as her father by making a film that was to over the top and excessive. but her father made apoclaypse now and this sucked. it would have been alot smarter to make a cheaper movie then this one.

How racist is Strom Thurman?

well really racist and your like but jim he had some black kids had a secret black girlfriend. yeah ok but unforently for everyone who's like come on how bad is he.

Wikipedia tell em like it is

"Thurmond supported racial segregation with the longest filibuster ever conducted by a single Senator on the Senate floor, speaking for 24 hours and 18 minutes in an unsuccessful attempt to derail the Civil Rights Act of 1957."

I can imagine this just like mr. smith goes to washington and the klan helping out mr. thurman instead of the boy scouts. In fact I bet that would make a great movie it would play well in the sticks. also possiably harlem.
but ok let's say he isn't racist well if he isn't he's detremened enough to talk for 24 FUCKING HOURS. So that he didn't look like he wasn't racist. Either way he's racist or just a bitch. but hey what do i know about politics.

also another wikipedia quote "Southern Senators, who had agreed as part of a compromise not to filibuster this bill, were upset with Thurmond because they thought his solo filibuster made them look bad to their constituents." so he was so into this racist or not he did even though everybody was like yeah ok we'll back down he was like know.

seriously people him not racist SERIOUSLY like are you sure cause i don't know any people who are not racist and would do that. and don't do that well later in life crap. cause first off he did that in congress. ok i don't need a second and a third. he is racist.

you know in case you didn't know

Thursday, March 01, 2007

MTV is a little meanier then it used to be

I'm not sure how many of the people who read this blog watch mtv but this actually intresting if you do or don't. well at least in my opinion.
anyway so mtv has a show called total request live. I watched it the other day. Normally during a video there's a scroll showing an email from a fan about how much they love the band. well recently they still have that but then later they have an email either making fun of the band. or saying how there old albums was better or something. I'm suprised mtv would do this considering like 8 years ago they fired on air personality Matt Pinfeld for critizing what they played on a limp bizkit album. But on the other hand this is fun to watch someone make fun of beyonce during a show ment to promote her.
Regardless it's funny.

Also and this has nothing to do with the last post. i think last week was kurt cobains birthday and almost every site was like if he was still alive today what would he be doing. I don't honestly don't care and thats fucking werid. And how come people do that with him. personally i wounder about clark gable or maybe chaplin or something. But anyway yeah that's dumb